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peeps, how would you somehow mark or make a list of clips on the timeline that have some sort of transform (scale), stabilization and/or a specific effect applied?

I have to do a conform in Resolve from graded clips and would like to save some time, not having to check each clip for these adjustments.

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Hello !
It has been a good journey being part of this Mastodon server.

It's been almost a year that donations don't cover the costs of maintaining this server, reason why it has been migrated a few times in order to cut costs.

It got to the point that it's not worth anymore my time and effort to keep this running.

May 31 will be the last day the server will be online so I encourage everyone to follow the steps on this link:

Thank you all for all the support!

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QC at this nation's biggest broadcaster, operating since 1953:
"there's a glitch at TC 01:27:00:00"
Me: "that's out of bounds, the programme is 14m long"
Broadcaster: "oh, sorry, we threw all the episodes on a single timeline"
Me: 🤷‍♂️

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peeps: how can I use metadata from audio file names (dual system audio) as shot metadata with AutoSync? As in, turn 501-2t04.wav into Episode 5, scene 1, take 4 of setup 2.

I asked at Avid Forums but the post hasn't been approved in a week (fun! Even their forums do not work properly!)

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Sending out lots of love and support for MPEG700 and IATSE teams currently negotiating our local contracts.

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Pretty fascinating to read as this stuff becomes more relevant to the work I'm doing, especially this feature film #FCPX workflow created by the filmmakers:

#postchat #VideoProduction #FinalCut #FinalCutPro


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When works, it can be enormously helpful.

Copilot wrote me a script that duplicates a pretty deep tree structure of 16TB worth of footage, AND only copy over files in subfolders with "Proxy" in filename.

It would taky hours to do manually, prone to errors.

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Tremendously useful suite of tools for , many free.

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I have a hankering to edit something in Avid once again. Long time. I'm weird like that.

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Today was the first time I've heard the fans in my M2 Max MacBook Pro, thanks to Davinci Resolve. FCP has never done this even on hour+ exports.

stooovie, to random avatar is okay but I prefer checklists in Trello. Much better to keep track of everything.

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Now Available: PostLab Beta


Wanna sign up for the PostLab Beta Track?

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Cool alternative you can self-host for free

I'm currently pestering the developer so mere mortals can set it up :)

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When encoding UHD for YouTube, what codec/format settings takes best advantage of my M3 Max MacBook Pro?

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I’m at the phase of my edit where the 40 minute timeline is mostly in place, I’m tightening edits, adding and tweaking audio crossfades, and finishing up titles. My 5K iMac really starts to struggle here. Every action feels sluggish. Excited for better waveform drawing in announced FCP 10.7, but that’s for Apple Silicon. I need a new desktop computer.

WTL, avatar

@wplate Not to spend your money for you … I picked up a M2 Max MBP, and the machine floors me with what it can do; I can export a three hour 4K video from FCP … on battery power - that would completely crushed my 2019 i9 MBP. I then sold my MacPro and picked up a Studio (also M2 Max) to replace it.

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Trying to make timecode burns of some H.264 GoPro footage that has timecode, but the new H264 MP4 files from Compressor or Adobe Media Encoder don't have timecode.

Suggestions for how to get a new output with TC that matches the original file?

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Am I forever doomed with this issue? Proxies RANDOMLY unlink. I can always relink them. They sometimes work, sometimes remain Offline, sometimes appear after restarting FCPX.

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Fellow video editors, do you also get panic attacks when you see the footage for the first time and think there's no way in hell to make a TV season out of this?

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Premiere Pro 24.0 is out and it’s full of good stuff:

📄 Big Text-Based Editing improvements including deleting all pauses and transcribing any channel of a multi-channel clip

⚡️ 5x faster timeline performance: we went down to the baseboards and made some big optimizations to the UI responsiveness

🎨 Color management settings now in one easy place

🔧 Project templates

Even more:

Fixed issues:

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I won't be giving away Bluesky invites anymore, I don't want to contribute to people leaving Mastodon for another billionaire outlet with literally zero advantages. I have deleted the app too. Mastodon is 👌

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@MattMerk @rowan_johnson I'm sad more of the old community hasn't remained here.

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I have a Lacie 2big TB2 RAID enclosure that works perfectly well BUT only has 2x 3TB drives (in RAID 0, so 6TB - data safety is of no concern).

Question: Lacie's max supported drives are just 8TB. I'd love to go big with the Seagate Exos 20TB drives. Possible? Is it a hardware limitation of the controller chip or something? Or was 8TB simply the maximum when they last updated the compatibility chart?


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Bad old times

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With all the buzz about Final Cut, it sure would have been a good time for me to have had my clapperboard app ready to go, huh? 😒

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@stroughtonsmith @takeoneapp there’s a substantial production community here. Largely found via

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