JeffWalters, to Nurses avatar

"The nurses, I mean they did absolutely everything they could. They just looked so defeated by the time I left. It was really disheartening"

Doctors in just got taken care of. Time to do the same for our nurses. Our relies on everyone to be a success.

JeffWalters, to random avatar

Yes, there is something "unusual " when a sitting government pass legislation allowing them to create police forces via Order in Council and having sole power to appoint oversight commission personnel.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be....

JeffWalters, to ukteachers avatar

"In the equivalent of nearly nine in every ten $$ of corporate income tax revenue was sent back to businesses in the form of subsidies"

No wonder the @PremierScottMoe gov thinks it can't afford and in the prov.

They chose their masters.

ianhecht, to ukteachers avatar

Instead of being in classrooms today, teachers are out in the cold (-37°C with windchill) to demand that the Party do better for our students!

ianhecht, to ukteachers avatar

It's absolutely bonkers to me that the Party's answer to classroom complexity and size is that it's a local issue that needs local solutions, when they were the ones who took away local school divisions' ability to set the mil rate way back in 2009, claiming that it was unfair that different rates were used in different parts of the province.

JeffWalters, to Canada avatar

Want to know why the
abandoned its "Growth That Works for Everyone" slogan?

Might have something to do with only adding 20k new jobs in over the past 8 years.

Further, capital investment is the worst in

"Build and Protect?" Hardly.

We can do so much better.


JeffWalters, to random avatar

Yearly in a 2-income family will:

pay 7k in prov income tax
pay $2.2K in PST
be only $200 away from economic insecurity

Meanwhile, the @SaskParty gov annually gives away $869m of YOUR $$ in corporate subsidies.

It's clear who they work for.

JeffWalters, to random avatar

The ruling @SaskParty pronoun policy was the product of ONE expert......from the U.S.

Classic case of fishing for "support" to back up a pre-made conclusion.

And another example of being influenced by out of province forces.

Enough already.....

JeffWalters, to random avatar

“Children have a right to learn about this, to keep themselves safe. By not allowing sexual assault centres into schools, we are doing a disservice to kids and we are putting them at risk.”

Since leads the nation in STI's, domestic violence, HIV etc this is very true.

JeffWalters, to random avatar

Freedom @PremierScottMoe

This is what the @SaskParty
gov has been reduced to, hiding from the very folks they pretend to lead then make up stories about tens of thousands of letters supporting their flawed policy.


JeffWalters, to Canada avatar

Never forget that is not just the responsibility of .

It's our responsibility to listen to, learn from, and face the truth of our past to build a fairer, more equitable, and more inclusive

JeffWalters, to random avatar

Nine days for a rush to judgement by the @SaskParty gov to draw up and implement the "pronoun policy."

Yet STILL stonewalling on ACTUAL abuse in our school system.

Separation between church and state has been usurped in and our human rights the price.


jamesbicycle, to Sexism avatar

Speech by Sacha Baron Cohen.

"The idea that queer people are a threat to our children is a lie.

The idea that people of color are inferior is a lie.

The idea that Jews are dangerous and all powerful is a lie.

The idea that women are not equal to men is a lie."

JeffWalters, to renewableenergy avatar

Subsidies to O&G has reached a colossal $7Trillion across the globe (7% of world GDP) and $409m in .

Why does the world's most profitable industry require gov handouts? Corporate welfare at its finest. Let the market be the market.


jamesbicycle, to ukteachers avatar

's gov't is going full on nut. Endangering children by ordering that schools require parental consent before using chosen pronouns and different names at school.

The same gov't is attacking teachers publicly while negotiations for a new contract are underway.

The same gov't increased public funding for private religious schools (mostly fundamentalist ) by 25%, public schools by 1%.

JeffWalters, to random avatar

"Its being used as a political weapon/talking point to continue this divide between the fed government and the prov government...What we need to do is co-operate"

At stake is billions in extra costs to and falling further behind the rest of the country and the world.

gemelliz, to conservative avatar

"Canadians are deeply disappointed in our conservative provincial premiers giving away our tax money earmarked for healthcare to private, for-profit companies who then charge us for care we’ve already paid for.
These premiers seem to be trying to kill us for profit."


merrysask, to random avatar

The clouds and wind rolled in bringing spectacular moody skies. And then the rain finally came. Pink gerbers show off the droplets. , , , ,


JeffWalters, to Canada avatar

" has routinely ranked near or at the top for subsidies for oil and gas as the O&G industry racks up record profits. The 5 largest companies made about $35b in profits in 2022."

Divert those same subsidies into and the game will be changed.

merrysask, to random avatar

Just a pontoon ride on a prairie lake tonight. , , , ,

JeffWalters, to random avatar

Per-student funding in has gone from first in in 2012-13 to sixth. An increase of more than $400m would be needed to get back to just 12-13 levels.
@PremierScottMoe offers 10% of that. this is under the @SaskParty
Our children deserve better.

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