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It's no surprise that #ChrisCuomo was fired from #CNN. He's proven himself to be a disingenuous hack who gladly hosts lying #antisemites on his show, and provides their hateful #disinformation with a patina of credibility. This is the exact wrong way to cover these people. Lies and intentional #misinformation need to be called out, not shrouded in false claims of good faith. Rot in hell, Chris.

#IsraelPalestineconflict #WorldEvents #PeaceNotWar #HamasTerrorists

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At this moment I can't think of anything dumber than and bickering about the Israel-Hamas conflict. I'm sure it was a very productive, intelligent conversation.

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    May the young soul of Aaron Bushnell be now in peace, and may his great sacrifice help push the administration off their irrationally dogged support for the morally bankrupt Netanyahu-led Israel.
    's intransigence and continued exploitation of the crisis to avoid resolution of his own criminal justice indictment procedures is becoming more and more unbearable.

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    AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands - 17 Feb 2024 - Message for Putin ,
    at commemoration at

    Photograph: @ikbendaf with @PanasonicEurope

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    AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands - 17 Feb 2024
    Expressions and support ✌️ for , a walk from to
    Photograph: @ikbendaf with @Panasonic

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    As a physician, this is one of the saddest and frustrating pictures I get to watch. Just sit down and cry. 💔

    Premature newborns taken off their incubators are facing death because Israel has cut energy, oxygen and fuel to hospitals in . Five newborn babies have died already because of this.

    My heart goes to our colleagues inside Al Shifa that are risking their lives and desperately trying to save these little angels.

    Israel targeting Hospitals, children and health professionals is beyond cruelty. There are no excuses to justify this barbaric atrocity. None. We will never forget.

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    @jann @meanmicio

    Offering a little fuel while continuing bombing is no use to the civilians of Gaza.

    Israel needs to show it is better than the terrorists, and go to the table to work on a cease-fire.

    Israel needs to listen to it's more moderate citizens:,and%20the%20conflict%2C%20for%20peace

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    Don't miss my piece on the historic march for Palestine in Washington D.C. on Saturday.

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    Right now, Israel is sending tanks and infantry into Gaza. They've knocked out all communications. A million people have already been displaced from northern Gaza. The Israeli government's stated objective is a "long-term presence" in Gaza and that "the people of Gaza should evacuate… and Egypt will have to accept them." The endgame is the ethnic cleansing of 2 million Palestinians under the shroud of a media blackout.

    The Nakba created the world's longest running and largest refugee crisis. Approximately 1 in 3 refugees worldwide are Palestinian.


    @Korallenherz @decolonialatlas
    I don't support violence from Hamas or any other belligerents in the area, but one could argue that Hamas and Hisbollah only exist because their land was invaded.

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    How do you call this a war when the people you are fighting against, aren't soldiers but innocent bystanders who have no way of defending themselves?

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    film (2017) follows founder, John McColgan, as he explores the impact of ongoing conflict & military occupation on the people who live there.
    Voices of Palestinians, Israelis, former IDF, Israel officials & humanitarian workers are in this

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    USS Carney - The American vessel that intercepted the missiles from Yemen

    Now they're saying the Yeman launched cruise missiles and drones were targeting a US Helicopter Carrier.

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    It is going to get very messy out there.

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    To clarify, I am not the writer.

    I lost my parents in the Hamas attack. My family want peace, not revenge for their deaths
    People from both sides of the border have reasons to hate one another, but the only way to end this war is to treat each other humanely
    I grew up in the south of Israel with my parents and four siblings in a small village called Netiv Haasara, which is one of the closest Israeli villages to the Gaza Strip.

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    Kid rapper MC Abdul was 12 years old at the time of this video and is now 14. In the midst of bombings and oppression, he picks up his pen and puts his struggles into words.

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