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I was rewatching some Star Trek TNG and some Voyager.
Voyager is OK but Chakotay and his pseudo native stuff are annoying, and good god neelix is just annoying AF, the Jar Jar binks of ST, Kess kind of sucks, Tom Paris is pretty tedious. too. . .

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Tonight is and night!
It's the night where me and my buddy get together and cook dinner (either eastern European Mama's cooking or Midwest Mama's cooking) and then watch 2 episodes of .
Today, Riker's gonna go undercover as an alien in episode 1 and Q is gonna show up for episode 2

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Pickard (quite rightly) only drinks you pillock.

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Ein schönes Bild.

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Tonight on the worst episode of the best episode of and the saddest episode of

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Jalad, His farts grotesque.

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I look forward to your report, Mr. Broccoli. Barclay.

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Oh wow, I'm going to have to transcribe this and learn it at some point!

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Ihr liebenden Pay-Streaming-Verweigerer da draußen, höret meine Worte:
Auf beginnt, nachdem geendet hat, gerade wieder bzw oder mit Staffel 1 Folge 1.
Noch für 5 Tage lässt sich die erste Folge in der Mediathek nachträglich ansehen und, wenn ihr am Ball bleibt, nach & nach alle Folgen der Serie nach Ausstrahlung im TV.
Viel Vergnügen!
Ich gebe es mir auf jeden Fall (nochmal) 🤗

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Rewatching and, I have to say, the one where Picard has a headache for an hour was particularly thrilling.

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Look, assuming season 5 is 10 episodes, that means the whole show is 50 episodes. That's not even two seasons of , and it's not even one season of TNG in terms of runtime.

I'm not saying CBS had no cause to cancel the show, though if I'm being honest it, is just a cynical corporate move meant to ensure profit margins aren't hurt at the expense of all the stuff that anyone who isn't a shareholder actually wants.

I'm saying that is following an unsustainable model

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Watching s7e23 Emergence

It appears the enterprise is pregnant and trying to give birth.

Does anyone know what @RikerGoogling was doing last night?

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That one time in The Next Generation when the universe was collapsing onto the Enterprise, gradually becoming smaller than the hull itself, and when asked about why parts of the saucer section started to go missing, the computer responded with "a flaw in the ship's design".

I love that perspective. "It's larger than the universe itself, that's pretty bad, design-wise."

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S2E24 The Ultimate Computer

ooh, can't wait to discover what the 60s thought the ultimate computer would be like 🤣

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"you've got a great job, Jim. just sit back and let the machine do the work"

okay, I have an idea of how this episode is going to go 🤣

it's like that episode of where they proved that going above like warp 6 was damaging the fabric of space ... like, it was an interesting idea for an episode, but necessarily they needed to ignore the restriction later on

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my very first* was not , as I've said here before, but

back a million years ago, a local theater was playing Wrath of Khan, and some friends talked me into going with them. since I'd never watched Star Trek before, I have retained exactly zero of this movie

I still feel a little silly for not having realized earlier than, like, season 4 of that Noonien Soongh is a different person than Khan Noonien-Singh. another issue with having started out of order ... when I started my TNG watch, all I knew about Khan (besides that there was a movie about him) was what was in . I also didn't have a very good grasp on the timeline of the different series (including the 100-year gap)

*not counting the last 5-10 minutes of whatever rerun was playing before every week

gabek, to random

My heart broke when I saw this. I’m so sad right now.


@gabek @gcrkrause


I love perusing the various stats, and this particular one left me with that pain in your side from serious gufaw gufaw's, ... Sulu outranks Eugen - now THAT, is fricken' funny! And he's also organically ranked above @gargron too, lolz.

Now, the sad part about this, and one would need to have been a Fedizen going back for a few years, is that as a techno early adopter, was summarily and relentlessly flogged and ridiculed until he was driven from the Fediverse by selfish, jealous little children here in the Fedi about 5 years ago.

I mean, sure, Wesley Crusher was a total goombah on , while is a superhero from , yet in real life, was among the first generation of (albeit, minor) celebrities to embrace and the , and our local stable of miscreants (every social network has them) hounded, maliciously trolled, and harassed him until the only conclusion that could be arrived at was that the Fediverse is a hostile environment not worthy of belonging to.

That really angered me, but at least everybody loves :)


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Oh wow. So I'm up to s7e15 Lower Decks.

I hadn't realized that the "new" show was based on the characters from this episode! Right? Is that correct?


What's that... Like 20 years later someone decided they liked this premise and ran with it?

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This reel of mistakes, amazing nitpicking & spectacular detail is LMAO funny!

"Mr. Plinkett's Super Happy Fun Star Trek: The Next Generation Mistakes V..."

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Ranking use of the Mirror Universe:

TOS: 8.5. Great episode, though only just one. Hard to give it more based on that.

DS9: 1/10. AWFUL. We're talking episodes with Horny Evil Kira, Horny...Evil-er Garrack, Slightly horny Worf, and it's STILL the worst recurring episode type in the whole series. Disasterous waste that fully justified TNG and VOY leaving the mirror universe alone.


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Other series either have no mirror universe episodes, or I havent' seen 'em if they're in some of the new ones

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