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«Brauche ich einen Virenscanner am Computer?»

Ich Arbeite nur noch auf Linux und dies ist prinzipiell sicherer ohne Anti-Virus Software. Server entsprechend konfigurieren und evt ClamAV einsetzen, da es nicht aushorrcht. Natürlich gibt es auch dagegen Angriffe und Sicherheit ist immer eine Sache der Einstellungen aber auf Windows oder macOS ist es mMn unnötig komplexer und deswegen umständlich.

🦠 https://futurezone.at/digital-life/brauche-ich-noch-virenscanner-pc-computer-windows-defender-mac-apple-avg-avast-avira-gratis-schutz/402826549

mstankiewicz, (edited ) to Software Polish
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Czy używasz oprogramowania antywirusowego?

Do you use antivirus software?

Używŏsz softwaru antywirusowego?

vv666, to android French
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Ma copine cherche un #antivirus pour #mobile #android. Elle a avast premium pour le moment.
Avez vous une suggestion à faire ?

elduvelle, to privacy
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#Avast Antivirus has been collecting and selling their users’ browsing information 😱😱😱

I need to change my antivirus ASAP!! What do you all recommend?!

#Antivirus #Privacy

From: @jon

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@elduvelle @jon Much "anti-virus" software is itself a virus, even if it's not as malicious as in this case.

The best protection applies to all platforms — use websites instead of installing apps whenever possible, apply the latest security updates, sandbox apps when you can, install software only from trusted sources, uninstall software you don't use, etc etc.


@david_megginson@mstdn.ca avatar


In Windows, you can use the free "Windows Security" (formerly the "Windows Defender" app); it does a good job without the performance hit you get from the $$$ products, and without introducing new spyware onto your machine (Microsoft already has access, for better or worse).


lsdm, to Cybersecurity French
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Avast écope d’une lourde amende, l’antivirus a vendu vos données de navigation.

Mal anonymisées, ces informations ont mis en danger la vie privée des internautes.


sicurezza, to privacy Italian
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Avast multata per 16,5 milioni di dollari per un software "privacy" che in realtà vendeva i dati di navigazione degli utenti

"Per anni, l'azienda di software #antivirus ha raccolto informazioni dai browser web degli utenti senza il loro consenso".


Avast prometteva di proteggere la #privacy degli utenti con i suoi prodotti, ma in realtà ha fatto l’esatto opposto. Tra il 2014 e il 2020, la software house ha raccolto numerose informazioni sensibili.

#Avast #UnoPrivacy

publicvoit, (edited ) to privacy
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When products are the :

FTC to ban from selling browsing data for advertising purposes

Edit: just to be clear: most anti-malware products deployed major security issues like open backdoors on many Millions of computers in the past. It's a business where users pay for a false feeling of security and tend to take higher risks. Almost all companies that got had anti-malware in place.

slink, to infosec
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Does anybody know of a good overview of cases where #antivirus and other #EndpointSecurity has failed and/or been the problem rather than the solution? #infosec

linuxiac, to linux
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ClamAV 1.3.0 Introduces Major Enhancements and Bug Fixes

#linux #antivirus #security

H3liumb0y, to Cybersecurity

"🔒 When Antivirus Turns Foe: The Shadowy Flipside of AV Software 🔒"

In an enlightening piece by Miguel Mendez Z., a deep dive into the paradoxical world of antivirus (AV) software reveals a concerning trend. Originally designed as cybersecurity guardians, some AV solutions have morphed into vulnerabilities themselves, exposing users to potential threats. The article dissects cases where AV software, instead of acting as a robust security layer, becomes an exploitable loophole for attackers. 🛡️💻🔓

The technical analysis provided highlights how some AV products might execute arbitrary code or misuse their elevated privileges, turning a system's defense mechanism into its Achilles' heel. It calls for a reevaluation of trust placed in these tools and emphasizes the necessity for ongoing vigilance and security hygiene.

Tags: #CyberSecurity #Antivirus #Vulnerability #InfoSec #SoftwareSecurity #ThreatIntelligence 🌍🔐

Source: Medium - Miguel Mendez Z.

Edit: Rectified incorrect author (thank you for pointing it out @ret2bed )

avoidthehack, to security

HP has effectively blocked the use of third party ink cartridges


OTA update bricks printers using third party ink cartridges in the name of………… measures. The claim is viruses can be embedded into ink cartridges - but the likelihood is so low. Like really low. Low. Extremely low.

