tness16, to worldnews French avatar

La "est devenue plus effrontée" dans les institutions de l’
Le scandale du " " pourrait ébranler le paysage politique La société civile regrette le manque de réforme des institutions pour mieux protéger l’intégrité de l’UE.

dougiec3, to random avatar

“The main group that was being pushed through was Fox, Sean Hannity and some other media personalities over there. But then there was also other people that were doing the bidding for the Russians. People in Congress like Senator Ron Johnson, like Congressman Pete Sessions who sits here right now.”

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CosmicTrigger, to random

I'm so sick of people calling pundits they don't agree with - like Jimmy Dore or Glenn Greenwald - "Secret Russian Agents who take Kremlin money."

Believe it or not, it IS possible to have really shitty takes all on your own, for fuck's sake.

is fucking bullshit.

makeheroism, to random

Remember when amygdalas around here WEREN’T swollen?

wjmaggos, avatar

@Pantangelini @Boo_BuryMothman @makeheroism

except I have been saying was bs from the beginning.

smaurizi, to random avatar
  1. mi è stato chiesto perché, nonostante abbia condannato senza se e senza ma l'assassinio del candidato ecuadoriano , ho scritto che ha svolto un ruolo tossico nel caso Julian . Provo a spiegarlo
smaurizi, avatar
  1. immaginate se davvero avesse incontrato Julian nell'ambasciata dell': l', l', la , i giornalisti avrebbero pubblicato l'ira di Dio, considerando la furia sul cosiddetto .
    MAI emersa una foto, un video, una prova di NESSUN tipo
dougiec3, to random avatar

@dougiec3 that doesn't justify US intelligence censorship or promotion of outright fabrications like in

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