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This inflation that started during COVID in 2020 is actually just corporate greed when corporations across the country had been seeing record breaking profits in 2021 and 2022.
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They made one-of-a-kind quilts that captured the public’s imagination. Then Target came along.

Gee’s Bend quilts have captured the public’s imagination with their kaleidoscopic colors and their daring geometric patterns.

The art practice was cultivated by direct descendants of slaves in rural Alabama who have faced oppression, isolation and intense material constraints.

How LOW can you go 😡
That is theft..
It's no different than shoplifting in your stores.

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Target is scaling back LGBTQ+ merchandise this year after "right-wing backlash" last year. It can couch this decision in all the research-supported logic it wants, but it's still a capitulation to bigots. #Target is betting those of us who support equity will be more accepting of this decision than bigots will of the retailer carrying #Pride products. Those who care need to raise their voices and make their wishes heard by curtailing their spending at Target.

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#Target, you're confusing a signal with noise. This is not how you deal with #fascists, #racists, and #transphobes: "The reaction is a signal for us to pause, adapt and learn so that our future approach to these moments balances celebration, inclusivity and broad-based appeal," Christina Hennington, Target's chief growth officer, said last summer."


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Meanwhile, in Well That Sucks news. Target is not placing pride merch in a bunch of high risk stores now. The bullies won.

And, it seems they are pulling non-Pride LGBTQ+ themed merch it did have in those stores as well. So maddening and frustrating.

While I get protecting teammates, 100%, these moves only embolden the bigots. 😞

#lgbtq #lgbt #queer #pride #pridemonth #target #news #politics

brennansv, (edited ) to security avatar is a security risk. Someone used my email to create an account so I got emails about it. I suspect if I ever use my email with Target this other person could remain signed in and abuse this access. It did not confirm the email when the account was created and once I reset the password I could not delete the account. I reached out to and the reply directed me to a form which requires me to give up a lot of personal details. I am not going to to do that. So I reported an incident to CISA instead. Target should be doing better than this, especially in 2024.

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Chinese Organized Crime’s Latest U.S. Target: Gift Cards

Chinese crime rings already dominate the illegal marijuana trade in the U.S. and launder cocaine and heroin profits.

Now a federal task force is investigating their role in a burgeoning form of gift card fraud.

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If you want an alternative for , try . Not exactly a local business but:

  • Has been CHEAPER than amazon for a lot of necessities
  • 5% back via a free target card instead of paid amazon prime + card
  • Much higher percentage of "real brands" instead of 40000 dropshipping listings for the same product

Walmart's online store is already ruined and I mean, I'd rather avoid thme too

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My long-awaited blog post on the Tech blog has finally been published! Tag soup, you'll love it if you care about any of these together:


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Against Is Expanded to Stop Attacks on Judge’s Family

Donald Trump had in recent days targeted the daughter of Juan , the judge overseeing his trial in Manhattan, in blistering social media posts.

Nonilex, avatar

The NY judge overseeing #Trump’s upcoming #criminal trial expanded an existing #GagOrder on Mon to bar him from attacking the judge’s family members, who in recent days have become the #target of Trump’s #abuse.

Justice Juan #Merchan last wk issued an order prohibiting Trump from attacking #witnesses, #prosecutors, #jurors & #court staff, as well as their relatives. That order, however, did not cover Justice Merchan himself or the Manhattan DA, #AlvinBragg, who brought the criminal case.


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Amazon joins Trader Joe’s, SpaceX in calling the National Labor Relations Board unconstitutional

Nazi's are mainstream again. Now, they are trying to reboot the Gilded Ages. How far back do these people want to take society. The Ice Age?

“Since they can’t defeat successful union organizing, they now want to just destroy the whole process," said an attorney representing the Amazon Labor Union. .
🔗 calls NLRB unconstitutional, joining

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@KimSJ @MarleyandMe @paul

You're not wrong. --- I ordered from Walmart and Target, only to receive my items in Amazon boxes, shipped from their warehouse.

As for smaller websites... You guessed it, Amazon.

Even if I shop local. I can assure you the back of their store has empty Amazon boxes in the bin.

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late night target

EDIT: somehow autocorrect thought I meant to type streetcars 🤷‍♂️🙄


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Target Lifting Mechanism Goes Wireless - “WARNING: DO NOT Hammer on this mechanism” sounds like the start of a side quest. ... -

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There’s a Scientific Reason Why You Spend So Much at Target

#Target #Shopping

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The US economy demands labor, but refuses to pay for it at market prices. The solution? Slavery.

And you wonder why there's such a push for long mandatory minimum sentences and other "tough on crime" policies -- it's to provide slave workers

Hidden prison labor web linked to foods from Target, Walmart

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JFC, I did not expect this stupid craze to get to this level of idiocy.

Evidence item number 34,267,357 that we currently reside in the worst timeline.

Workers Caught Off Guard by -Cup Crackdown

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Headed to store. This is my usual scheduled trip. Hoping my timing is OK. Don’t need bread. Ok with milk for several days. Just stay away from my usual stuff…and cat food. I need cat food. And cat litter. Leave cat litter for me.

cs, avatar

Denton this morning. Dairy largely wiped out of milk and cheese. Also no bananas. Everything else in good shape. Aisles filled with people stocking stuff (but not bananas or dairy).

cs, avatar

Ugh, has green bell peppers but only packages of three. Better price than , but have distinct feeling two will go bad by time we use them.

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Amazing how Target tries so hard to get people to sign up for a Red Card, and then if you don't use it for 6 months they just cancel it and delete the account, with no way to reactivate it. The only option is to destroy the card and apply for a new account.

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"It's 2015 and conservatives are mad at a red cup at Starbucks"

"It's 2023 and conservatives are mad at red and pink cups at Target"

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Same-day delivery service Shipt to pause Seattle operations, blaming recently passed labor laws - (Shipt Photo)

Citing new ordinances recently passed in Seattle that aim to hel... - #cityofseattle #gigworkers #target #civic #shipt

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MASSIVELY pissed at for ads in my husband's TV-watching on ! I buy almost EVERYTHING there...yet they want to nickel and dime me for $2.99/mo extra to avoid ads.

Let's see how they like me cancelling my monthly on $400/mo worth of cleaning products, pet products, and cooking products! I'm an driver by-day and it's nothing for me to stop by instead!

@veronica @genecowan

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My local Target told me they're not honoring price matching during the holidays, but their policy online says otherwise. Gonna reach out to them online tomorrow.

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