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8 June 1587: Alberico Gentili, jurist appointed Regius Professor of Law at (eebo)

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5 June 1538: George D'Athequa, Catherine of Aragon's #Dominican confessor in #Spanish & former bishop of Llandaff is granted the diocese of Ampurias & Tempio in Sardinia by Charles V in recognition of his service to the late Queen. (Lambeth Palace)


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Victòria Pujolar (1921–2017) Republican activist, member of Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia. Spanish Civil War subject to reprisals by Franco's regime, tortured, imprisoned, escaped & exiled. Lived in France, Czechoslovakia & Romania, 1st voice in Catalan on clandestine Radio España Independiente, based in under name Montserrat Canigó. in later life New pg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vict%C3%B2ria_Pujolar @histodons @CarveHerName

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A 1647 #Spanish Virgo Immaculata holding a monstrance on this Solemnity of Corpus Christi 2024.

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Apparently, in #Spain it's legal for a 20yo to #rape a 12yo as long as the rapist is a #Gipsy because something, something Gipsy culture. This is a uniquely disgraceful ruling by the #Spanish courts that brings shame to the entire nation.

#rapeculture #RapeIsOKinSpain #childRape #OldEnoughToPee


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28 May 1588: the first ships of the #Spanish Armada leave #Lisbon #otd

(Ulster Museum - salamander from the 'Girona' wreck)


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👋 Hey everyone, I’m Alex (he/him).

Formatting my #Introduction as a main post with replies for my various interests.

#Apple #iOS #Software #Developer #Engineer

#VideoGames #Nintendo #Pokemon #GameBoyCamera

#Languages #ASL #AmericanSignLanguage #French #German #Latin #Spanish

#3D #3DPrinting #BambuLab

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Indecision #Indecisive

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is this a common idiom?

“tenía que estallar el globo de colores”

but not in the literal sense of popping a balloon - more like the English idiom “the dam had to break” when referring to something that was held back is now unleashed

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23 May 1660: Charles II sets sail for from Dutch shores - having turned down & invites to depart from their territories; he enters in triumph on his 30th birthday, 29 May (Wallace Collection)

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Where are you on your #Spanish learning journey? 🤪

✨ See full article and high-res map here:



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Anybody have a good book recommendation for learning/practicing for ? I don’t always have internet access and a workbook of some sort would be 💯 for my antiquated learning style.

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21 May 1601: Matteo de Oviedo #Franciscan #Spanish hibernophile Archbishop of #Dublin receives the pallium #otd - he had been consecrated on 16 July 1600 (BM)

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What does "camiseta" mean? Usually it means t-shirt but in some countries it might refer specifically to a sleeveless t-shirt, along with musculosa or bividi.
#spanish #ropa #español #clothing #america #learnspanish #map #tshirt

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19 May 1609: d. García Hurtado de Mendoza y Manrique, 5th Marquis of Cañete soldier, governor of , & later viceroy of

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19 May 1610: d. Thomas Sanchez theologian best known for his work on marriage

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Pequeña y Fragil is an originally Italian song with a humongous number of Spanish covers. I've put together a playlist of around 50 of them. Yes, I'm strange. But there's a surprising amount of variety in this eclectic and idiosyncratic playlist.



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3rd Period underway!! Watching it on ESPN Deportes with Carlos Rossell & Kenneth Garay. #Spanish

Carolina 0 - #NYR 1 (2P)(Gm5) #LGR 🗽🏒

#HNOM #NHLPlayoffs #StanleyCup @hnom @hockey


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#Opsec Matters: #Encrypted services #Apple, #Proton and #Wire helped #Spanish police identify #activist https://techcrunch.com/2024/05/08/encrypted-services-apple-proton-and-wire-helped-spanish-police-identify-activist/ "The legal requests sent to Wire, Proton & Apple are related to a case where Spanish authorities believe that a pseudonymous member of the #Catalan pro-independence movement Tsunami Democratic was helping the group plan some kind of actions or demonstrations at the time when King Felipe VI was planning to visit the region in 2020." They were ID'ed thru recovery e-mails.

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5 May 1600: Matteo de Oviedo #Spanish #Franciscan is appointed Archbishop of #Dublin

A Hibernophile, he was a friend of a number of leading #Irish friars including Fláithrí Ó Maolchonaire, Archbishop of Tuam, scholar and courtier (BM)

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Pendant with the Christ Child, c. 1650, #Spanish

(Art Institute Chicago)

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Also, is the word "bruja" in Spanish in any way related to the word "brouhaha"? Witches tend to cause unrest and disturbances, and such.

#linguistics #spanish #english #etymology

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Is #Morocco Making #Migrants Disappear?

David Noriega investigates the deaths and disappearances of Moroccan migrants as they attempt to cross the #Spanish border at #Melilla and examines how outsourced #European #immigration policies may ultimately be responsible for these tragedies.

#Europe #EU #VICE


shippychaos, to spanish
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Can anyone offer a better translation for “siento las miradas” other than “I feel the looks” ?

(For the context of feeling like you’re in a precarious position or that people are going to judge you)

jdmccafferty, to spanish
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30 Apr 1488: Ferdinand & Isabella authorise the #Spanish ambassador Rodrigo Gonsales Puebla to start negotiations for a match between their daughter Catherine of Aragon with Prince Arthur Tudor #otd #Bigconsequences


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