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Marisa Tomei 🤯

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info about (if you dont know already)

why do i share posts like in the pic ?

its an LEMMY instance..a version of
you can answer to it from any mastodon instance you are on and participate in the discussion !😉 👍

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GeekFTW, to squaredcircle in Stardom American Dream 2024 - Spoilers and Highlights

Women’s World Champ “Timeless” Toni Storm shares a moment with Mariah May after her BIG surprise return to !

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The opening promo from Adam Copeland on this week’s was weird and felt forced. Him doing a pump up speech about how great/fun is after Punk’s recent comments just felt minor league. Then later on the same show they book an all-time awful match where Jay White gets beat up by Billy Gunn of all people for like 15 minutes straight then it ends in a DQ. Jay White’s run in AEW has been absolutely criminal.

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I gotta say, seeing the AEW arena mostly empty feels pretty bad...😬😔

I really had hope that it would work out and maybe it still will, but it looks bleak right now.

#AEW #AEWdynamite #ProWrestling #ProfessionalWrestling #Wrestling

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I REALLY wish Tony Khan would stop tweeting nonsense drama. It makes it hard to watch the show every week. Especially considering that their shows aren't that interesting...🤦‍♂️

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Well that was a fucking great match.

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I want to follow more people who discuss and everything else in between when it comes to burly dudes in tight pants.

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Interesting opening to RAW....planting the seeds for a betrayal? 🤔

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One thing I don't see WWE do that I see AEW doing is Picture-in-Picture during commercials. It's SO neat to be able to still be able to see the match if they have to go to a commercial. Kinda makes me feel like I'm getting screwed cause "we gotta get our money, so fuck you".🤷‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

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Okay, WTF.

How in the hell can AEW have a "Hall of Fame"? They've been a company for less than 5 years....🤦‍♂️ 🙄

Even TNA didn't have a HOF until it's 10 year anniversary.

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Seems like @squaredcircle lives on in the Mastodon side of the Fediverse? I thought Lemmy didn't federate outside of Lemmy and Kbin instances, but apparently that's changed! Let's see how this implementation goes.

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"On this day, I see clearly..." Watch a sold-out Toronto arena sing a passionate, acapella version of Alter Bridge classic Metalingus with no band in sight in honour of wrestling legend Adam 'Edge' Copeland
Adam Copeland, formerly known as Edge, looked blown away by the crowd's passionate singalong of his classic entrance theme

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some accounts to follow if you love any of the # used in this post
(also you can follow these hashtags)


and me if you dont do this already 😂

greets @DJxSpeedy

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Bang Bang Scissor Gang was a neat idea, but with no feud against the Undisputed Kingdom there wasn't much holding them together.

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I'm finally getting around to watching AEW Revolution....😅

I gotta say, Nigel McGuiness surely is making me hate him and CHRIS-TEAN CAGE with this pronunciation🤣🤣

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AEW Revolution 2024 PPV - review HERE -

Contains spoilers

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Just catching up with and I'm actually delighted that Shaun Spears has returned.

Spears was a workhorse for during the pandemic era, but was never really given anything creatively, other than stop-start angles, and quickly fell off TV when Tony started bringing in all the NJPW/Lucha guys.

Spears will be a good veteran presence and I'm interested to see how he's booked.


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