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Adam Savage offers some great career advice in this video. He often responds to questions and offers his insight from his career working in film production. It applies well to nearly every career.

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A few years ago I had a great time being able to share the nerdy details of my mixing job at with on .

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I'm only 20 seconds in and already am feeling the inevitable interest rates.

Send Help, I'm trapped in a Venn Diagram.

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Did you know that one in wants to know if you - actually - like ?

Robert Nozick, a , wanted you to imagine that you are offered a sophisticated machine which can perfectly simulate all the things you deem most pleasurable.

He asks you now: would you prefer this to real life?

Nozick assumes you don't & uses that as a justification against () hedonists.

He never tested his .

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Thought experiments can be (to a degree) by actually asking people.

Philosopher Felipe de Brigard actually did ask students to determine the validity of Nozick's claim. He separated them into 3 groups: 1. No info of what their real life is like, 2. Prisoner, 3. Hyperwealthy artist.

He found that while most people choose the machine in group 2., the answers in group 1. & 3. were almost equal.

He concluded a status quo bias.

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Ever wondered how an Apple USB-C Thunderbolt 4 cable gets to be so expensive ?

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I’ve spent (so far) being totally relaxed and doing no productive work (ok, I helped unload the dishwasher). I’ve watched some videos, worked on customizing a new laptop bag, and wrote a blog post. Glorious. I wish this was the rule, not the exception.

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I'm going to have a bit of a (less charitable people might say ) here. If you just want jokes and cute bunny pictures, feel free to skip this one.

Object of my this week? . I'm not even going to rant about their main control boards; most of that's been said better than I could say it, by others with more knowledge than I.

I'm ranting about .

Ages ago, furnaces had one in them, to spin the that moves air through your house.



As you might have #guessed, the motor in my other furnace #failed last week.

I've removed it from the furnace and #tested it, and just like the first one, the motor itself checks out fine - no #electrical or #mechanical #problems at all.

The #electronics in it have failed. And only a few months after the other one. It's almost like they're #designed to #fail; otherwise, how could you make a ton of #money by #charging #monopoly prices for what is otherwise a #generic 1/2 HP motor?


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Looking for a distribution that stands out from the crowd? 🔍 Say hello to ! Why? Enterprise-Grade Strength - both 🪨 solid & ⚡️ fast & releases - 💚 - rollback & backup solutions built in & much more. Get it at

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