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NBC News: Naked on a plane: Man arrested after alleged nude aisle run forced plane to turn back #aviation

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After the Singapore Airlines incident that killed one and injured dozens, many are wondering if turbulence is getting worse.

@Mashable looks at the science:

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52 passengers still in Bangkok, 34 in hospital from Singaport Airlines SQ321

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Another turbulence incident. Qatar Airways 787-9 Doha-Dublin. 12 injured.

BBC: Turbulence on Doha-Dublin flight leaves 12 injured

"Qatar Airways flight QR017 was met by emergency services including airport police, ambulance and fire officers.

Six passengers and six crew members reported injuries - of these, eight people have been taken to hospital."


CNBC: Climate change is behind increasing flight turbulence, Transportation Sec’y Pete Buttigieg says #climate #aviation #turbulence

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Light plane appears to only just make Sydney runway as it narrowly avoids trees and rooftops


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A US Navy P-3 Orion photographed at Salem, Oregon in August 1980. I just happend to be at the airport with my camera when the plane made a brief stop to drop off a passenger.

Prints, puzzles and other gift items featuring this image are available at

#Photography #Navy #Aviation #Airplane #Aircraft #WallArt #HomeDecor #FediArt #BuyIntoArt

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Nervous about flying after this year's spate of high-profile airline accidents? It's still safer than the drive to the airport though. #business #companies #airlines #aviation #airports #boeing #singaporeairlines #jal

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Ce F-111 nous montre son ventre

#Aviation #Photo #Photography

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ABC (Australia): "Climate change is fuelling turbulence on some of our most common flight paths" #climate #aviation #turbulence #flying #tourism

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Superbe F-15 en pleine post-combustion

#Aviation #Photo #Photography

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20 people in the ICU still from that Singapore Airlines turbulence event 😬

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#OnThisDay, May 21, in 1927, pilot Charles Lindbergh landed the Spirit of St. Louis in Paris, becoming the first person to make a solo transatlantic flight (depicted in The Spirit of St. Louis, 1957)

#Film #Movies #Cinemastodon #ClassicFilm #Flight #Aviation #CharlesLindbergh #SpiritOfStLouis

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Fatality on London to Singapore flight due to turbulence. #aviation #fatality


"One person has died, with several injured, after severe turbulence on a London to Singapore flight... One passenger says anyone not wearing a seatbelt was "launched into the ceiling"...Another says there were "so many injured people", including some with head wounds"

#MCI #aviation #turbulence

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One dead, several injured after severe turbulence hits Singapore Airlines flight.

CNN reports the flight from London to Singapore diverted to Bangkok:

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If it occasionally sounds like we are being invaded by the Black Sheep Squadron in Moorpark/Simi Valley over the next few weeks... maybe!

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