Wen, to running
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Morning run.

A lovely day, bright but a bitter northerly breeze. We ran along the road before climbing up to Fatlips Castle and from there cross country to Minto, over the Mintos and back along the old Borders railway. Damp, but relaxing. 24.5k, lots of climbing.

And better still, partner has been out for some emergency this morning, so we’ll meet in St. Boswells later this afternoon and get out along the Tweed. And a coffee. 🥳

Wen, to Scotland
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The Border Witch Trials of the 17th Century

April 25, 7.40pm in Fala Village Hall.


Witch Trials were one of Jimmy Vi's better known exports to England. Mary Craig is worth listening to, Fala is just into Mid Lothian along the A68 (mid way between Pathhead and Lauder) . Easily accessible, and you can get a bus north or south as the hall is a short walk off the road. Warning - the hall is small.

#Witches #WitchTrials #ScottishBorders #Lothian #Scotland #Books #History

Wen, (edited ) to animals
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It's funny, I used to be able to get out this way! Its a conspiracy….

Our dug as a puppy, a couple of months after he arrived and found that the cats flap was no longer an ideal route out of the office.

Correction. Clarification.

Wen, to random
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Hawick: Rugby coach exposed himself to video doorbell


Only in Hawick, catching up with the inter web age.

Wen, to art
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Borders run

Mainly small roads, took us past Lindean Glassworks where we took a short break to ogle some of their lovely work. Now now only open by appointment (unless you are lucky) until June 18k, road with some tracks.


Photo: Art glass - a loch with the hills in the background from the far bank
Photo: Glasgow work, red and green with a silhouette of a dug(?)
Photo: glass work, two glass jars of beakers, one in blue and the other coffee and cream

Wen, to animals
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Tuesday afternoons run.

Back to Scottish sunshine (the liquid sort). Ran a new route near Stow. Only 11k, but a good loosener and the dug loved it.

Mobbed by lambs (who knew no better until one of their ma's told them off), the dug took advantage of the situation to address a group of the unrulier ones. He lectured them on paying attention to their local dug and reminded them that the twilight barking informs him any unruly behaviour.

#SheepOfMastodon #DogsOfMastodon #Collie #ScottishBorders

UndisScot, to Scotland
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The imposing James Hogg Monument, overlooking St Mary's Loch in the Scottish Borders. It was unveiled in 1860 to commemorate the author often known as "The Ettrick Shepherd" who lived from 1770 to 1835. The image shows the setting before the trees in the background were blown down in a storm in January 2022. More pics and info: https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/selkirk/jameshoggmonument/index.html

RolloTreadway, to random
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I'm sorry, I know I've picked this song for various hashtags on a fairly regular basis - but if the #TuneTuesday theme is songs that give you #goosebumps, then I can't possibly overlook it. It's a piece that gives me goosebumps upon goosebumps.

The Unthanks - Mount the Air (live, with the eleven-piece band they were touring with at the time)

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@RolloTreadway @DavidTanner

Saw them live in Peebles - a magnificent performance. (they didn't have the orchestra though :-)

Wen, to KindActions
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For those of us who deplore the rubbish left by our rivers and roads, event in the Borders this weekend.


Friday, April 5
Hawick Common Haugh 10am
Denholm Village Green 12.30pm
Jedburgh Glebe car park 3pm
Saturday, April 6
Peebles Kingsmeadows car park 9.30am
Innerleithen Red Bull car park 12pm
Walkerburn Bridge 3pm
Sunday, April 7
Coldstream Bridge 9.30pm
Tweedmouth Queen’s Gardens 12pm
Kelso Mayfield Garden Centre 3pm

Wen, to running
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31st half marathon, 31 days

Pheeew. Made it on Sunday with a last run from Galashiels, up to Maigle Hill, Torwodlee Broch and return. The Broch is one of three in the Borders and is overlooked by one at last weekends run.

A gorgeous day and a stiff run 480 metres of climbing and steep with it. Slowest run of the month. 2 hrs 5 mins.

A fundraiser with two colleagues (one cycling, one swimming) for the Borders Food Banks.

Photo taking a water break by the masts at Meigle Hill, bright day with the Collie waiting to get going again
Photo The view down towards Gala, blue sky, the neighbouring Broch can just be made out in the distance
Photo The remains of Torwoddle Broch, ditch and what remains of walls. More obvious on the ground

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We drew lots to swim 1k open water, run 1 half marathon a day, and cycle 50 miles every day for March, to raise funds for Borders food banks.

