arda, to Anbernic avatar

For people who use Anbernic RG35XX (H, Pro (or even SP), newer chip variant).

Which OS are you using?

I'm in between modified Stock and MuOS, but wanted to hear your input.

euphoriagremlin, to retrogaming avatar

New review! 285 - Tekken 5

This week we finally reach one of the great fighting games from my childhood, the incredible Tekken 5!

#review #RetroGaming #retrogames #videogame #videogames

cosmicvoid, to retrogaming avatar

I'm working on a text-parser comedy adventure Tachyon Dreams Anthology that's getting released in July!

Wishlist on Steam & try the demo 👇

#indiegame #indiedev #adventuregame #retro #retrogames #retrogaming #gamedev #indiegamedev #indie


PixelBandits, to retrogaming avatar

I know. Look. I know. But I still think Sonic Spinball absolutely slaps. My real question is why do we think people DIDN'T like it as much?

Philsan, to retrogaming avatar

You can now easily load your ROMs on the Atari 2600+ console with Harmony and Concerto multicarts (Harmony firmware). Just rename your ROM "autorom.bin". #Atari2600 #atari #retrogames #retrogaming


euphoriagremlin, to retrogaming avatar

2024 gaming backlog, no. 17 - Soul Blade (PS1)

A surprisingly technical fighter - I expected the first in the Soul Calibur series to be a bit jankier! Slower combat than I like and dodgy voices, but an impressive set of modes and a really fun core combat system!

#RetroGaming #retrogames #videogames #videogame #soulcalibur #fightinggames

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cosmicvoid, to retrogaming avatar

🔴 Time Quest is a text-parser adventure Chad Goulding began developing ~20 years ago.

🔴 Now, with his permission & access to the source code & game design document, I'm teaming up with @shdon and Brandon Blume to finish developing the game. 🥳🤩


nickthefire, to retrogaming avatar
Philsan, to retrogaming avatar

Now available final version of Shift for #Atari8bit computers (and C64) Gameplay: #atari #retrogames #retrogaming #c64

PixelBandits, to VideoGames avatar

I travelled back in time by a couple of decades tonight. Felt like it, anyway. Some absolute beauts on the playlist and thought if share with you.


cosmicvoid, to gamedev avatar

I've recently released Twilight Oracle, a comedy point and click adventure about Leo and his friends exploring an alien shore and sea.

Fully voiced!

Get it on Steam 👇


angelus_04, to retrogaming avatar
Philsan, to retrogaming avatar

Atari intellectual properties owners acquired Intellivision's intellectual properties

retrowelle, to retrogaming German avatar

Um meine "Bard´s Tale Triology" zu vervollständigen, habe ich mir noch den 2ten Teil "The Destiny Knight" für meinen Commodore 64 besorgt. Erstaunlich guter Zustand. #retrogaming #retrogames #8bit #commodore #commodore64 #retrocomputing #electronicarts


metin, (edited ) to amiga avatar

Loved reading this article. 💚

As a youngster, I made my first Deluxe Paint pixel art on an Amiga 1000 in 1986. Coming from a Commodore 64 with a fixed palette of 16 colors, the Amiga was revolutionary at the time.

I went on to use "DPaint" professionally on a daily basis for around 10 years, creating pixel graphics for games, advertising agencies and television shows.

silverspookgames, to gamedev avatar

In case you missed it, here's me hanging out with Id Software co-founder, and metalhead cool person John Romero, and other indigenous gamdevs!

Ten, to Nintendo avatar
metin, (edited ) to animation avatar

Whoa, impressive animation project, featuring lots of pop culture references. 😮

💡 Click on a character or scene for info about the reference.

#animated #animation #ScienceFiction #SciFi #retro #pop #PopCulture #film #films #games #RetroGames #RetroGaming #anime #music

VJ_Efemerides, to Sony Catalan avatar

Aquest any es compleixen 20 anys que arribava "Silent Iron" per "PlayStation" de 🕹🎮.

cosmicvoid, to gamedev avatar

I'm working on a sci-fi text parser adventure, Tachyon Dreams Anthology. Coming out soon!

Meanwhile, you can wishlist the game on Steam & try the demo 👇


Philsan, to retrogaming avatar
nosolobits, to retrogaming Spanish avatar

Voy haciendo pruebas con diferentes filtros para darle a los vídeos un efecto CRT. Estoy bastante satisfecho con el resultado 😄


publicvoit, to gaming avatar

I found my old #gaming console but it doesn't seem to work any more 😞


publicvoit, avatar


With a RF-to-HDMI device, my #Atari2600 is working again after more than three decades of being stowed away. 😎🕺

#gaming #games #retrogames

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