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One death has been reported in Yemen's Hadramout province following torrential rains that hammered through the entire Gulf region causing massive damage across several countries.

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As Louis Armstrong once sang:

What a wonderful world.

et al

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Iran attacks Israel: Hundreds of drones, missiles launched

> Sirens blared across #Israel on Saturday night as hundreds of drones and missiles launched from #Iran reached Israel. Drones and missiles were also reportedly launched from #Yemen and other countries around the region.

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#Israel, #Yemen, #Iran (Tehran) and #Jordan have now closed their airspace after Iran launched dozens of drones towards Israel


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Nadwa Dawsari (on X)

Saudi opposition figure Ali Hashem, who recently emerged in Sanaa pledging allegiance to the & expressing a goal to overthrow the Saudi regime, posts a map of the "Great Republic" highlighted in green color. @yemen @saudi

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The United States has sent seized Iranian weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, the U.S. military said on Tuesday.

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The U.S. has transferred to #Ukraine thousands of infantry weapons and more than 500,000 rounds of ammunition that were seized more than a year ago as they were being shipped by #Iran to #Houthi forces in #Yemen, the U.S. military said on Tuesday.

#US #Russia

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Still Facing US-Backed Famine, Yemenis Want to Save Gaza From the Same Fate

#famine #yemen

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Following is a thread of quotes from latest episode on the , force, militias - and th ideological blueprint for so called Axis of Resistance. Whole episode here:

Your feedback welcome here:

We have created, said, territorial continuity for the Islamic Resistance by connecting Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.


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The #Houthis are definitely backed by #Iran . We've also seen reports that #IRGC advisers are in #Yemen . But again in terms of the extent to which they take orders or not from Iran is not quite clear.

It quickly gets very complicated because here we're talking about literally dozens of entities. they've entrenched themselves within #Iraqi society. It's a very dangerous situation going forwards where the army does not have the monopoly on the use of force.

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Behind The Scenes: Ansar Allah's Operations Aboard Galaxy Leader Ship

#galaxy #yemen

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New on CoffeeGeek today, A continuation of our Origin historical series, this time focusing on Yemen If you like your coffee, and like your history, check this one out!

#coffee #history #yemen #coffeehistory

cc @coffee

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Remember when was shooting down Yemeni drones and missiles?

They had no problem letting use their airspace to attack .

@palestine @israel

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The journey of the True Confidence as it was attempting to sail through the Gulf of Aden offers a look at a deadly new era for the international shipping industry. #worldnews #crimelegal #houthis #drones #pirates #redsea #shipping #yemen #somalia

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#Yemen’s voices. Yemenis in their own words about how the war has affected them, how it has changed them, and what they think - or hope - will come next. @yemen

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New Leader for Al-Qaeda’s Infamous but Struggling #Yemen Branch #AQAP @yemen @saudi

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▶ What the Red Sea ship attacks are really about

#attacks #yemen

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- - latest: and block US call for immediate Gaza at UN - live page:

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What happened in the last few hours:
says that around 300 drones and missiles were fired by , and that some of the launches also came from and

Videos showed explosions and fireballs over as Israeli air defences worked to defeat Iran's unprecedented attack

This is the first time has directly attacked Israel after years of waging proxy wars with its affiliates, including Hezbollah and Hamas

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