I hate food banks, an indictment of the callous barstewards in Westminster who can not even be excused of knowing the cost of everything. Funds matched by our company (we are employee owned) and as of last night a total of £41000 and a few pennies).

UndisScot, to Scotland
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The amazing Norman carving on the Edrom Arch near Duns in the Scottish Borders. This is all that remains of a church that was built in the early 1100s and demolished in 1732. More pics and info: https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/duns/edromarch/index.html

UndisScot, to Scotland
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Urban scenery at its best. A view of Hawick Town Hall, in the heart of Hawick in the Scottish Borders. More pics and info: https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/hawick/hawick/index.html

Wen, to animals
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Spring is here and the dug has selected something for his favourite yuman (it’s not me) to deliver with her morning coffee.

#DogsOfMastodon #Collie #Coffee #ScottishBorders

Wen, to coffee
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Visiting Bow Castle Broch we took advantage to have lunch in the Cafe as well as getting a book fix at the wonderful Wedale bookshop in Stow (rhymes with Wow not Toe), perfectly situated for the walk and close to one another in Stow.


For those who asked me about live music, it’s on every month at the Station House, first Sunday off the month.

Photo Inside the Cloudhouse Cafe
Poster for live music in Stow, first Sunday every month, the Station House from 3pm

Wen, to random
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Afternoon walk

Taking advantage of the weather and a trip to one of the three remaining Brochs in The Borders, Bow Castle Broch.


A very enjoyable walk through the woods to the Broch and then back past the Wind Turbines.

Photo looking down from the Broch under a dramatic sky
Photo the wind turbines above Stow

Wen, to Theatre
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DunsPlayFest returns to Scottish Borders from April 26 to May 4


For those who have never attended, if you have to time, give it a look. Some great new and established theatre, film and music.

EricBranse, to Theatre
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Duns Playfest is fast approaching and is going to be even better than last year. Here is a video of stills from last year:


Wen, to animals
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Last summer, Borders Pet Rescue’s answer to Crufts - except with proper dugs.

A fund raising even for the centre and there was a category ‘like dug like owner’

#DogsOfMastodon #Collie #ScottishBorders

First prize photo, collie with ‘doggles’

Wen, (edited ) to cycling
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A morning ride to The Hermitage in the Scottish Borders.

A grim fort with a long history and one of the fortifications that apparently contributed to the frequent wars between Scotland and England.


My partner has taken the dug for a gels week in Northumbria, so while they contribute to the general mayhem (three dugs and equally nutty owners) I can induldge in a little more riding.

Wen, to random
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Standing Stone Sunday



The stone is approximately 2M in height and stands on its loneome in the middle of a field just below the railway embankment 4k outside of Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Close by are what are probably burial cairns although I am unaware of any excavations.

Occasionally on a summer day we see sheep gathered to worship around it as we run along the old railway above.

Photo showing what might be a burial cairn

Wen, (edited ) to cycling
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The trailer has finally given up the ghost, so it was a hard packing & piling return from the local town after my morning ride. Needless to say, everyone else was asleep, although the dug woke up to remind me that I needed to provide coffee PDQ in the bedroom and then take him out (again!)

#cycling #shopping #ScottishBorders

UndisScot, to Scotland
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The River Tweed at Coldstream in the Scottish Borders, with Coldstream Bridge in the distance. At this point the river forms the border between Scotland, on the left as we look at it, and England on the right. More pics and info: https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/coldstream/coldstream/index.html

RIDDLES, to random
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Citroën H van a classic

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@RIDDLES And ‘Main Street Trading' (bookshop/cafe/deli in the Scottish borders) have a more modern version that they use for school events.

Wen, to running
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Morning run

A great temperature around Minto and then back below Ruberslaw and along the Teviot. It looked threatening as we reached Minto but has never rained.

13.2k, mainly road and fast.

One of the photos is the remains of the posts for an old chain bridge that has been replaced by a conventional arched bridge at Denholm

#running #Teviot #Minto #ScottishBorders #Collie #DogsOfMastodon

Photo of a collie in the wood impatiently waiting for me to catch up
Phot of a collie carrying a spare stick he stashed on a previous run
Phot of the two stone pillars that are all that is left of a footbridge that crossed the Teviot at Denholm

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