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A man who had a sexual encounter with a 15-year-old girl he met on successfully appealed to shorten release conditions barring him from online dating.

The three appeal court judges who heard the case did not accept Howitt’s argument that the release conditions should be scrapped, but instead “calibrated to restrict his opportunities to have contact with children in similar circumstances.”

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They this young & got off on killing it 🤬

The spokesperson said police were in communication with the Conservation Officer Service throughout Thursday, but there were no conservation officers on site when the bear was shot.

People in a local Facebook group expressed about a photo circulating on social media of two RCMP officers posing with the dead bear in the bed of a pickup truck.

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Tentative agreement reached on Sask. teacher contract: bargaining committees

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“The Speaker of the Saskatchewan Legislature has cut up his party membership card and accused some members in Premier Scott Moe's caucus of intimidating him to the point that he fears the government house leader is packing a handgun.”

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Chunk of debris from February launch lands in farm field

astronomy professor Samantha Lawler… noted large chunks of metal from space have recently been found in Australia and Washington state, and one smashed through the roof on a house in Florida.”

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Increase in Sask. drug-related roadside suspensions raises questions about pot laws and policing

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@dmacphee What a joke! That 1.4B would have paid for a new heating system for every home in

Or better yet, blanket the province with EV chargers.

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In Saskatchewan, Canada, the provincial gov't actually penalizes EVs with a $150 extra fee. Symbolic. These rightwingers don't actually believe Sask should really do anything positive about much of anything.$150-on-electric-vehicles

#ClimateEmergency #climateChange #Saskatchewan #electricvehicles

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Carbon capture is a waste of money and essentially a scam. Reducing emission production in the first place should be the focus.

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Syphilis increasingly displaying severe symptoms

“Cases of infant syphilis have been soaring recently in the United States. Earlier this month, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) urged syphilis screening for all pregnant women.”

With Saskatchewan having one of the highest increases in Canada, screening would be important here too.

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“Every 4 hrs, one acquires HIV. Our rates are not going down & is at the bottom of the in terms of reducing the number of new HIV cases each year.

According to Agency of Canada, in 2022, Canada saw a 25% increase of new diagnosis over 2021 statistics. is leading the country in terms of new cases followed by .

“This rise in new cases has not been seen in over a decade,” said the .

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Next time someone complains that is broken just show them this.

We aren't perfect but broken we are not, despite the best efforts of some groups here.

Now, let's go for #1

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A damning finding but not surprising. failed citizens.

“Newly obtained internal data shows the Saskatchewan government knew COVID-19 was spreading at an "exponential" rate in the fall of 2021, providing new insight into what officials knew before a devastating COVID-19 wave hit the province…days before the provincial government publicly declined to re-introduce measures doctors said were urgently needed to stop the spread of the virus.“

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This teen was poisoned by carbon monoxide on the job. His parents say the employer got off easy

#employer #saskatchewan

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Sask. RCMP will now administer a breathalyzer to every driver pulled over for any reason

#rcmp #saskatchewan

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New album coming in May from Saskatoon's Dump Babes! I love this first single.

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Awesome these policies are being challenged by some great names in Canadian entertainment. Are you listening #Alberta #NewBrunswick #Saskatchewan ? You are backwards bigots.

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"Axe the Tax" is a political proposal.
Fair enough.
But it isn't about making life more affordable.
It's spin to conceal a "let the planet burn" climate policy."

via @bruceanderson

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@BarryCooke wow

Five years after his first drunk driving arrest and three years after his second drunk driving arrest, Premier Scott Moe was involved in a third incident in 1997; an horrific crash where he hit and killed a 39 year old woman and injured her young son.

But NO jail time?!

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