fzer0, to random German
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For K.I.T.T. every other car must seem like a zombie.
Except K.A.R.R. but he's an assho...

strypey, to showerthoughts
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: I wonder if people using AOL complained when they connected their system to the open internet?

philpem, to showerthoughts
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If Twitter is now X
And people are calling it Xwitter to joke about that
And Xwitter is pronounced like 💩

Does that mean we can call "enshittification", "EnXittification"?

sphars, to showerthoughts
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If there are infinite parallel universes, is there a universe where there are no parallel universes?

njoseph, to showerthoughts
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Democracies should have an option to sue elected leaders out of office when they act against the interests of the people.

strypey, to Podcasts
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"I think if you go back to the 1980s or 90s you don't actually hear about militaries... talking about information as a 'space' that they need to dominate. It's much more considered a kind of tool, or... even a weapon, but not up there with air, sea, land and space itself as a theatre of war."

, 2023

strypey, (edited )
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: If information is a theatre of war (like land, sea and air) then for-profit influencers are potentially in the mercenary business.

my_actual_brain, to showerthoughts
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Is a life sentence inherently unfair? If you’re 18 and get a life sentence, you spend way more time in jail than someone who gets a life sentence at 75.

On the reverse side of that, is a 5 year sentence like a life sentence for a 75 year old?

paninid, to showerthoughts
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Is there a name for taking a leftist ideal and then operationalizing it using rightist methods?

fiulo, to showerthoughts
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What if dreams are our subconscious directors, crafting nightly movies starring the characters of our thoughts? 🎬🌙

ThePJN, to showerthoughts
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Why would keep being a cop after all the shit being a cop did to him? Is he in a prison of having to back to OCP for updates, maintenance or organic replenishment? Since he’s dependent on that, I guess he feels that there’s no other choice but to stay on the force and try to clean up Detroit and/or do what he can to make the police not just another gang?

strypey, to showerthoughts
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: I'd like to be part of a digital age version of the old record club.

I'm imagining getting an email every time a kiwi music act releases a new record. The email tells me where I can listen to the record. It also tells me the best way to give money to the act if I like it, so that most of the money goes to them rather than intermediaries.

The cool thing is that an email newsletter like this is totally platform independent, and requires minimal coordination.


strypey, to showerthoughts
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: A graphical desktop needs to be an app, with updates managed separately from the underlying OS (kernel+userland). It would be a meta-app, inside which other apps run. We have created such apps, they're called web browsers. But they require a desktop to run on, and their security is appalling, regularly giving malicious code access to the underlying OS.

Could we replace both desktop and browser with a graphical meta-app that runs real programs in isolation from the base OS?

strypey, to showerthoughts
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: You can't be sardonic online. People can't see the mirth in your eyes and they think you're just being snotty.

strypey, to showerthoughts
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: Digital civics is a thing and needs to be taught in schools.

dan613, to showerthoughts
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Inspire all of that,
I am still just a brain in a vat.

AterNox, to showerthoughts
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What if all these dungeons in MMO's are really just banks with their security personal?

wx1g, to showerthoughts

Great name for a band full of organic chemistry folks: The Key Tones. LOL! I think it popped in between my renditions of Circle of Life and Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

jkn, to reddit
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Having an installed on your computer is now a reliable test for computer illiteracy.

beeoproblem, to showerthoughts
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I remember reading some dude saying that mastering music for a record, and getting it to sound good, is much harder than the same for CD/digital. However a lot of folks talk about how records have better sound.

I wonder if this is less a digital vs analog thing and actually a side-effect of the loudness wars. IIRC heavily compressed mixes became a thing over the 80s+00s right as digital took over from analog.

sezduck, to showerthoughts
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The term “shower thoughts” will take on an entirely new meaning after the AI-integrated bathtubs achieve sentience.

strypey, to showerthoughts
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Chopsticks are better for eating salad than forks.

mighty_orbot, to showerthoughts
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If a monster/creature/alien has three eyes, and briefly closes two of them, is it winking or blinking?

blindcoder, to showerthoughts
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Your honour, I wasn't pirating MP3's, I am collecting training data for my AI project.

AterNox, to showerthoughts
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Let me give you another one I notice often. When I look down an isle in a grocery store and it’s empty. I take my cart down it. If I stop somewhere in the middle the isle it starts to fill up. Is this because other folks are thinking similar to it being empty or do I add more processing power to that small area to allow more folks to be online?

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