djvdq, to geopolitics avatar

The current demographic crisis we have is far more dangerous than global warming

macsnider, to random German avatar

@EinfachMarvel Hausaufgabe für euch für künftige X-Men Besprechungen: schaut die Filme!

redknight, avatar

@macsnider @EinfachMarvel Naja, kann man geteilter Meinung zu sein - das MCU ist ein wenig zu umfangreich, um bei Neuproduktionen noch komplett alles vorher als "bekannt" vorauszusetzen.

Außerdem weiß man ja nie, ob es im gleichen Universum stattfindet 😈

Cinquante_et_1, to random French avatar

PC HP stylé en est à sa 3ème panne de ventilo, à 1 semaine de fin de garantie 24 mois.

1ère fois : changement carte mère.

2ème fois : changement carte mère.

3ème fois : "je dois constater la panne de visu pour qu'on vous le rembourse".

Rappel 15 jours après : "j'ai mis à jour les pilotes, ai fait tourner 1 vidéo 4K toute la journée, tout est OK".

Je rentre, l'allume, enlève les bloatwares : PAF ! Au bout de 10 minutes, "Fan malfunction" et extinction d'office.


niko, avatar

@Cinquante_et_1 @alter_unicorn : le croque à la béchamel, c'est pas bon.
Sur le dessus de mes croques-monsieur, je mets du rapé mélangé à un œuf. Et c'est vachement plus bon !!

djvdq, to unpopularopinion avatar

The demographic crisis is much more serious and threatening than climate change

julienbarnoin, to unpopularopinion avatar

An : I think there's one application of that would be a net positive for customers. Of course companies are in no hurry to do that one and it won't happen.

If and similar game marketplaces were to use a blockchain for game ownership, people would be able to resell games freely for the price they choose, just like we could with physical media.

And if there's DRM, the checks keep working even if the company goes under. No DRM is better though.

jwildeboer, to random avatar

#UnpopularReality: Many small but important Open Source projects work without a lot of maintenance since many years. The amount of work needed simply doesn't justify a paid job for one or more maintainers. A lot of maintenance actually is unrelated to code. Answering the same questions on mailing lists/forums over and over again, dealing with spammy pull requests, handling false claims of people that want to add work (they never performed) on this project to their CV etc. I've been there. I know

jwildeboer, avatar

And the even weirder thing for folks not really deep into the FOSS galaxy:

A lot of maintainers/project owners like it this way. They don't want to spend more time and energy on their project. They care about it the way they do and they are totally fine with it.

So IMHO and what is really needed is an expert task force that jumps in when things go really wrong. Offer direct help to fix the issue(s) and then leave.

TarkabarkaHolgy, to unpopularopinion avatar

was not written by a chemist and it absolutely shows...

jake4480, to random avatar

This morning @druidess forgot her phone so I went back in the house to get it, and when I brought it out the Bluetooth connected and the Skeletonwitch she had been listening to yesterday on the drive home started blasting out of the car. Yep. That's my wife 🤣

julienbarnoin, avatar

@jake4480 @druidess
Maybe an , but honestly things should just not auto-connect without user interaction.

Every time we open our bluetooth speaker to play something, something goes wrong, we're both using it often and it just auto-connects to the last phone it saw, who might be in the office in the middle of a phone conversation while I just want to play music from my phone.

And then you spend 5 minutes trying to pair your phone instead of the other. Terrible user experience.

ntoine, to unpopularopinion French avatar

SOS Fantômes de 2016 avec Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones et Kate McKinnon est le meilleur de la série.
Et 2 était ridicule.

ArtBear, to unpopularopinion avatar

, if people in & on here are serious about 2024 elections & not losing to Republicans & Conservatives in 2024 they need to spend more time talking to swing voters.

That means either getting them in here, on , or talking to them where they are.

ianbetteridge, to random avatar

Pet peeve: phrases like "citizen journalists", "citizen scientists", etc. Professional journalists and scientists are also citizens, kids. Why not just call them "amateur"? It's a perfectly good word. And there is nothing wrong with being an amateur at something.

