radhakrishnan, to raiders
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Jimmy Garoppolo out of #Raiders! @ChicagoBears should send Justin Fields there! #NFL @nfl

zebibyte, to NYGiants
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:blobcatfacepalm: … aaaww sh** :blobcatghost: @nfl


@zebibyte@mas.to avatar

@janerationx @nfl last I heard Russell Wilson was on the way the #Raiders. Jimmy G on the way out & will go into modeling. #RaiderNation

zebibyte, to raiders
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Before y’all utter these words, state that is should be view in “ sporting terms “.

Kill the head, the body is dead.

I would never promote violence or death on any professional athlete in any game. Keep all physicality against opponents within the rules of the game. Kill your opponents on the scoreboard. —

#RaiderNation #Raiders @nfl #nfl

emarktaylor, to NFL
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🏈 @nfl #NFL

Via Ian Rapoport 🤖 @RapSheet

From the NFL, the suspension is now official: #Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo is suspended for the first two games of the 2024 regular season for violating the NFL-NFLPA policy on performance-enhancing substances.

emarktaylor, to NFL
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🏈 @nfl

Via Ian Rapoport 🤖 @RapSheet

The have been in the market for a QB for 2024, with a potential move up in the draft and looking into the position in free agency. Moving on from Jimmy Garoppolo was always the plan. Now, they can do it without paying his guaranteed money.

radhakrishnan, to raiders
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Jimmy Garoppolo! Guess what happens in will not stay in Vegas. @nfl

cbrines, to NFL
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One thing I believe is being overlooked in this game is the Chiefs familiarity with Allegiant stadium, and more specifically, how Pat Mahomes performs there. @nfl

@cwgrody@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@cbrines @nfl @emarktaylor — While this is normally true, Mahomes is 32-5 in his career against the #Raiders, #Broncos and #Chargers. It’s not about the stadium. 🤷‍♂️

emarktaylor, to NFL
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#NFL @nfl

VIa Ian Rapoport 🤖 @RapSheet

The first big hire of #Commanders coach Dan Quinn is on the board. Kliff Kingsbury recently interviewed after talks broke down with the #Raiders.

Now, he’ll join Washington.

emarktaylor, to NFL
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🏈 @nfl #NFL @cfb #CFB #CollegeFootball

Via Ian Rapoport 🤖 @RapSheet

The #Raiders interviewed #UCLA coach Chip Kelly at least twice for their vacant OC job under Antonio Pierce, sources say. Kelly appeared open to a return to the NFL… but Pierce ultimate chose Kliff Kingsbury.

emarktaylor, to NFL
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🏈 @nfl #NFL

Via JPAFootball @jasrifootball
#Raiders DB Jack Jones’ latest IG post 😂

donniecash818, to NFL

Really hope Antonio Pierce gets a real shot at being hc next year #nfl #raiders

janerationx, to NFL
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Mahomes picked again.

EDIT: Or not.

#NFL @nfl


@janerationx @nfl Book 'em, Danno! The #Chiefs are done.

#nfl #raiders.

janerationx, to raiders
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Wow, WTF? 17-7 #Raiders

#NFL @nfl

Walker, to Chiefs

Did #Mahomes and the #Chiefs have too much eggnog last night?

Not doing great on the field today.

#raiders #nfl @nfl

cwgrody, to raiders
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Time for the #NickmasGame! Can’t believe I need to root for the dirty, stinkin’ #Raiders. #NFL @nfl

radhakrishnanr, to Chiefs
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Ugly Sweaters!

zebibyte, to raiders
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The fallout continues. @nfl #Raiders #RaiderNation #tnf #Chargers #nfl

Chargers Fire Brandon Staley After Ugly Loss to Raiders - Sports Illustrated https://apple.news/An3ZVvIU7SZa814dZd4v8tg

nc233, to chargers
zebibyte, to raiders
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What in the blue hell happened last night!?!?!!

Chargers 21 - #Raiders 63 (F) :pika:

They went beast mode, for real!!! #tnf #RaiderNation @nfl #nfl

janerationx, to raiders
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That was..interesting. win 63-21 after being shut out last Sunday. go home to cry. Probably.


janerationx, to raiders
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Jesus christ. Touchdown #Raiders. Now 63-7.

#NFL #LACvsLV @nfl

cjerrington, to raiders
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This vs game is a bit brutal... good entertainment for a Thursday night.

ferricoxide, to raiders


Even the D is scoring.

trebach, to NFL
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@nfl The largest blowout between two #NFL teams in history was 64-0 between the Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Reds (a team that only existed for 1 1/2 years) in 1934. In the Super Bowl era, there were two 59-0 games (Patriots over Titans in 2009 and L.A. Rams over Falcons in 1976)

The #Raiders might make history if they keep steamrolling the #Chargers at this pace

ferricoxide, to NFL ber


Three more TDs to reach the Dolphins/Broncos milestone.




How many minutes per TD are #Raiders clocking?

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