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New Earthspark episodes today! And someday I'll have time to watch them...

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Dani is heading off on a test flight to SPACE! And all kinds of things go wrong! Can the Rescue Bots help her before she crashes into the MOON? Can Blades get a grip on his attachment issues and accept her taking a full-time test pilot job? And when did Kade get so weird? Join us this week for "To Infinity... And Back"!

#Transformers #podcast #StasisPod #RescueBots

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The fact that classic Marvel UK Transformers artist Geoff Senior still draws Transformers is great but even cooler is he still often draws/paints Death's Head, the character he created with Simon Furman that was first in the Transformers stories, then crossed over into Marvel UK's Doctor Who comic stories and then the Marvel superhero universe too. :O

And Senior's art style is still awesome. I love it. So dynamic :)

His insta:


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Madeline Pynch has found a chunk of Energon, and it’s up to the Rescue Bots and the Burns Family to stage a heist to steal it back before it explodes! Can Chase get his head around the moral complications of stealing from villains? What does Kade mean that he “doesn’t believe in Ferris wheels”? And what was the best Jim Varney movie? Join us this week for “Cody’s 11”!

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40 years ago today, Marvel Comics released issue #1 of Transformers (1984-1991).

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I just realized Kremzeek! is an electric-type Pokémon.


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This week on Iacon Underground Radio we're talking about music release news, possible video game delays, toy updates, and Skybound's Eisner nom!

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It’s fun to know that after forty years, the franchise still has some mysteries worth discovering for collectors.

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How well can we understand an LLM by interpreting its representations? What can we learn by comparing brain and model representations? Our new paper ( highlights intriguing biases in learned feature representations that make interpreting them more challenging! 1/9
#intrepretability #deeplearning #representation #transformers

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Oh heck yeah, Hasbro is following up that surprise Beast Machines soundtrack drop with BEAST WARS!

#transformers #BeastWars #soundtracks #TVSoundtracks #RetroCartoons

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earthspark cool

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Titans Return Kroc! From Action Master to Head Master. His hips are a little loose but that's fixable. He's going into the End of Road collection.

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Oh wow, for fans of Transformers and I guess late-90s industrial, we've got a surprise music drop today: the Beast Machines score!

#transformers #edm #soundtrack #IndustrialMusic #BeastMachines

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today is Beast Machines Cheetor, hailing from the most recent wave of deep breath Generations Legacy United!

Yes, I broke out of Transformers retirement to not only buy this little fella but also do a Deskbot post because, well, BM Cheetor holds a special place in my Transformers Appreciation. His design is art.

It shouldn't work. Those gangly, too-long hind legs, the proportionately tiny torso, the weird giant shoulder 'blades' (not his weapons, the actual shoulder plates almost like pauldrons)...and yet you put them all together and you've got my all-time favourite Transformer body. What a surprise finding this came out AT ALL never mind at the tiny Core size class! At the cheap end of the design budget this toy, like the Beast Wars entries before it, somehow manages the feat of representing this very awkward design almost dead on. robot mode. Beast mode is severely compromised, resembling a cricket more than the cheetah he's meant to be but we've talked about how difficult it is nailing those extremely toy-unfriendly Beast Machines designs before so at this price point I can forgive it. Thankfully, Robot Mode is FIRE.

Enjoy the pics. 🥰

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Going to the Transformers 40th theater event tonight! The original “More Than Meets the Eye” multi-parter is a big comfort-watch episode for me, so I’m really looking forward to this! Not sure if they’re going to have the special cup and bucket at my theater, but if they do and it’s $20 like I’ve heard, I might have to indulge.

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Time to pull a Michael Jackson!

Let's Beat it!


Gotta watch more Transformers G1 this week, been enjoying watching a few episodes of the series every day.

#TransformersG1 #Transformers
#Cartoons #nostalgia

You know the Autobots like I know Prince lol Auto-Bop is a cheesy episode if you ask me.

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Not what I expected! “This new die-cast transformable figure will be up for pre-order on May 21, 2024 9am PT for $80.00.“

I sure wish it was larger (it's the standard 1:64 Hot Wheels scale), but I doubt it could stand for long under the weight of that much die-cast.

From: @TFW2005


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I should be working more on the next part of this fanfic, but instead I've posted the second part (not really a clear Part 2, because I veer off into a flashback that serves as a really good standalone story) on my Neocities site! I still need to make an actual index page for these...

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Aw yeah I am a very cool person who coded an index page for my new fanfic section on my Neocities from scratch. Now I need to write the next two parts...

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Earthspark Season 2 looks like a ton of fun!

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Have I mentioned how I love this community?

Needed this bit, got sent it for free♥️

Thank you @ThomasNoppers and thank your unnamed friend!

For everyone else, go and follow Noppy if you don't already do so, especially when you like #transformers, #robots, #robotart and #retroart!

#WarhammerCommunity #Warmongers #MiniatureGaming

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