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Allow me to introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Kelsi Lyn Star. I go by she/her pronouns.
Most people call me Star if they met me online. I used to go by xxbabygirlstar or xxSupernovaStar, so Star has always followed me somehow.
Other people call me Kelsi because they either know me IRL or they just wanted something more personal than a gamer tag.
Few people call me Kelsi Lyn.

My dog's name is Daxter. ​:kelsilHeart:​ ​:kelsilAngel:​ ​:kelsilParty:​ ​:kelsilPlead:​ He's a rescue I got at 8 weeks old. He's NINE YEARS OLD and I want to freeze him in time before he gets any older. He is my best friend. He is never very far from where I'm sitting... unless someone has food nearby. He's a melon. He's a too, but I do know he has some Australian Shepherd, Shetland Sheepdog, and Golden Retriever in him.

I'm 30. I'm currently, temporarily living with my parents in , following a pretty huge depressive spiral after losing my last job. Otherwise, I live in with my boyfriend of almost 3 years. Apparently I haven't lived there long enough to spell the state correctly yet, spell-check always corrects my dumb ass.

I love to love everyone. I'm a --basically, if I love you intimately enough, I wanna get in your pants... But my bf and I aren't poly, so sorry, I have to stay out of your pants. Bummer.

I vidya games on . (
I have a schedule (Tues/Thurs/Sat) but I'm just getting back into it after being gone for 4 years, so everything is up in the air, subject to change. Right now, I'm limited to my on my temporary set up, but I do want to branch back out eventually. I swear a lot, and try to keep my community pretty chill and inclusive.

I'm & (, the shittier, sadder version with less mania) but on pretty reliable meds so I've been pretty damn balanced lately. I am all about talking about mental health and try to learn as much as I can.

And speaking of learning, I love to teach people things I've learned. My last job was a for Corsair, but my job got moved to California and I couldn't go with it. I spiraled hard after that because I really did love that job (even if it didn't always love me). But I will still be teaching people anything I know about, because that's just who I am as a person. I try to meet everyone where they're at and share new things with them in a way that makes sense.

I like to talk a lot, but I think I've rambled enough here. Hope to get to know more people, because I'm lonely as shit! No one is a stranger in my book, just people I haven't met yet. Come say hi, I don't bite... usually.

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My insurance company offers me free CGMs, and specifically the Dexcom G6 which I was really pleased with. They just switched me to the Libre 2 and it’s like going from a Lexus to a Kia.

Beggars can’t be choosers so I’ll deal with it. The main issue is that I can’t turn off the freaking alarms that go off every night at 3 am. 😡

#Type2 #Libre2 #Dexcom

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I like how I specifically said in the video that the current charging infrastructure landscape is weird and that we shouldn't look to it as setting a norm, and yet I am still getting bombarded by Tesla apologists who think all automakers need to put the charge port where Tesla does to be compatible with their weird chargers with dinky cables.

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@TechConnectify The @EU_Commission is having none of that shit and basically mandated connectors because those are an open standard and there are cheap means to have portable chargers that just plug into outlets as are common in industry and even heavy duty outdoor electronics...

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How long will USB-C be the most common & standard connector for consumer electronics? (there can be updates to voltage and protocols, but it must be backwards compatible to what we have now)

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@Aminorjourney @futurebird @Gurre Well, the @EU_Commission saw that shit long enough and then decided to make the connector mandatory for good...

Personally, I expect vehicles to die out in favour of simply because and are and should be avoided since they can't be effectively recycled anyway ...

wackyIdeas, to Type2

Just started Trulicity for my . I noticed a drop in Bg within hours. Expensive but magical. Thank you .

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