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April updates for Windows 10 and 11 break some VPN software, Microsoft says

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Once more, it is a good time to be a Linux users.

Why, you ask?

Microsoft has pushed out an update that breaks VPN access in Windows 10 and 11. This after the fact that we all learned Windows 11 will have ads, plus Microsoft may try to shame users with a watermark for those who do not accept their recommended settings or use their latest recommend hardware.

I work, take calls, bank, stream movies, stream music, edit documents, photos, videos, print, game, shop, and I do so ad free, watermark free, activation free, while safely and securely using an optional VPN, and I do this all on Linux (Ultramarine Linux, KDE spin).

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It is once again a good day to be a Linux user. -- Why?

Microsoft is now going to punish people with watermarks if your system does not 100% meet their system requirements, even after you paid for your copy of Windows. -- Trying to shame you to either buy their recommended hardware and accept their recommended settings.


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Hi all. I've got an older running , and I'm thinking about putting on it since I've always wanted to try it out and think this computer might run better with Linux. I read a topic on about Linux , and I saw a few recommendations for to try out. To any Linux users, is a good one for a beginner, or should I try or ? Also, what's the best way to install Linux and replace ? Thanks.
@mastoblind @accessibility @main

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My PC has just told me that it can't run Windows 11, but that Windows 10 will be out of support from October 2025. I have news for you Microsoft, I don't have a spare £1k (or even half that) for a new gaming rig just because you don't like mine. It'll be Linux for me if you force me.

valki, to windows

Why is is stupid? Why can't I watch a video in peace without the taskbar showing when I am in fullscreen... Or, why can't I tab out a fullscreen game without the taskbar disappearing?

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I desperately need a piece of software to scan my windows 10 computer to see if the system or anything else is actually wrong. This computer is unbearably slow all of the sudden, with no obvious reason. Preferably something that is free because I am poor.

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If you decided to try, Linux, and someone told you: "Linux Mint is great for newbies" You were misinformed.

I'll keep it simple and ask you, have you ever tried to make a copy of a copy? That's Linux Mint. It starts from Debian which is forked to Ubuntu, which is later forks to Mint Linux. You have far too many upstream developments, and like any software, occasionally bugs happen, but in Mint it happens more frequently because you have the issue from Debian or Ubuntu or Mint or a random combination of one or more into a "hot mess".

On top of this, most of the people within the Linux Mint community are "old school" users who will insist you learn and use the terminal for everything, within that "hot mess" of a broken up system. That is comparable to a 1st computer user, being told to use Microsoft PowerShell for everything. Sure, you can, but would you want to?

There are far better alternatives, for example, Ultramarine Linux (I suggest the KDE build).

1st, all the drivers and firmware and non-free media codecs and repos, are already included. You don't have to set any of that up. 2nd, if you know how to use an app store, you can use the one provided with Ultramarine Linux. 3rd, everything from adding a printer to changing user settings or setting up an optional firewall, DNS, VPN, etc. just with a mouse click. 4th, go ahead and download an RPM package, and double-click, it will install just as easily as a Windows Setup File.

Ultramarine Linux is just 1 out of many possible distros you can use, without all the nonsense. There really are better alternatives than Linux Mint.

"But... but.... I used the Debian Edition of Mint"

Which they hardly support. The problem with their Debian Edition is they make their modification and then that's it. You're getting all your patches from Debian, which sounds good on principle, as it doesn't have so much upstream, but those modifications which Mint made are outside Debian, and whatever may be broken, stays broken, long-term, and are exclusive to Mint Debian, while they focus on their Ubuntu based copy. And of course, it is the same "old school" community that want you, a newbie, who knows nothing, and wanted an easy experience, to use the terminal for everything.

As a newbie, Mint Linux or Linux Mint (however you call it), is not the newbie friendly Linux distro you have been led to believe. I can build Linux from source, something I don't expect a newbie to do, but even I have found Mint frustrating at times, because it is a "hot mess".

