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Do you use , , or with your ? Personally, I use PipeWire with WirePlumber and I am pretty satisfied with it.

Cfkschaller, to linux avatar

If you are looking for a tool to let you benchmark your PipeWire pipelines, test things during development or realitime performance graphs then maybe coppwr is the PipeWire tool you been looking for, check it out on Flathub:

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💻 Last week I had a great time at the #GStreamer #hackfest ! I decided to take the opportunity there to hack on the #PipeWire GStreamer elements and here's my story:

#GstHackfest @gstreamer @pipewire

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I find it rather surprising simply playing a song on a contemporary #Linux desktop (e.g. Rhythmbox via #Pipewire via ALSA) increases baseline power consumption by nearly a Watt (on an AMD Framework 13), with rhythmbox, pipewire, and pipewire-pulse all waking up a 60 Hz using a combined 22 ms/s of CPU time.

While I'm only vaguely familiar with the Pipewire, it feels like it should be possible to do better for such a common task.

tristanC, avatar

@bgamari I asked about this on the #pipewire matrix channel, and 2048 is the default value for clock.max-quantum, probably chosen as a point after which latency starts to be more noticeable.

The pipewire-pulse does cause an overhead, but I wonder what was the cost of pure pulseaudio versus ALSA or OSS, do you remember measuring the power consumption back then?

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After 4 years being wireless, I'm going wired again. I dusted off my old AKG K550 headphones and bought a new . The FC4 sounds great with MQA from . It also works fine with Linux.

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An interesting finding is that resamples everything to 48 kHz by default. If you want higher sample rates, you have to tweak the config.

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I can finally use my phone camera with , making it available to many applications through common interface. A big step to , a great step for Freedom.

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At last! Switching between Bluetooth audio profiles works somewhat reliably now with #gnome, #pipewire and #wireplumber.

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Audio on #Linux was long the butt of many joke. My goodness, has #pipewire delivered. I love how well my A/V IO works and behaves out of box on #Fedora these days.

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#postmarketOS just landed the last MR needed to make the #libcamera + #PipeWire camera stack work on the #Librem5 and #PinePhone by default, using the new software ISP shipped in libcamera 0.3.
So if you have such a device: just update and go install apps like Snapshot, Warp, Decoder etc. You can even use it with Firefox and - very soon - Chromium.

Note that this does not replace #megapixels or #millipixels - those continue to be the default camera apps.

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Weekly Roundup for May 19th, 2024: 126, Rescuezilla 2.5, M.2 HAT+, Linux 24.0, Endless OS 6, 1.2 RC, Firefox 127 beta, Linux kernel 6.9 on , Tails 6.3, Frameworks 5.116, and much more

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#PipeWire 1.2 Release Candidate Adds Explicit Sync Support, Snap Support, and Asynchronous Processing

@pipewire #OpenSource #Linux

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The Smiling Buddhas have so much fun with #bitwig on #linux using #pipewire !!!!!! We build drone machines and other wired stuff which will be soon released only on the base #faircamp site.

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#PipeWire 1.0.6 Update Boosts Audio Stability

linuxiac, to linux avatar

PipeWire 1.0.6 audio server brings important bug fixes and memory leak resolutions for smoother multimedia handling.

#linux #pipewire #audio

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We didn't want to get left out of the upcoming SDL3 release so Wim made this patch -
#pipewire #linux #sdl

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If you want to follow the process of getting the #libcamera (with softwareISP) + #pipewire stack into place on #postmarketOS - which will allow way more apps to use cameras on devices like the #librem5, #PinePhone (the #PinePhonePro was the first were it already kinda works) and hopefully many more devices in the future - then here's a meta issue you can subscribe to:

apodoxus, to random avatar

FUCK #PulseAudio. I just replaced it with #PipeWire which worked immediately. Absolutely done with PA and it's fucking insane bugs and weird weird weird shit forever. Didn't even need to have to do anything with PipeWire. It just worked out of the box. Magic. Hope it stays this way. Cross your fingers. Fuck I miss ALSA days. That shit was easy.

rmader, to linuxphones avatar

Just want to quickly share with folks that the new softwareISP does indeed work with the - and with a + pipeline. Here's a first image running Warp (from Flathub).

There's still some stuff to iron out to make this work reliably and ship to users - but things are falling into place.

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Scenes from the final day at #EmbeddedOSSummit: Andrzej Pietrasiewicz looking at the state of hardware video codecs in Linux, Julian Bouzas discussing smart audio filters in #PipeWire, and Paweł Wieczorek comparing testing automation systems for #embedded. #OpenSource #OSSummit #wireplumber0

gkiagia, to embedded avatar

📆 Next Thursday at in Seattle, don't miss my colleague's Julian Bouzas presentation on smart filters! There is also going to be a live stream, in case you are not attending in person.

Learn more at:

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#Linux Weekly Roundup for April 7th, 2024: #FFmpeg 7.0, #LinuxMint 22 adopts #PipeWire and packs #Thunderbird as DEB, Linux 6.7 EOL, #Nitrux switches to #Debian repos, #fwupd adopts #zstd, #Kodi 21, new Linux laptop from #System76, explicit sync to boost #Wayland's adoption, and more

#OpenSource #FOSS

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