Tekchip, to apple
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Masters of The Air is fantastic but it's definitely missing something not incorporating vets stories. Have we passed the rubicon where there aren't any left to tell them? Maybe the actors portraying the vets could read things written by them in character or something?

It's fantastic but it feels like it's missing the magic, the authenticity, Band of Brothers and The Pacific have.

Hotchka, to apple
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Apple TV+ has renewed "For All Mankind" for a fifth season, and will expand that storytelling universe with the spin-off series "Star City", a paranoid thriller set when the Soviets put the first man on the Moon.
#ForAllMankind #StarCity #AppleTV #Entertainment #Television #TV #Streaming

tannerman, to tv
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jwildeboer, to television
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Dear . Could you please finance a remake of Soylent Green? It would be somehow fitting :)

fraueickmann, to television German
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#AppleTV läuft ja immer ein bisschen unter dem Radar - und so hätte ich beinahe die großartige Serie #CriminalRecord verpasst. Cush Juno („The good fight“) und Peter Capaldi liefern sich ein irre spannendes Cop-Duell. Struktureller Rassismus und Frauenhass werden als Grundthemen nicht mit dem Holzhammer, sondern in Grautönen und damit umso glaubhafter präsentiert. Lange nicht mehr so begeistert gewesen. @filmeundserien

davemark, to space
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Apple TV+ rolls out "Fly Me to the Moon" trailer.

  • Star studded cast, including Scarlet Johansson and Channing Tatum
  • Focused on the race to the moon

Can't help but think this will fuel a LOT of conspiracy theories for folks who already think the moon landing was faked. 🙄


virtualbri, to apple
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"The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin" is just the type of Noel Fielding silliness I need right now.

tojikomori, to plex
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🧵 Just about done migrating from to [1/]

@tojikomori@urusai.social avatar

As for clients: Plex's clients are slick. Jellyfin's aren't, but the third party options are okay.

I'm using an and iPad. is very much a work in progress for both. It doesn't support Music Video libraries yet, so I didn't stick with it for long.

I switched to Infuse, which is good. I wish it disclosed whether the server's transcoding or if media's playing direct, but I believe the devs who say it's probably always playing direct. It seems to do a better job of that than Plex did on my old Apple TV HD, but bear in mind: I chose codecs specifically for Apple platforms – YMMV. [3/]

matt, to apple
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Just watched the season finale of The New Look on Apple TV+

My review? Very good. 9/10.

Will cater to fans of modern fashion design as it covers Christian Dior + Coco Chanel, but also anyone that has an interest in World War II history and stories of Nazi occupation.


retiolus, to Instagram
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Look like and are down worldwide.

Some people reporting that too.

Meantime, Fediverse is going great 🤗

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What a pleasant day! After Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram it was the turn of 's to go offline, along with other services such as , , or the .


davemark, to apple
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Review of Apple TV's "Sugar", starring Colin Farrell.

The show drops Friday. Looking forward to it, on my short list. 🍿


davemark, (edited ) to movies
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[UPDATE: Looks to be US only?]

Apple TV+ adds to a solid list of free (to subscribers) A-list (mostly) movies.

Look at the list. Mostly good, yeah?

Any of these leap out at you as movies you'd watch? Or rewatch? 🍿


ochaos, to Dodgers
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I just discovered that I can switch to the #Dodgers home radio broadcast feed while watching Friday Night #BaseBall on #AppleTV #StLouisCardinals

mdmrn, to aespa
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Have you ever found a piece of media that you thought to yourself, "Yes, this thing was very specifically designed with me, personally, in mind when it was created."

That's how I felt watching this video of aespa from the new Fraggle Rock show where they are covering a song from the original series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPnjKZFgeiE

And it includes Uncle Traveling Matt!


virtualbri, to scifi
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Ooooh, " " is a combo of slow burn Scandinavian mystery and show.

virtualbri, to scifi
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Finally getting to Severance. Um, season 2 immediately please.

#Severance #Scifi #AppleTV #Streaming

davemark, to apple
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"Steve!", the two-part Steve Martin documentary, comes to Apple TV+ on Friday.

Really looking forward to this. Here's the trailer... 🍿


virtualbri, to apple
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OK, you folks weren't wrong when you said "Severance" was good. Totally sucked in by first episode.

root42, to television
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To my #appletv bubble: What is the best open source solution to play my own videos from network storage on my Apple TV? I used to use Plex, but that started to suck and isn’t really open. Now I am using VLC, but it is buggy. Doesn’t work well with HomePods in a home theater setup. So basically I need an AppleTV app that lets me play from an SMB share and supports HomePods.

virtualbri, to streaming
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I wouldn't call it fun for anyone at the time, but seeing a scene and learning it was a disaster of a shoot entirely bailed out by and I had no idea is always an amazing thing.

Watching again after seeing a talk on it, I appreciate it even more.

virtualbri, to apple
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Oh hey, some of most entertaining sci-fi is on , in case you were wondering.

mstankiewicz, to Samsung Polish
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10 lat temu to było łatwo. Był sobie telewizor #Samsung i wystarczyło podłączyć do niego pendrive i można było oglądać co się chciało w najpopularniejszych formatach.
Teraz podłącza się do nowoczesnego telewizora tej samej marki i nie działa. Nie ma żadnego komunikatu, nic. W innym telewizorze jakieś no-name’owej chińskiej marki z #AndroidTV nie ma najmniejszego problemu z odtwarzaniem z tego samego pendrive’a.

@mstankiewicz@pol.social avatar

@szkodnix ale to nawet nie chodzi o format pliku. Telewizor w ogóle nie wykrywa urządzenia. Może format plików? Ale to zwykły FAT32. Bez sensu.
Co nie zmienia faktu, że jest najlepszy, mam go nawet na

davemark, to apple
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Lionel Messi touting a free month of on (new signups). ⚽️

Here's the Insta link:


tantramar, to AppleTVPlus
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TV+ down for anyone else? I’m getting “there’s a problem loading this content” on my TV, and the TV app on macOS just bounces back to the menu if I try to play any TV+ content. Library content plays fine and the System Status page (https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/) says everything’s fine (because of course it does). Restarted devices.

matt, to apple
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The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin is fun, but not completely hitting the spot.

I just can’t stop thinking that it’s a 2024 version of the 1990s children’s show Maid Marian and Her Merry Men.


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