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Org 9.7, a major release, is out.

Org 9.7 will be a part of Emacs 30.

You can upgrade from GNU ELPA or install with M-x package-install RET org RET

Please, also re-install all the Org-related packages - some of the
changes require re-compiling packages that use Org mode APIs.

Release notes: https://orgmode.org/Changes.html

Announcement: https://list.orgmode.org/87jzj7adfd.fsf@localhost/T/#u

If you enjoy using Org, please consider supporting contributors via
<https://liberapay.com/org-mode/>. Donations do help a lot.

#announcement #emacs #orgmode

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Forged In FreeCAD: 4Axis for CNC Ring Engraving
We’ve featured a few projects under the “Forged In FreeCAD” title but what caught our eye with this one is that FreeCAD was used to not only create an innovative solution, but also was used to then help operate the created machine.

Project creator Jordan Poles had a burgeoning interest in lathes and wanted to make an engraved brass ring. T

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📢 is seeking a visionary and effective leader to serve as its new .

The will be based in and will be entrusted with the dual responsibilities of overseeing GÉANT’s day-to-day operations and guiding the long-term strategic direction of the organisation.

🗓 The closing date for applications is at 9 am CEST on Monday 27th May.
👉 https://jobs.geant.org/vacancies/87/chief-executive-officer.html

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WIP Wednesday 8 May 2024
This week in FreeCAD development:

Toponaming: bgbsww added some missing code (there will be more to add, it seems) and started performance testing. So far, things don't look bad at all performance-wise.


PaddleStroke: added arc length to the Dimension tool and fixed the placing of the on-view parameter inputs.

maxwxyz updated the Sketcher toolbar to list and group a

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📢 Nextcloud Conference 2024 registration is now open!

Join us at MotionLab.Berlin September 14-15 for an unforgettable community event, with our Contributor Week following Sept. 16-20.

Register now!


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Vote for a new FreeCAD logo
There have been 46 submissions to the new FreeCAD logo contest. The user poll is closing on May 1 (this Wednesday). You can still pick your top 5 entries. The 5 winning submissions will then be submitted to the maintainers team for the final voting.

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WIP Wednesday 24 April 2024
This week in FreeCAD development:


PaddleStroke unified Insert View tools (View, ProjGroup, Sheet, Arch, SVG, Image). He also made App::Links of views work in TechDraw, this also removes 'Share Views' from the toolbar.

WondererFan fixed several bugs and added two new Python methods, for getting visible and hidden vertices.

farleyrunkel refactored a minor part

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Forged in FreeCAD: LumenPnP, An Open Source Pick and Place Machine
It’s an amazing age for making things, and an even greater age for making things using open source solutions. At our recent FOSDEM stand we shared the booth with KiCad, the open source electronics environment. It was fabulous at the event to see items and machines made using KiCad and FreeCAD in combination

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FreeCAD 1.0 Logo Refresh Contest
With FreeCAD 1.0 on the horizon, it's time to refresh the official FreeCAD logo. At the request of the project maintainers, the intent here is to follow a similar approach to corporate logos and evolve/iterate the current FreeCAD symbol instead of completely reinventing the symbology of it.

Voting details will be reiterated upon start of a community poll, but a ‘ranked

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Meet Max: Working on Bug Triage
Based in Germany Max is a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry working on electric drive systems for vehicles. In his work life Catia seats are more the norm but Max was interested in alternatives he could use at home to fuel his passion for 3D printing. Of course this led him to FreeCAD. Max has some lovely personal projects he has created using FreeCAD which you

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Forged in FreeCAD: Thor, An Opensource Robotic Arm
We imagine most visitors to this blog will already know that amazing things can be achieved or designed using opensource tools like FreeCAD. The Thor opensource robotic arm is a great example of a complex opensource project built using a totally opensource tool chain.

It’s a primarily 3D printed 6 degrees of freedom robotic arm which l

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Good bye GSoC 2023, hello GSoC 2024
FreeCAD is a already long-term participant to the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program, which is Google's program to fund students to work on Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) projects. Each year, students submit proposals to work on their favorite FOSS project during the school holidays, and Google awards them a grant.

FreeCAD has been participating since 2016

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FOSDEM and FreeCAD 2024
FOSDEM, the finest opensource conference in the world recently took place and, aside from cheekily saving the toilet system, FreeCAD had a presence in numerous ways.

We had a shared stand over in the K building right by the entrance which was excellent in terms of footfall and people coming to chat and say hello. We shared our stand with Ondsel, the excellent opensource company building

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FPA Grant for Toponaming Work
The FPA has just given two grants for work on the Toponaming merge to community members @bgbsww and @CalligaroV -- the two are working together for the next two months to integrate @realthunder's Topological Naming Problem mitigation code into the main development branch of FreeCAD. Kudos to them on their selection, and we are all looking forward to their work!

If you a

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Forged In FreeCAD: Angharad’s Bin Repair
It's wonderful to see people taking their first steps in CAD using FreeCAD and it's even better when someone's first project is to create something useful. In this case, new to FreeCAD Angharad, was motivated to learn to mend a faulty kitchen bin which she really liked.

Chatting with Angharad she outlined the motivation to learn and how she found the pr

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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to the FreeCAD community!

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year and best wishes for 2024. We'd particularly like to thank the wonderful developers contributing their time and code to FreeCAD, increasing the functionality and usefulness of the platform.

Massive thanks also go out to those documenting FreeCAD and helping others learn, either via the amazi

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WIP Wednesday: 27 Dec 2023
This week in FreeCAD development:

@abdullahtahiriyo activated new icon for optional unified coincident constraint.

@FlachyJoe fixed a display error with the point-to-line distance constraint.

@maxwxyz did an icon overhaul for the Sketcher workbench to unify the appearance and adjusted cursor icons to match toolbar icons.

@WandererFan merged several fixes for the TechDra

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Tutorial, Create Custom TechDraw Templates.
The Technical Drawing or TechDraw workbench is an integral part of FreeCAD allowing us to create beautiful technical drawings of our parts or assemblies. In a world of CNC milling and 3D printing it’s still essential at times to be able to supply someone with a technical drawing to help plan the making of a part. A technical drawing can also be extreme

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Tutorial, Getting Started With the Path Workbench. Part Two.
In the first part of this tutorial we looked at setting up the Tool Bit Library when running the Path WB for the first time and creating a custom 3mm endmill tool. As a reminder in these tutorials we will describe tool icons by the text description that is displayed when you rollover an icon. This means you’ll have to e

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The wait is finally over. My gay romance/gaylit short story collection Love & Limitations has arrived, just in time for the holidays (with three holiday stories too):

Amazon: https://amzn.to/4a4i6Jn

Universal Buy Link: https://bit.ly/3uJQBES

@MMbookstodon @lgbtqbookstodon @diversebooks @bookstodon

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