felicitymartin, to Scotland
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It’s good to see that this ancient sweet chestnut has put out some vigorous foliage this year - it looked quite dead in winter. #ancient #tree #Scotland #Perthshire

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Stride of New Zealand: ancient ‘walking tree’ wins tree of the year.
Named due to its resemblance to JRR Tolkien’s sentient tree-like , the 32m tall rātā was the clear winner in the annual poll.


br00t4c, to Europe
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BelfastRoadster, to nature
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This has figured out that the food comes from outside the hole, it just hasn’t plucked up the courage to go find it…
Image captured using remote controlled camera.


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br00t4c, to Canada
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A mountain bike relay, a daring tree climb and an epic obstacle course: Here's a recap of 'Canada's Ultimate Challenge' finale

#canada #tree


andresortizm, to photography
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yngmar, to gardening
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Removed some water sprouts from the pear tree that I had to severely prune last year because it was threatening the house.

Left a select few where I would like new branches to be.

Also had to shorten a branch on an apple tree that was about to snap off under its own weight. Better to lose a few apples than the entire branch.

br00t4c, to business
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Business is booming to drive people across scary bridges after the Baltimore bridge collapse

#business #tree


msquebanh, to nature
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Walking through & wetland marshes are to the right. Small to stroll. Still some purple out.

En route home & will be uploading more photos, shortly. We had the whole park to ourselves - only wildlife sharing spaces today 😊

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Britain's AOC Faiza Shaheen Banned From Election Over Jon Stewart Sketch Tweet

#britain #tree


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Years ago, it began to grow along the steep hillside overlooking the valley. As a sapling, it weathered the wind that buffeted it, struggled until it reached a size that its roots ran strong and deep.

How it managed to not be decimated by the deer passing through, it wasn't quite sure. But it made it, alone and lone, firm, and strong.

Lone Pine framed print -- https://2-steve-henderson.pixels.com/featured/lone-pine-steve-henderson.html?product=framed-print

#nature #tree #art #artwork #mastoart #fediart #buyintoart #impressionism #painting #story #motivation

msquebanh, to apple
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This really old #apple #tree refuses to die. It got damaged by tent caterpillars & then had some disease issues so we sawed off all affected branches. It's bouncing back to life. Before it was damaged, this small tree used to produce large red, juicy apples(unsure of variety). It's at least 60 years old.

#Nature #Regrowth #HardyTree

michaelrussell, to nature
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For :

A lone fir tree stands in front of Mount Larrabee in the North Cascades of Washington State, USA.

br00t4c, to random
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Lego's first Legend of Zelda set is a 2,500-piece Great Deku Tree



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