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Via Acyn (who has the vid):

: "Remember when was trying to deal with COVID, he suggested injecting a little bleach in your veins… he missed, it all went to his hair (Loud, extended laughter and applause)

(smiling) I shouldn't have said that... You guys are a bad influence on me."

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On one Ctrm-Photo one could see the divergent , between his pale, chalkcolored Hands and Fingers and his "suntanned" full of . Somehow a of his own.

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This line in "The Great Gatsby" (as Nick Carraway's riding the train from Long Island into New York City) is a transitional fossil record:

"My commutation ticket came back to me with a dark stain from his hand."

Because the modern verb "commuting" and nouns "commuter" and "commute"....

stem from names for multi-ride railroad/streetcar passes that truncated or "commuted" fare payments ("commute" here being the same verb we use in "commuted their original prison sentence").

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New blog post about "The Great Gatsby", Nick Carraway's struggle to love, multiple new stage adaptations, what's hard about porting a story to another medium, anti-racism tradeoffs, and @jacob being a patient friend

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And the evening show. #theater #broadway #JohnPatrickShanley

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Today at the office: joyous dressing room surprises (a sequence).

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Question for the theater folks: Is there any free open source software that helps manage auditions and casting, including paperwork, headshots, resumes, etc?

Searching for software for "casting" only returns stuff that lets you cast video to your TV.

Searching for software for "auditions" only returns Adobe Audition (an audio suite).

This is like finding a needle in a stack of needles.

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As an extension of having really gotten into lately as somebody who doesn't drive and walks or rides the bus everywhere, the next nerdy thing I want to get into is radio plays. I found a collection of episodes of the original The Shadow series and have started researching BBC productions and radio play style podcasts too.

If anybody has any recommendations please let me! Especially into like and

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Actor Louis Gossett Jr., Oscar and Emmy winner, has died at age 87, according to his family.

AP reports: "Gossett broke through on the small screen as Fiddler in the groundbreaking 1977 miniseries 'Roots,' which depicted the atrocities of slavery on TV." He was the first Black man to win the best supporting actor Oscar for "An Officer and a Gentleman."

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Japanese musical theater Takarazuka Revue is planning to apologize to the bereaved family of a member who suddenly died last September after alleged power harassment, it was learned Wednesday.

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Zum Welttag des Theaters

Vielen Dank, dass Ihr Tot, aber lustig unterstützt:
➡️ Unterstützer werden:
➡️ Etwas in die Kaffeekasse schmeißen:

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Talking about a full of innocent people attacked by terrorists, has a recent record :

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The League of Live Stream Theater is presenting a play, from a St. Louis regional theater company, about a church that has opened its arms to the LGBTQ community. The stream is this weekend only.

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There's an interesting question by over on the site formerly known as (and to be honest, still known as) Twitter:

Right, in need of some

Can you provide us with the most unnecessary fact you've learned recently? Let us absorb your knowledge ...

So ...


(Edit: Boosts for reach very welcome. I'm sure there are many people out there who have recently learned apparently useless or unnecessary things)

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@ColinTheMathmo In 1950, the ballet/pantomime "Isotopia" was performed. It was a creation by Muriel Howarth, apparently a radioactivity enthusiast. It featured people portraying protons, neutrons, electrons and a Geiger counter. Apparently, this is what Time magazine wrote about it:

“13 bosomy A.E. Associates in flowing evening gowns gyrated gracefully about a stage in earnest imitation of atomic forces at work. An ample electron in black lace wound her way around two matrons labeled ‘proton’ and ‘neutron’ while an elderly ginger-haired Geiger counter clicked out their radioactive effect on a pretty girl named Agriculture. At a climactic moment, a Mrs. Monica Davial raced across the stage in spirited representation of a rat eating radioactive cheese.”



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Sorry for long absence. My mom was desperately ill this winter and was hospitalized. When she came back, she needed 24h care and still is in poor health. I have been deeply stressed and needed to step back from social media.

I’ll be posting my theatre project soon.

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Great review for the London staging of the show. We saw the original version in Melbourne, was amazing.

The Picture of Dorian Gray review – Sarah Snook plays 26 characters in dazzling, dangerous solo show | Theatre | The Guardian

timrichards, to Theatre avatar

Can't see any problem here - it's good to try to diversify theatre audiences, and this might help.

Sunak’s sabre-rattling is pure cynicism – Black Out nights are a small, vital corrective to theatre’s lack of diversity

timrichards, to Theatre avatar

Interesting - the West End rediscovers politics. Would love to see Matt Smith in Ibsen.

Walkouts and rows in the stalls as politics enters Theatreland stage left – or maybe right; Vanessa Thorpe

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Me normally: Fuck capitalism. It's a rigged system that keeps us poor
and it isn't fair. You shouldn't need to work 3 jobs to afford basic necessities.
Me playing Monopoly: Sorry, if you wanted to win you should have tried not being poor.

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This seems relevant to the conversation:

In the interactive play "World Factory," the audience runs a clothing factory in China and they seem to always veer towards making more money and cutting wages.

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Regisseur René Pollesch mit 61 Jahren gestorben

Der seit 2021 amtierende Intendant der Berliner Volksbühne, René Pollesch, ist mit 61 Jahren gestorben. Das gab das Theater am Abend bekannt. Pollesch war zudem Autor und Regisseur zahlreicher Theaterstücke.


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Das Kinder- und Jugendtheater Fliegenpilz präsentiert in den nächsten Wochen ein selbstgeschriebenes Stück – jetzt Karten sichern!

@wuppertal @wuppertal

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Interesting review - @NarrelleMHarris and I are planning to see it in a couple of weeks. Who can resist a word-related play?

The Dictionary of Lost Words at Arts Centre Melbourne

(maybe paywalled)

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Mal eine Frage an die und

Welche würdet ihr denn für das von Theaterstücken empfehlen? Die auch noch unter Linux läuft? (Gibts vermutlich gar nicht)

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My short review of Becoming a Man, a memoir about transitioning now playing at the ART:

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Schlong's "Punk Side Story" is their take on "West Side Story" and I still love it.


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