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I'm wondering if you have any on the " " proposal by some folks. I wrote a short thread about it, but would be interested in hearing your thoughts before reading it (if you do read it - I'm not demanding it 😀 ).

Re: it's essentially a proposal to so they can't do things the web don't want - think , that modify content, etc.



Fair enough; I didn't see them. I'll go hunting. Thanks.

I'm a of <mumble> years with extensive work in // fields - and the proposal alarms me, simply because so many of the things that make the web and to people now would, fairly obviously, not be able to earn a "" designation by any "" -- at least not one that had any intention of being / by etc.

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Google's "Web Environment " is one of the things I have ever seen proposed for the , possibly only behind being required for any access.

Let's get this out of the way: they give a number of why "might wish" to establish that a web is running on a "" software stack, including things like "make sure other game players aren't cheating" and "ensure I'm talking to another human".



They go on to say "As new #browsers are introduced, they would need to demonstrate to #attesters (a relatively small group) that they pass the bar [...] #Established browsers would need to only use attesters that respond quickly and #fairly to new browsers' #requests to be #trusted."

If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.


#OpenMarket #access #standard


Using as an example, Google will probably only the attestation of ... Google Web Environment Integrity Attestation! Well, plus Microsoft's and Apple's, so it isn't too obviously an anti-competitive . Which it would be, of course.

Do you think those attestation are going to give a "" to any that wants one? Do you think they'll give it to any browser with an ad-blocker?

Of course not.


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