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In 2022 I had an incredible trip up to #Yukon #Canada. I spent two weeks hiking and camping around the Northern Artic, getting rained on, hailed on, snowed on, and of course had a few moments of sun too.

While there, I made a collection of #monochrome images to capture the cloud patterns on the peaks. These are some favorites.

#LandscapePhotography #Photography #MonochromeMonday #Mountains #BlackandWhite #Nature

The shapes of a mountain peak out through the clouds and fog
A sunlit mountain is engulfed in clouds
Three spires of a mountain are covered in clouds and fog.

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my good friend is getting ready to cycle the ride from Haines, Ak -> -> Skagway, Ak - he’ll be in Whitehorse Thursday May 30th and has a half day to see sights by bike and is looking for recommendations or friends if anyone has ideas
@McYukon @cjgyt ?

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The Fox is working in the

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"Where the banks end, the land plateaus, rolling out under the sky with a cover of black spruce, their trunks narrow from the effort of growing in permafrost. The peak of Arctic summer in the north Yukon is just beginning to tilt toward autumn yellow and red." —Bathsheba Demuth for Emergence Magazine

#Longreads #EditorsPicks #Yukon #Moose #Anthropocene

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Alaska has a plan to save its salmon but some Native leaders are wary

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Today is also International Crow and Raven Appreciation Day and I for one, appreciate the corvids. They are extraordinarily intelligent birds! Here is my murder of crows, part of my #termsOfVenery series of collective nouns for animals series of prints.

The raven is the official bird of the Yukon, in my print with the official flora, fireweed.

Lastly my crow print, inspired by a photo my husband took.

#linocut #printmaking #sciart #crow #raven #Yukon #mapArt #fireweed #MastoArt

A linocut print in the shape of the Yukon filled with violet fireweed behind a black raven.
Linocut of a group of four crows facing different directions and the words ‘A murder of crows.’ The word murder is red and looks like it was written on a typewriter. There are red crow tracks leading from it to the crows. Everything else is printed in black.

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Buddy, the famous Yukon fox once thought to be a dog, has died

leeo, to journalism

Whitehorse Daily Star: After 124 years, we’re calling it an era.

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Canada’s highest court ruled on a case that began in traditional territory of the Northern & impacts the authority of across the country. The split decision issued by the of on March 28 denied at least some of what was being argued by both sides but ultimately upheld the force of the section that protects the of groups.

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"We're Still Here" from the indigenous Diyet & the Love Soldiers, a band from northern Yukon we're bringing on tour through Lingít Aani/Southeast Alaska via Petersburg Arts Council! We just signed a contract to get Diyet to Petersburg Wrangell, Skagway, Haines & Sitka this coming November : )


@seachanger Gunalchéesh glad to hear Diyet & the Love Soldiers from Yukon will come on tour this fall

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'Nun cho ga,' the rare baby mammoth found in Yukon, heads to Ottawa

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Council is moving toward establishing its own court and corrections system.

The in the is in the final stages of negotiating funding with the federal government, and has set an implementation date for 2027.

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“We’ve always had people here who care about the environment. Look at solar – we have an incredible volume of solar here. We have an environmentally conscious population, people who are keen to take action” Shane Andre:

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: Dawson City -- Frozen Time (2016). about a gold boom town in the and the unique cache of silent on nitrate stock found in a permafrozen landfill there in 1978. No narration and almost no interviews, mainly just sound design and a really annoying dirge-like funereal score. Grade: OK.

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Great weather for skiing these past few days! 🌤️

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All Perl jobs have to be remote because it’s too dangerous to be a Perl programmer where someone can find you.


The Call of the Perl

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"As the Yukon’s housing crisis persists and landlords increase rents, migrant workers share one-bedroom apartments among as many as six people to save on rent and are still barely making ends meet. In remote communities outside of Whitehorse, employers are often also migrant workers’ landlords, meaning migrants’ housing, immigration status, and employment are in the hands of their employer."

cjgyt, to random

Saturday morning ski, .

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Yukon's new Arctic security council to help prepare territory for a changing world

bassoonwrath, to Canada

A pre-dawn ride is a grand way to celebrate some fresh snow! #WinterPhotography #NightPhotography #Cycle #WinterBiking #Yukon #Canada #TransCanadaTrail

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Augmentation de 7 % des émissions de CO2 : le Yukon présente son nouveau plan d’action


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I'd be happy to be a cowboy who rides an ostrich. Ostriches are badass birds.

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