raymondpert, to Texas
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Argentina's populist president meets billionaire Elon Musk in Texas — and a bromance is born

> Tech executive Elon Musk and Argentine President Javier Milei have sealed their budding bromance at a Tesla electric car factory in #Texas — their first meeting after months of mutual admiration on social media
https://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/argentinas-populist-president-meets-billionaire-elon-musk-texas-109183577 #ElonMusk #JavierMilei #Argentina

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Where are your sales?
Looking like I and for me! Luckily I have 2 books in Spanish LOL!

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Argentine Court Blames Iran and Hezbollah for Deadly 1994 Jewish Center Bombing

> Argentina’s highest criminal court has reported a new development in the elusive quest for justice in the country’s deadliest attack in history — the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center headquarters https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2024-04-12/argentine-court-blames-iran-and-hezbollah-for-deadly-1994-jewish-center-bombing

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In Argentina, Javier Milei's Shock Therapy Is Wreaking Havoc

#argentina #javiermilei


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Fox bones at ancient burial site suggest animal may have been kept as pet

#argentina #fox


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Argentina battles dengue surge and repellent shortage



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HOY jueves desde las 22hs vamos a participar del programa "Código Provincia" 🕙

Les invitamos a escucharnos por internet (https://radioprovincia.gba.gob.ar/am.php) o sintonizando AM 1270 Radio Provincia

#CódigoProvincia #RadioProvincia #radio #GBA #BuenosAires #Argentina #política #entrevista #PartidoPirata

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Vittorio Ricci

Lagoon Los Glaciares National Park, in Patagonia, Argentina.

Vittorio Ricci/World Nature Photography Awards


br00t4c, to Argentina
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▶ Argentina Economy IMPLODES Under Anarcho-Capitalist President | The Kyle Kulinski Show


AnnaAnthro, to Argentina
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Javier Milei: leader's insults towards trigger diplomats' expulsion


SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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AnnaAnthro, to Argentina
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Rising poverty in #Argentina: Independent study says rate approaching 60%


Portugal orders Worldcoin to stop collecting iris biometrics for 90 days (www.biometricupdate.com)

Portugal’s data regulator, the Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (CNPD), has imposed a 90-day suspension on Worldcoin’s biometric data collection activities in the country, citing complaints about the unauthorized collection of data from minors, inadequate communications regarding their iris-scanning Orb program...

remixtures, to Argentina Portuguese
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#Argentina #BuenosAires #FacialRecognition #Surveillance #Privacy #Biometrics: "The future of Buenos Aires’ controversial public facial recognition system, which has been used to spy on civil society members and has led to erroneous arrests, is still uncertain.

In February, a court in the Argentinian capital ruled that the public surveillance system, known as the Fugitive Facial Recognition System (SNRP), will remain suspended as there is still no agreement on how to audit the technology. No date has been defined on when the system might be re-activated.

The court has instructed the city’s government and civil society groups ODIA, Vía Libre and CELS to come up with an institutional framework, a budget and a clear methodological plan for an audit of the system before its reintroduction. The two sides, however, have been clashing on how to proceed with auditing the software and re-activating the system.

While one side suggested a “black box audit,” the civil society groups, which kickstarted the motion to suspend the system in 2019, have argued that this would be insufficient." https://www.biometricupdate.com/202403/buenos-aires-controversial-facial-recognition-network-remains-in-limbo

appassionato, to Argentina
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Buenos Aires,
A lion at zoo, which hosts animals rescued from circuses, animal trafficking and private collections in Buenos Aires. Losing its main source of money due to the severe effects of pandemic led to the closure of the . Only the owner and one employee now care for the animals.

Photograph: Luciano Gonzalez/Getty Images


donray, to Argentina
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#otd #argentina #MemoriaVerdadyJusticia #ElSalvador #OscarRomero

Today, March 24, marks a sad and painful day in both Argentina and El Salvador.

Argentina, 1976: A military coup began a 7-year period of violent political repression.

El Salvador, 1980: Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated while saying mass — just one day after he had publicly beseeched the military to stop committing violence against the people.

USA Govt, 1976 and 1980: Cheering for the bad guys. Again.

perkinsy, to Argentina
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When workers were renovating the home of Merced Guimarães in Rio de Janeiro they discovered the bodies of enslaved Africans from the 18th and 19th centuries under her house. Despite living in the area for many years she had no idea of this history. Recognising those lives has now become her life's passion.
#slavery #Argentina


HistoPol, to Argentina
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thejapantimes, to worldnews
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Buenos Aires authorities want to reinstate a system of 300 cameras linked to a national crime database — dubbed Buenos Aires' Big Brother — but rights experts warn it poses a threat to citizens' rights. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/03/20/world/society/buenos-aires-facial-recognition-privacy/ #worldnews #society #argentina #privacy #surveillance #personalinformation #facialrecognition

DoomsdaysCW, to worldwithoutus
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From the birdsite:


is boiling from to

"GUYANA 37.4 at Lethem hottest March day in history set twice in few days

COSTA RICA Another brutal heat wave: 39.2 at San Mateo de Orotina [], 34.3C at the Juan Santamaria AP 920m asl monthly records

It's gonna get worse."


br00t4c, to Argentina
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Felipe_B, to Argentina
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"Hunger doesn't wait"
There are 500 simultaneous protest in #argentina right now


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