In other words, large company does shady thing and blames it on “


neiljrubenking, to security

ESET Home Security Premium enhances the impressive features in its entry-level suite with encryption and a cross-platform password manager but doesn't add enough value to make upgrading worthwhile.


simonzerafa, to VintageOSes

Are you this old? 😂

Did you ever use Dr Solomon's Antivirus for MS-DOS? 😁🤷‍♂️

neiljrubenking, to security

ESET Cyber Security for Mac lacks lab certification, fails in our phishing test, and no longer includes previously available bonus features.


#security #antivirus #macos #pcmag

UffTaTa, to random German

#37c3 #Antivirus
super Vortrag :-)

Fortbildung Cyber-Astrologie & KI-Karma

wer mal wieder so richtig über Esoterik und Homöopathie ablästern will 🙂



kubikpixel, to web German
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  • kkarhan,
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    @kubikpixel Und genau das kotzt mich so sehr an dass ich kein auch nur anfasse...

    Dritthersteller ist bestenfalls bzw. wenn nicht sogar weil's nen - in Windows ist...

    Fundamentale Sicherheit muss ab Werk rein und vorallem müssen *innen die 99,9% aller Probleme verursachen geschult werden...

    plinubius, to windows German
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    Wenn man mal Pfadabhängigkeiten, Vendor Locks und Unbekannheit der Alternativen beiseite lässt: Was kann #Windows, was #Linux nicht kann? Wieso z.B. ein Büro nicht konsequent auf #Ubuntu o.ä. umstellen? https://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/157902/umfrage/marktanteil-der-genutzten-betriebssysteme-weltweit-seit-2009/

    @kkarhan@mstdn.social avatar

    @plinubius Das geht, es scheitert nur an der #Faulheit der #Entscheider*innen und Unwille zur #Fortbildung bei jenen #IT'lern die den Status-Quo mögen!

    hinzu kommt eine ganze Industrie die sich als wertmindernde Durchlauferhitzer davon abhängig gemacht haben, sei es Dritthersteller-#Antivirus oder andere #Scareware sowie die Tatsache dass #Windows einfach unzuverlässig ist.

    Artanux, to windows French
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    Ma voisine (~75 ans?) a un ordinateur sous windows qu'elle vient de changer. Les vendeurs ne fournissaient pas d'antivirus (sérieusement?!).

    Elle me demande si je peux l'aider et lui installer un antivirus. Mais comme je ne touche plus jamais à windows, je ne sais pas quoi lui installer.

    Il me semble avoir lu que l'antivirus de microsoft (windows defender?) était suffisant?

    Vous pourriez me conseiller?

    jkn, to reddit
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    Having an #antivirus installed on your computer is now a reliable test for computer illiteracy.
    #reddit #showerthoughts

    r000t, to random
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    The Associated Press just served me an ad for fake anti-virus. The entire page was taken over, and forwarded to the malicious site, within seconds of opening the news article, every time.

    An ad blocker isn't just something to hide some annoying eyesores, it's a vital layer of security.

    If you have friends or family who might fall for fake AV or "windows technical the department" scams, they need an ad blocker. No site they visit can be considered "safe" unless it simply doesn't have ads.


    @kkarhan@mstdn.social avatar

    @mspsadmin @r000t They are way more effective and useful than the entire #Scareware & #Scamming industry that is 3rd party #Antivirus on #Windows...


    bsm, to Cybersecurity German
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    Ich bin seit einem halben Jahr daran, die automatische Zahlung per Kreditkarte für ein schon längstens gekündigtes Abonnement deaktivieren zu lassen und gleichzeitig die Kreditkartendaten löschen zu lassen (da man dies nicht selbst tun kann!).

    Die Firma: bzw.

    Ich dreh jetzt langsam am Rad. Gestern hatte ich erneut einen Eintrag auf meiner Kreditkarte. - Was für eine Drecksfirma!

    @bsm@swiss.social avatar

    Mail Nr. 3‘254‘878 wurde verschickt und nun haben sie gemerkt, dass sie, anstatt die Mailadresse in meinem Konto zu aktualisieren, einfach ein zweites Konto erstellt haben.
    Somit hätte ich plötzlich zwei Accounts mit 2 (zwei!) laufenden und zu erneuernden Abonnements.

    Nach rechtlicher Androhung, einem noch schärferen Mail, kommt jetzt aber Bewegung ins „Spiel“.
    Nie (nie!) wieder will ich etwas mit dieser Drecksfirma zu tun haben.

    neiljrubenking, to security

    Avast One brings together antivirus, VPN, and a collection of other security, privacy, and performance features for all your devices, but you get more for your money from other cross-platform suites.


    #security #antivirus #securitysuite #pcmag #avast

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