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Time for some on the current production of on Broadway with Aaron Tveit and Sutton Foster.

  1. This might have become my second favorite production of Sweeney Todd (first will always be Patti and Michael). But I get why some people are grumpy about it: it is capital C CAMPY. They emphasize and reveal comedic moments, which makes for a very different overall experience, coming off as far more unhinged, but also not quite the classic Greek chorus tragedy of fate most productions emphasize. But like...oh my gosh I loved the camp of it soooo much and it made for a unique production

  2. Yes, Aaron Tveits is incredibly hot and it finally makes sense why Mrs. Lovett would be obsessed with him. And Sutton Foster's Lovett is HORNY for him and commits to the camp 230%. But like, yes, I also would rub my feet on his chest and would feel hot and bothered watching him get aggressively murderous...this may have awakened something in me 😅

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The latest Broadway production of “Merrily We Roll Along” is as good as everyone says. The main trio are terrific together, which makes the part where they aren’t that much more painful. The “Not a Day Goes By” reprise (preprise?) remains one of the biggest gut punches in musical theater history.

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I’ll be seeing this production of ’s this weekend. I can’t wait!

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Hilarity on the way to a building

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Hello, Mastodon! I'm the marketing director for a California theater looking to connect with other makers and lovers of theater. We stage everything from Sondheim to hip-hop comedy to Shakespeare to bilingual plays with American Sign Language. Would love to talk more with others about this wild and wonderful art form. 🎭 ❤️

David Ives On Collaborating With Sondheim On His Final Work, ‘Here We Are’ (

Stephen Sondheim was a self-confessed “world-class procrastinator,” and he left behind evidence in the form of an unfinished show, Here We Are, that might have otherwise opened in his lifetime. Here We Are—which ends its 17-week run Jan. 21 at The Shed’s Griffin Theater—draws from two films by master surrealist Luis...

Stephen Sondheim’s Longtime NYC Town House Sells to a Fan for $7 Million (

The Manhattan town house where the late musical theater composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim lived for approximately 60 years has a lucky new owner. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sondheim’s estate was able to get the full $7 million asking price on the sale of his Turtle Bay Gardens home. As told by Compass listing...

‘Merrily We Roll Along’ Extends Hit Broadway Run To July (

Merrily We Roll Along, the hit Broadway revival of the Stephen Sondheim-George Furth musical starring Daniel Radcliffe, Jonathan Groff and Lindsay Mendez, is extending performances through Sunday, July 7, 2024, giving ticket-buyers an additional three months to grab seats....

What are your thoughts on Microblogs vs threads?

When I first joined Kbin I posted threads due to being a reddit refugee but have started posting microblogs as time went on. I have also noticed some magazines have more threads while others have more microblog posts. For example kbinmeta has more threads while the most active magazine I moderate has mostly microblogs.

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they might be inclined to do a subsequent search by combining any number of the tags you/I have mentioned

I use hashtags to see if an article/story has already been submitted, but how do you search on multiple hashtags? eg AND

Stephen Sondheim’s Connecticut Home Is for Sale (

Stephen Sondheim was a city boy, a born Upper West Sider who in 1960 bought a townhome on 49th Street with the profits of Gypsy, then lived there for the rest of his life — mostly. He also had a country escape, a retreat in Roxbury, Connecticut, that saw more use as he got older. He bought that house in 1980 on the advice of...

Stephen Sondheim Wouldn't Let Barbra Streisand Direct & Star in a GYPSY Movie (

Barbra Streisand says that Stephen Sondheim would not let her direct and star in a Gypsy movie musical. Although she had written 'a synopsis of how every scene would work' in the movie, Sondheim said it was 'too difficult' for her to take on both roles....

Nathan Lane, Jordan Donica, More Resurrect Sondheim's The Frogs for MasterVoices Beginning November 3 (

Stephen Sondheim, Burt Shevelove, and Nathan Lane's The Frogs makes a NYC return via MasterVoices, which is presenting a concert production of the seldom-produced musical at Jazz at Lincoln Center's Rose Theater November 3 and 4....

Orchestrator Jonathan Tunick Receives Caricature at Sardi's (

EGOT winner Jonathan Tunick officially joined Sardi’s Wall of Fame on Thursday, October 26 2023. Jonathan Tunick’s orchestrations can currently be heard in three Broadway Sondheim productions this season, Here We Are, Merrily We Roll Along and Sweeney Todd. Casts and crews from Mr. Tunick’s productions were in attendance...

‘Merrily We Roll Along’ Takes $1.3M, Breaks House Record & Sells Out With Big $225 Average Ticket (

The Broadway season of the revival of Merrily We Roll Along starring Daniel Radcliffe, Jonathan Groff and Lindsay Mendez, broke the six-performance house record at the Hudson Theatre with a $1.3 million gross in its first week of previews....

Casting updates: Tienanmen (Arizona), Pal Joey (New York), Mamma Mia (US tour), Jesus Christ Superstar (US tour), A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Paris), A Beautiful Noise (Broadway), Annie (US tour), Hamilton (UK Ireland tour)

Kennedy Kanagawa has replaced Zachary Noah Piser in the lead role of Peiwen in the upcoming production of Tienanmen by Drew Fornarol and Scott Elemgreen at the Phoenix Theatre Company, Arizona Piser departed the production - which starts 4 October 2023 - last month. The cast also includes Ellie Wang, Grace Choi, Austin Ku,...

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