But I digress. There are (many) better alternatives out there and if your 1st experience with Linux was Linux Mint and you gave up shortly afterward, I can understand as to why.

IN before the Linux Mint groupies claim how wrong I am, but YOU, who gave up after trying Mint, decide for yourself, by trying something else.

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If you're a newbie, coming from Microsoft Windows, where "point and click" was the norm, and Microsoft PowerShell was something you frequently did not feel comfortable with, these are the Linux distributions I recommend.

  1. Ultramarine Linux

  2. Manjaro Linux *

  3. MX Linux (KDE)

These are the suggested distros that are still newbie-ish friendly, but may require some basic skills, beyond "blissfully ignorance" -Someone who may have been a little more "OK" using Microsoft PowerShell and getting your hands drity.

  1. Fedora (KDE Spin)

  2. EndeavourOS

  3. CachyOS

  4. Regata OS

  5. Alpine Linux *+

  • Recommend for systems 15 years or older with 4 GB of Ram or less.
  • If you are OK with a setup that will ask you simple yes/no questions, but in a terminal screen (still friendly and easy).

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Upgrade Or Wait? The Cost of Staying Secure on Windows 10 Unveiled!

adacosta, avatar

@thurrott First world problem, just upgrade already. Its not like upgrading is gonna have a major impact. Operating systems are solved problems. You can launch a web browser, word processor, email just as you would in on . We all know that 90% of time spent in Windows. Sure, if you are a corporation specialized LOB apps, then testing and paying to maintain compatibility might be required.

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My revised Linux distro recommendations for newbies.

  1. Ultramarine Linux

  2. Fedora (KDE Spin)

  3. Manjaro Linux *

  4. MX Linux (KDE)

Suggested distros that are still newbie-ish friendly, but may require some basic skills, beyond "blissfully ignorance"

  1. EndeavourOS

  2. CachyOS

  3. Regata OS

  4. Alpine Linux *+

  • Recommend for systems 15 years or older with 4 GB of Ram or less.
  • If you are OK with a setup that will ask you simple yes/no questions, but in a terminal screen (still friendly and easy).

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@thurrott Its what we have deployed on all PC's at work, but never thought too much of it. I remember back in like 2007, to get access to Enterprise was seen as some holy grail. I have a bunch of saved keys which includes a lot of Enterprise keys. I should upgrade Pro installs to it just for fun.

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Anyone have recommendations for a good Windows 10 debloating tool? Setting up a new workstation and don't want all the crap on there.

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Windows 10 en build 1809 me fait souvent des pétages de câble avec la sur-icône de la flèche de raccourci.
Là, il vient d'Avatariser tous mes raccourcis...

Avatar The Game avec sa propre icône comme flèche de raccourci

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If you want to stay on Windows 10 after 2025, it’s going to cost a lot $61 per PC :leafeonmoney:

Windows 11 isn’t that great, but forced to use it. Thankfully, I use Mac as my main OS as using Windows is painful enough.

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Microsoft reveals how much businesses will have to pay to keep using Windows 10 securely

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Still Using Windows 10? Microsoft Will Charge Hundreds for Security Updates

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@itsfoss just published an article for April Fools' Day.

It's really one of the better April Fools' pranks I've ever come across. It's grounded and almost believable that it actually had me there for a minute! 😂

Good one, guys!

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@thurrott After all, it's not wise to jump out of a perfectly working airplane 😂 I use at work, but some of the computers are starting to get the upgrade to . To be honest though, I don't see any night and day benefits. Its not like a going from FAT32 to NTFS, or a true 32 bit operating system with memory management, pre-emptive multi-tasking.

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Ever wanted to use SSH to setup a Windows machine? Starting with Windows 10 it's actually fairly easy to enable.
I wrote down the steps I've used:

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I've finished writing the Second Edition of my new book "IT Support Handbook" for
Apress, keep an eye on booksellers as it will on sale in a few months! 😀😁

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