KingShawn, avatar

@ianbetteridge Like doctors and lawyers, journalists should be able to be licensed. Like doctors and lawyers, people practicing without a license should be punished. 😆

Okajin, to unpopularopinion French avatar

Je vais partager ce que j'ai l'impression d'être une : J'adore la et j'adore le docu-drama sur

Chrisi_mit_i, to random avatar

Ja ich weiß, es ist ein bisschen Klischee zu behaupten, dass der durchschnittliche österreichische Mann eine Frau hat die ihr Dasein in einem Killer fristet - aber tja, Statistik 🤷

fzer0, avatar


Ich glaube tatsächlich dass, unter den "richtigen" Umständen, fast jeder zu Mord fähig ist.

jwildeboer, to unpopularopinion avatar

Atomic Kittens and Sugababes produced some of the most pleasant beats and songs of the 90/00s.

arthurlutzim, to unpopularopinion avatar

Hier j'ai choqué mes collègues au boulot en affirmant que, personnellement, j'aimerais bien payer plus d'impôts.

La discussion était plutôt constructive, et j'ai lancé que j'avais le sentiment que pour certaines catégories de revenus les impôts avaient diminué sur le 5/10/20 dernières années... J'ai dit une connerie ? Est-ce que quelqu'un aurait des sources allant dans ce sens ou contredisant ce sentiment ?


dugartogo, to unpopularopinion German avatar

Viele (v.a. , ihre Unterstützer:innen und einige andere hier) beschweren sich hier darüber, dass die v.a. blockiere.
Meiner Ansicht nach machen sie allerdings das, wofür sie gewählt wurden: Liberale Politik. Sie versuchen, Bürokratie einzuhegen und die Freiheit der Wirtschaft zu verteidigen.
Das kann man doof finden, aber mehr mMn auch nicht.

FreakyFwoof, to unpopularopinion

: I am neither into cats nor coffee. that is all.

pmonks, to unpopularopinion avatar

Whoever decided whitespace should be syntax should be shamed into oblivion.

niko, to unpopularopinion French avatar

: j'aime pas les chats, c'est pas mignon du tout et ça sert à rien.
Ça devait être dit.

scudery, (edited ) to random French avatar

Leo Ferré hate club.

Qui s'inscrit?

flomaraninchi, avatar

@scudery @Gallorum @Azen @J0sphine

Ben il a rien écrit mais j'aime toujours beaucoup quand il chante Prévert, qui était un génie.
Alors que Brassens il a écrit tout seul des trucs bien sexistes, sur toujours le même air poum poum. Alors bon...

#UnpopularOpinion c'est comme ça qu'on dit ?
😊😊😊 (pas taper ! )

A part ça, citons plutôt toutes les nanas formidables et talentueuses. Je commence : Monique Morelli.

paninid, to random avatar

People who live in my phone keep telling me that must die, while using tools developed and maintained by technostructures of a capitalistic society.

Make It Happen Makes Sense GIF by WE tv

paninid, avatar


To be clear, of mine: pragmatically, any political economy of a real, human society has to use air quotes: “capitalism”, “communism”, or “socialism”, because they’re all going to be just as flawed as the people who develop and maintain them.

The idea of trying to continuously improve and learn from the past rather than recreate it makes me not a hardline conservative.

That being said, no, it wouldn’t be strange + a “communist” regime couldn’t have gotten here.

LegalizeBrain, (edited ) to random French avatar


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    @LegalizeBrain Même "Zaï zaï zaï", j'ai trouvé que c'était carrément surcoté 🤐

    xahteiwi, to random avatar

    The CEO of Mozilla Corporation (not Mozilla Foundation the non-profit) allegedly makes seven million dollars a year.

    In 2018, it was $2.5M.

    “When asked about her salary she stated ‘I learned that my pay was about an 80% discount to market. Meaning that competitive roles elsewhere were paying about 5 times as much. That's too big a discount to ask people and their families to commit to.’”

    Guess her kids really need that extra 4.5 million now. They grow up so fast 🤷‍♂️

    larsmb, avatar

    @xahteiwi Firefox & Thunderbird really should be treated like the core public infrastructure projects they've become, and not be beholden to MoCo and Google's ad revenue.

    (And yes I know that the Foundation is supposedly controlling MoCo.)

    bluberrycookie, to unpopularopinion Italian avatar

    La parmigiana con le melanzane impanate è un prodotto dell'inferno.

    Ecco, l'ho detto.

    pb, to unpopularopinion French avatar

    Le panettone c’est trop sec.

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