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While Trump says Americans should “get over” shootings, and enables , the Biden administration is enforcing , and ensuring that gun show and no longer exist.

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Dave McCormick to fundraise with his ex-boss George W. Bush in Texas.

That's where McCormick made it easier to ship jobs to and invest in China, and then he himself did it.

“You are invited to join President George W. Bush and … Kathy & Harlan Crow”

Just so folks are clear on this

George W. Bush is hosting a fundraiser with Harlan Crow and Karl Rove, to try to unseat Dem Senator Bob Casey.

McCormick, the guy they are fundraising for, doesn’t live in PA, supports 6 week abortion bans and wants to privatize social security.

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Douchebag and fanboy is openly calling for another if (when) loses in November. He's openly calling for violence if things don't go his way. Never let these ignorant, hateful scumbags claim ownership of American . They're not patriots, they're nationalists. Patriots don't call for the violent destruction of our republic when they fail to prevail in legitimate, electoral contests.

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#Trump is intentionally spending money to advertise his candidacy on the show of an overt #whiteSupremacist, and #Nazi sympathizer. I hope everyone is clear about what a second Trump presidency would mean for the country.

#TrumpFascism #TrumpIsANazi #TrumpCult #TrumpLies #TrumpIsALiar #TrumpIsATraitor #MAGAcult #TrumpIndictments #TrumpIsARapist #VoteBlue #VoteBlue2024 #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy

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After making billions in donations to his philanthropy, the owner of & SpaceX gave away far less than required in some yrs— & what he did give often supported his .

Before Mar 2021, ’s charitable foundation never announced any donations to CameronCounty, an impoverished region at the southern tip of TX that is home to his launch site & local ofcls who help regulate it.

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Then, at 8:05 one morning that month, a rocket blew up, showering the area w/a rain of twisted metal.

The began giving at 9:27AM local time.

, the world’s 2nd-richest person acc/to Forbes, presides over SpaceX, & other companies that are pushing the boundaries of tech, while also controlling a platform, now known as X, through which he promotes his [, , ] often-polarizing political & social views.

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Judge blocks that gives broad powers to who illegally enter US

A federal judge on Thurs blocked a new TX law that gives police broad powers to arrest [people]…suspected of illegally entering the , dealing a victory to the admin in its feud w/ & [] Gov over enforcement.

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opens w/huge lead in in early results

Joe Biden was leading 's Democratic presidential primary contest Tues, as expected, w/the against him pulling about 7% of the tally.

Biden had 88% of the vote, followed by 7% , 2% for Minnesota US Rep Dean Phillips & 2.4% for self-help guru Marianne Williamson, with 3% of precincts reporting.

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@TruthSandwich thankfully it’s just the primary, I believe they’re smart & know would’ve allowed to immediately annihilate all not only in , but also in the . Anyone calling a Zionist & refusing to vote for him in the is giving a vote to Trump who is a full fledged & beholden to the who believe ’s possession of will bring the rapture.

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activist joyfully hailed the “end of ” at , further emphasizing ’ apparent desire to completely overthrow as we know it.

, who helped popularize the “Pizzagate” , appeared at CPAC’s opening day on Wed. He spoke during a panel moderated by … .

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It is worth taking the time to read the article:

Republican congressmen are now talking about throwing migrants from helicopters

As HuffPost’s Christopher Mathias, who covers the far right, put it on X: “So we have a congressman joking or not joking about extrajudicially executing a migrant arrested for a crime (allegedly assaulting a cop) that tons of non-migrant citizens get arrested for too.

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"[T]he #impeachment would be based solely on disagreements over policy — an unprecedented break from tradition and an abuse of the House’s powers. The impeachment proceedings have also been filled with deeply concerning language invoking #whitesupremacist and #antisemitic conspiracy theories about #immigration to the U.S.

Today, 17 #Jewish national organizations released a statement expressing their concern over the impeachment attempt and the antisemitic, white supremacist conspiracy theories that underlie it."

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We, the artists and patrons of in , condemn in the strongest possible terms and the headliner of this year’s tour, .

Pantera’s singer, , has been documented on multiple occasions to be promoting /fascist/neo-nazi . These actions have led to the recent cancellation of a great many of the band’s concerts in .

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The on Fri said in court papers that it would seek to execute the gunman who killed 10 Black people in a at a supermarket in 2022. It is the first time that President Biden’s admin has sought the .

committed the massacre after posting a hate-filled manifesto online

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It's not surprising that 's ex is also an ignorant . There is no such thing as "", but good luck trying to explain basic facts to motivated dumbshits.

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Understand that we are up against a in November 2024. Millions of have decided that the were right, and their should reign supreme in the . This isn't . This is the we are facing. Voting Blue is the only hope we have of preserving our . If we fail, we'll never again have another opportunity to .

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The #Republican Party of #Texas has recently decided NOT to prohibit their association with recognized #Nazi sympathizers and #Holocaust deniers, following an incident where a well-known #conservative #activist and #fundraiser was found to have hosted #whiteSupremacist #NickFuentes two months prior.

#GOPfascists #TexasFascists #RepublicanNazis #fascism #RepublicansAreTheProblem #whiteSupremacy #whiteNationalism

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thinks who have left the because they don't want their shown alongside , , or posts are trying to him. His response to their exodus is, "go fuck yourself!" I'm sure all those companies will be eager to come back to Elon's empire.

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The on Fri condemned a post by in which he indicated support for an , calling the billionaire’s action an “abhorrent promotion of antisemitic & racist hate.”


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Related, is the only outlet willing to the disgusting ’s views, here’s a HuffingtonPost article on his & :

Carlson Argues Pro-Israel Donors Funded ‘White Genocide’

fmr host accuses the donors of “paying for” anti-white hate on campuses.


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