65dBnoise, to space
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Another ~13m drive, -2m in elevation change for #Perseverance, along the easternmost path I mentioned yesterday. Maybe those ripples aren't that difficult to cross after all.

New location RMC 52.2824, Sol 1157

#QGIS #Mars2020 #NASA #Solarocks #Space #MMGIS #HiRISE #USGS

jhilden, to random
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Trying to make a Win III projection centered on the Pacific.

Is there any good way to deal with this rendering problem in QGIS, when shapes are split by the projection but then drawn as connected across the map?

#GisChat #QGIS

65dBnoise, (edited ) to space
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New location for on Sol 1156, after a rather short ~16m drive downhill, which brought the rover 2m lower, to RMC 52.2750. There is now a ~10m remaining vertical distance to be covered to the bottom of the riverbank and onto the ancient riverbed of Neretva Vallis.

The maps were made with using 's data, imagery and DTMs.

gis3w, to random Italian
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3.8 is coming!
QGIS 3.34 LTR compatibility, custom user themes, WFS3 integration….and much more!
The power of on the Web!

underdarkGIS, (edited ) to random
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New Trajectools 2.1 and MovingPandas 0.18 releases

Today marks the 2.1 release of for . This release adds multiple new algorithms and improvements. Since some improvements involve upstream functionality, I recommend to also update MovingPandas while you're at it.


underdarkGIS, to python
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😅 I should probably leave logo design to the professionals, but this will have to do for now.

At least there is a small page besides the github repo now:


alpinegreg, to macos
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should not be asking us users to circumvent the built-in security checks in order to install it. It should install properly.

We should definitely fix this. Other FOSS projects seem to work fine with MacOS in this respect.

I would be willing to help out to fix this.

rjhale1971, to random
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So I received some random email from the USGS correcting a link on my website...which was on a QGIS tutorial.....then I received an email from the person that initiated the it all. That made me happy - I needed that today. I put tutorials up because I may die one day and people need to know parts of what's stuck in my head. Not everything - just parts. #qgis

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QGIS users! ⌨️
Here are 25 keyboard shortcuts to supercharge your workflow.

#qgis @qgis


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With @merginmaps you can use Position Tracking and Streaming Mode when you're mapping in the field. This video that I made for the YouTube channel explains the difference and shows how to digitize survey line and polygon layers using streaming mode: https://youtu.be/069-fXNqyJY?si=ao9VzU9a92jb9I5v

It also has some nice shots of the Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage Site!


underdarkGIS, to opensource
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🎉 Our #QGIS #Trajectools demo has been accepted to the 24th #IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management @mdm

Looking forward to bringing #Opensource #MovementDataAnalytics to #MDM2024

#MobilityDataScience #MovingPandas #GISChat

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From #QGIS 3.38 will be possible to easily duplicate print layout grids. One less papercut. https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/pull/57396

fionag11, to random
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Spatial Thoughts (Ujaval Ghandi) is launching #30DaysofQGIS - Level up in #QGIS in 30 minutes a day https://spatialthoughts.com/2024/05/13/30daysofqgis

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geonews, to random
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geonews, to random
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65dBnoise, to space
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This is Bright Angel, a light colored rock formation in the ancient Neretva Vallis riverbed; the next scientific target for .

Looking at all those loose rocks on the steep slope above it, it's good that the geologically interesting parts are (I guess) those farthest from them.

Processed, leveled MCZ_RIGHT, FL: 110mm
looking WNW (297°) from RMC 52.1950
Sol 1145, LMST: 11:22:33

Original: https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020-raw-images/pub/ods/surface/sol/01145/ids/edr/browse/zcam/ZR0_1145_0768583075_910EBY_N0521950ZCAM09178_1100LMJ01.png
Credit: /JPL-Caltech/ASU/65dBnoise

@65dBnoise@mastodon.social avatar

The map shows the eastern part of the rock formation whose western part is Bright Angel.

The map was made using and data from 's and and DTMs from


pigreco71, to random Italian
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stevefaeembra, to blender
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World Map. Attempting the look from the world map in the film Mars Attacks! Backlit neon look.

#qgis, NaturalEarthData and export to SVG then modelled in #Blender

merginmaps, to opensource
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The wait is finally over! We recently launched a few major updates to our web Dashboard and Mobile App including a completely new UI, improved forms and button layouts. Check out this great overview with @hansakwast and Tomas Mizera to find out more:


65dBnoise, to space
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New location for on Sol 1144, RMC 52.1950.

This may be the last location visible by 's RTE camera, as the rover has now reached the theoretical limit of its field-of-view (cyan line). The has been programmed to capture one RTE image every sol for as long as it is able to wake up every sol perform its routine of gathering environmental and system data, as a stationary testbed.

volcan01010, to python
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Three fully-remote available at @lutraconsulting, working on the @merginmaps platform for collecting geospatial field data on your mobile devices.


65dBnoise, (edited ) to space
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New location for on Sol 1143, RMC 52.1700, presumably still within 's field-of-view. It appears there may be as many as 3 frames of the rover crossing the FOV of the color RTE camera of the , now a stationary testbed collecting images, temperature and other data on a solly basis from its final location at Vallinor Hills.

Map made with using data from 's and DTM and imagery from and

humeursdevictor, to blender French
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Le Parisien recrute un.e infographiste !

Vous maîtrisez les nouvelles techniques de visualisation et de narration sur le Web

Le partage est chic !

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