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Printer design

Filament care and feeding

[Fresh off the] bed(

Products - Recommendations and Reviews


3D design

OrcaSlicer (not by Daniel Prusa)

PrusaSlicer by Daniel Prusa


Speed fox

Enclosures and Ventilation


@3dprinting #3dprinting

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What should print (or do) to show off these nozzles when they arrive?

I just ordered some @E3DOnline Diamond Nozzles for my @Prusa3D MK3S+.

What filament should I print?

<- 20% off

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I loaded the latest beta firmware with Input Shaper for the Prusa MINI and got some terrible artifacts in the corners. (The one on the right.) Tried the old print profile and that worked fine. (The one on the left.)


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Finally getting around to doing some maintenance and upgrades to the Prusa MINI. New nozzle, textured plate, and at some point I'll add the WiFi module as well. (And beta firmware is out.)

I like the Bambu Lab P1S but I do still love the MINI, and now with two good printers I can screw around with upgrades and beta and still have a fully functional machine in the wings.


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Almost three years since I got my 3d printer and I’m still like…

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Kind of becoming a theme by now... Tom's personal at @grafana in London this week

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Our @grafana booth features a Mk4 this time; guess what dasboarding solution we're using for it.

I had one at and already and it's a great draw and just plain fun.

If you want to print the same coins, you can find them at

Find the prusa_exporter at

The Grafana booth at KubeCon Chicago. Lots of orange and yellow tones with a large LGTM logo on it.

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First test of an E3D ObXidian nozzle with some fairly abrasive matte material.

I had this roll of filament sitting on my shelf for over a year after it had already ruined a pair of regular brass nozzles.

Let's see how this goes!

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Nice print!

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i'm finally running octoprint directly on my prusa mk3s+ via an installed/integrated raspberry pi zero 2 w and octopi. the hardest part was finding and buying the zero 2 w—thankfully they have been showing up in online inventories lately—and the 18mm breakable header. (i also had to hunt down the zero 2 w frame pattern that is a slight remix of the original frame—not linked because there might be some licensing issues in play.) pi zero 2 w plugged into the prusa#3dprinting

hughrawlinson, to 3DPrinting

I made a Prusa box from my 2kg reel that I finished, it’s pretty big!

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With Prusa pushing for arc g-code I really hope we are finally going to move out of STL (for parts designed on CAD only obviously).

It is a non-sense to go from a solid model with true arcs (like STEP) from CAD to STL that breaks the arcs and then tries to reconstruct the arcs afterward.


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This is exciting. Did that have a blog post on this?


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TIL about Quite OK Image format (courtesy of reading the release notes for the new printer firmware)

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Curious if anyone has experience doing the mk3 to mk4 upgrade yet? This will be my most involved printer modification since I built the enclosure in the spring, curious if there are any aspects of the process folks have advice about? @3dprinting

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Guess I know what I'll be doing for the next week or so.

The upgrade kit for my Prusa
MK3 -> MK4 was delivered yesterday.

First order of business...print the parts on my MK3, then bid it a fond farewell and tell it thanks for all the good things it printed. All the upgrade parts will take about 40 hours to print.

After that, the MK3 is mostly disassembled and the MK4 is built around the existing frame.

DrewCommins, avatar

Finally got the upgrade to my finished! It went very smoothly except trying to apply the stickers they sent for the LCD cover.

The sticker is supposed to be applied to left of the LCD display on the front of the cover. It came as individual letters instead of a single 1"x2" sheet! Really??

I'm looking forward to faster, better looking prints. Next order of business...put some kind of light on it so time lapse videos look good.

Since this was an upgrade kit and not an entirely new printer, I decided to part out the MK3S+ so if anyone is looking for some spare parts for their MK3 (cheap!), let me know what you need.

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I've spent more time in PrusaSlicer, Bambu Studio, OrcaSlicer, Ultimaker Cura, and Creality Slicer than I wanted to in the past week...

I'm sort of hoping I may be able to just use OrcaSlicer for the Bambu Lab P1S, Prusa MINI, and Creality Ender-3 S1.

Right now I am using Bambu Studio to slice for the Ender-3 but adding the Cura generated JPG manually to the Gcode. (I think OrcaSlicer may be able to do that automagically.)

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@rasterweb @linux_mclinuxface I wonder what it would take for to move the slicer into a foundation

Is there a foundation that develops the Marlin or Klipper firmwares? I guess it would make sense for slicer and formwares to belong in the same foundation

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I’m exactly 50% of the way through the parts of my biggest project, and I’m at about 357 hours of printing and close to 4 kg. Flawless performance from my .

rasterweb, to 3DPrinting avatar

I had my first failed print on the Bambu Lab P1S today...

Just kidding. It didn't really fail, it just didn't start because I had the print plate slightly misaligned.

I do like the way the Prusa MINI does plate alignment a bit better since it's easier to get it right.

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Great talk about Open Source at ERRF 2023 by Tony Lock from Duet 3D

How to move forward:

  • Challenge Patents
  • Generate and publish prior art
  • Use open tools
  • Change the law
  • Hack stuff


Thank you Tony 🙏


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Even though I put the 5.1.0-alpha1 firmware on the Prusa MINI I didn't update the profile in Prusa Slicer to take advantage of it! (I had manually made changes to print faster.) That has been rectified and I am now printing with the proper profile to match the alpha firmware.

And it's fast, and quality seems pretty good so far... I'll keep an eye on it though.

#3Dprinting #Prusa

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Green benchy from the Bambu Lab P1S, white benchy from the Prusa MINI+ w/5.1.0-alpha1 firmware... The green is definitely a better print.

I got the Prusa about two years ago because I wanted better quality prints that I was getting from my old printer. I care more about quality that speed...

I'll try a slower print and see if the new firmware has better quality.

(The P1S is fast and good quality.)

Two 3D printed benchy models.

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I dropped the 5.1.0-alpha1 firmware onto my Prusa MINI+ and figured I would try a benchy... It's moving pretty fast!

Video of a Prusa 3D printer moving very fast while printing.

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My Solder Board model. White from the Prusa MINI, green from the P1S. Both really good quality, the P1S was definitely faster.

#3DPrinting #BambuLab #Prusa

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I’m gonna dip my toes into volunteering as a Flatpak/Flathub developer advocate—basically, providing a human contact at a real company that can help larger apps/companies get their apps in front of Linux (and thus Steam Deck!) users.

What are some of the biggest apps you think are missing from Flathub—or for apps already there, which are the ones you’d like to see verified?

ponda, avatar

@cassidy That's great, thank you for your work!
I'd like to see on … they already support AppImage and Snap, but didn't like something with flatpaks. It bothers me, but I'm not very good at convincing people.
From not verified but present, I'd like to suggest , Simplenote, Inkscape, Mega and Slicer (in this order).

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