Магазин Microsoft Store на Xbox показується двома мовами? (tayemnakimnata.com) Ukrainian

Гайд: як працює система регіонів на ігрових консолях Xbox від Microsoft. Чи відрізняється регіон консолі від магазину? Що робити, якщо користувач переїжджає в іншу країну або регіон? Про...

mrpablington, to Xbox
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Just in case you missed it: Phil Spencer kinda confirming a portable


majorlinux, to Xbox
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I mean, if they kept their eyes on the ball and wasn't so spend happy, maybe the studios would still be around.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Addresses Studio Closures - IGN Live 2024 - IGN


majorlinux, to DOOM
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Because they want money...?

Phil Spencer Briefly Explains the Decision to Bring Doom: The Dark Ages to PlayStation 5 - IGN Live 2024 - IGN


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TechDesk, to tech
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Microsoft has made the white version of the Xbox Series X official. The new console option won’t include a disc drive and will be entirely digital. Learn more from @theverge. https://flip.it/.C4ZJX

EighthLayer, to gaming
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I was hoping Xbox would announce them adding the Call of Duty catalog to Game Pass. I’d be very interested to play the previous campaigns.

Black Ops 6 does look very good though!

majorlinux, to Xbox
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There were some surprises...

Xbox Games Showcase 2024: all the news, trailers, and announcements


#Xbox #Gaming #Microsoft

EighthLayer, to Xbox
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Xbox absolutely smashed their showcase this year! It’s been a while.

EighthLayer, to Xbox
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South of Midnight looks great too! The low frame rate animation reminds me of Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

EighthLayer, (edited ) to Xbox
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Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 has certainly caught my eye. Not my usual kind of game but looks interesting.

EighthLayer, to Xbox
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 hitting Game Pass on day one is going to be huge for Xbox.


64bithero, to gaming
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I was hoping in this day and age of game reveals most games would show actual gameplay and actual visuals. Apparently that hope hoping a little to much. I’m not going to buy a game unless I see how it actually plays and looks.

mrpablington, to Xbox
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psychicparrot42, (edited ) to random
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I’d like to say a big ‘fuck you very much’ to Rare (or whoever publishes their stuff) for giving Goldeneye to digital owners of Rare Replay but NOT to physical owners. I have the disk, but the only way I get to play Goldeneye is if I re-buy the whole Rare Replay again digitally. #xbox

darth, to gaming
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mrpablington, to Xbox
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what’s everyone playing this weekend?

@Azurakumo and I have these in rotation

And I kinda got a so I’m trying some games

64bithero, to gaming
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Summer Games Fest is a multi hour long commercial that’s broken up with other commercials.

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech
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I've been covering a lot of HEAVY news lately, so let's wrap up the week with a little gaming accessory?
This is one of the coolest solutions for a phone game controller I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Let's play!

majorlinux, to Xbox
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Might have to get my tennis on this weekend.

Free Play Days – TopSpin 2K25 and The Ascent - Xbox Wire


#TopSpin #2KGames #TheAscent #Xbox #Microsoft #Gaming

majorlinux, to Xbox
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Octopath Traveler ?!

Let's go!

Xbox Game Pass June titles announced


majorlinux, to fgc
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I just ate their last night! What do you need to know?!

Tekken 8 Director Katsuhiro Harada Has More Questions About Waffle House - IGN


#Tekken8 #Harada #WaffleHouse #FGC #NamcoBandai #PlayStation #Xbox #PC #Steam #Gaming

tallstorygames, to Xbox
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What a busy year!!
I had the pleasure of working with the lovely chaps at @NineNoirLives to port their over to
It’s utterly brilliant, with some of the best I’ve heard! 🥰
🔁 Please share it!

majorlinux, to Nvidia
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And y'all still think that Xbox cares about those console numbers?

GeForce Now members get three months of free Xbox Game Pass starting today


TheChrisPaduan, to VideoGames
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