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I just found this very interesting about 18 minute on showing what the () at is all about.

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▶ Jeremy Corbyn Reacts To Labour Party Expulsion

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Wie cool ist das denn? Habe gerade ein Addon gesucht, das mir aus YT Links Invidious Links macht, und habe das Addon von @aymm gefunden - einem Member! 🤘

Seeehr cool! :D

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▶ Jeremy Corbyn Launches General Election Campaign As Independent

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100% of ads I get on #YouTube's mobile app are scam and reporting it doesn't make any difference, because most of the time YouTube's content moderation team claims it can't find anything "wrong" about them or that they are violating their ToS. And if they do decide to take one down, it doesn't matter, because the same ad gets instantly re-uploaded by a shitload of other accounts.

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The newest most powerful chips from Intel and AMD don't qualify for Microsoft's newest CoPilot+ AI branding. We're already seeing INCREDIBLE deals on crazy powerful PCs, because of all the AI hype! Here's my review of the Geekom A8, with a BEAST of an AMD chip inside!

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Avec la finalisation de la version 1.0 du "projet tomate" ce soir sur je suis en mesure de lancer la suite des opérations initiées par en décembre 2023.

Premier résultat concret à voir sur demain et mardi vers 10 heures puis une fois par semaine jusqu'à la fin du monde (à peu près)...

Le tout sera sur cette playlist :

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▶ Casual Friday! w/ Jeet Heer - MR Live | 5/24/24

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This might be another "Old man yells at cloud moment", but why is increasingly putting reaction videos above the actual music videos?

I don't want to watch someone else watching the video and interrupting with low effort commentary, I want to watch the actual video 🤨

Maybe I just don't get the point of reaction videos or why they're so popular.

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▶ Louisiana Senate votes to put abortion pills in the same category as Xanax and Oxycontin

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Missed the 10 hour charity stream?

No worries, you can go experience the crazyness any time, on demand!

We raised an astonishing 1056€ for "Die Tafel", the food bank.

If you do end up actually watching this VOD.. let me know why?

Hope you're having a great start to your weekend!


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(une de longue date) a publié une vidéo où elle parle de ce qu'est devenu , de pourquoi elle y publie de moins en moins et de pourquoi « tout le monde arrête ».

Ça intéressera sûrement les gens qui réfléchissent à @peertube (@GuillaumeDesjardins @mcpaccard @maiwann @Pouhiou)

Je pense que quelqu'un qui la suis pourrait la contacter pour lui parler du fedi : sa réflexion me semble faire écho à ce qu'on essaye de (re)contruire ici...

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A quick short on Apple turning EVERY WiFi router into a location tracker, the privacy mess it could potentially create, and how to opt out. Enjoy!

lauren, to Youtube

There are so many tornado videos popping up on now. From fascinating to devastating. But one this morning was titled "White Tornado". And suddenly, some deeply buried old neurons in my brain fired, and I instantly in my mind's eye saw someone cleaning a floor, and heard an up and down musical scale. YES! The White Tornado! 1970s era Ajax Cleanser TV commercials! -

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📹 Video 📹

Stellaris goes ultra-portable!

With Intel & AMD processors, with up to NVIDIA RTX 4070 & full 96 gigabytes of DDR5 RAM. In a 2.2 cm thin & 2.1 kg light all-aluminum housing with 15.3 inch display.

#linux #tuxedo #youtube #portable

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Challenges Faced By Linux From Scratch Users

lafibreinfo, to Youtube French

Bloqué par une intelligence artificielle: Depuis 7 jours, Adrien s'est fait bloquer la possibilité d'ajouter des vidéos sur sa chaine


Probablement une qui a cru à tort à une incitation au piratage, dans l'extrait ⬇️


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A inspired by @dm about the state of , and why can't we just have nice things in life?

This is day 51 of , and post 19 for .

This is also a bit of a throwback to one of my first ever blogposts!

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▶ Don't Reunite Gaza Children With Families, Says Right Wing Pundit

#gaza #youtube

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Microsoft Windows Worst Spyware Ever... So Far!!

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Popular YouTube channel clears itself in harassment claim--but its response isn't sitting well with fans

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