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Nice! Logic 11 can do Stem Splitting now. This way I can remove the for tracks I'm doing a play along to. It's not perfect but already so much better than not having it. Wondering how well this is going to help me to transcribe stuff 🤔

Solobasssteve, to bass avatar

everything I've released since Jan 2023. That's a lot of music. Most of it subscriber-only. All of it made possible by the Bandcamp subscription.

I just added a new track to the latest release, cos I can and it made musical sense. :)

head to for more x

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A few people have asked me recently about in-person bass lessons, so I thought I'd better write about why I only teach on Zoom these days, and why I think it's actually better than the in-person lesson experience.

(lesson deets are at that link too)

garak, to random avatar

I finally got some time to clean up and restring this "white whale" bass I picked up last weekend.

The backstory is storied, but tl;dr I've been looking for one of these since 2016 and through a lot of bullshit, I finally found someone selling one online in mint (pun intended) condition. Nerdy details in Alt Text.

From a very limited, custom run: I present my "new" Stingray 🤘 🎸

I'm sure it will make its debut in a new video sometime... 😎

raichoo, to bass avatar

Came back to listen to "Integral" by Cynic again. A beautiful tribute to Sean Malone.

mishamouse, to bass avatar

new pedal day! my first pedals actually.

i know these are “cheap” pedals, but i really wanted to just see how things go with something affordable before i invest a lot of money in fancier units. also, no fancy effects yet, but hopefully will just have more control over my sound beyond the pickup controls on the bass or the bass/mid/treble controls on the amp.

mishamouse, to bass avatar

new string day! i’ve had the bass for a couple months now, no clue how old the strings on this bass are. should be interesting.

ianRobinson, to music avatar

The new Blu DeTiger album is out.

All I Ever Want Is Everything - Blu DeTiger.

👍🏻 Some ace bass guitar, as you’d expect.


raichoo, to bass avatar

Had loads of fun at the Dingwall clinic yesterday. It was a great honor to meet Sheldon in person and also had a nice chat with Philipp Rehm, who is a killer player 🤘 People were also quite interested in my bass that I brought to the event 😸

Philipp Rehm and me. He is holding the new Dingwall SP1 prototype and I'm holding my 6 string Combustion.

raichoo, (edited ) avatar

Full video of the clinic is now. I'm easy to spot, being the caffeinated mess that I am 😹

venya, to music avatar

So I got to tour Blackbird Studio today and ask questions and it took EVERYTHING I HAD not to fondle the collection sitting in a rack because they all had that worn finish that says "this is a good instrument that gets played a lot"

it was a really great day

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mishamouse, to bass avatar

still figuring out what to do, having this weekend pretty much all to myself. decided to pick up my and learn some new things.

here’s “i wish” by stevie wonder. feels good to be adding songs to my limited repertoire. i’m still not great, but i can feel myself progressing which is a really nice feeling.

(tried to upload a video, but the file size was too large? here’s a youtube link:)

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Day 1 on the . Binged @Solobasssteve videos and got some pointers by Arran McSporran. It's a very different beast, but tons of fun! 😸

raichoo, to bass avatar

Rehearsing faces for upcoming shows. 😅

venya, to random avatar

Does anyone need a great programmable SansAmp? I am going in a different direction but this is a great pedal and I'd love to see it go to a good home.

Edit: And I would totally knock 20 bucks off for the community.

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I could put my name on it, too

but I think it would be pretty obvious in most contexts whose mug this is

venya, to music avatar

Was listening to while soldering

and heard my own "Broken Joe" track

(hearing my own music on RFF will NEVER get old)

Anyway, if anyone else heard it and wouldn't mind hearing it again, it's a free download on my

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Rest In Power to the brilliant bassist Aston "Family Man" Barrett, who provided so many of the iconic low end lines and grooves that powered classics by Bob Marley & The Wailers, Burning Spear, Peter Tosh, The Upsetters, Alpha Blondy, and numerous others. Thank you for the music Maestro Barrett!

raichoo, (edited ) to bass avatar

I started to incorporate shoulder exercises in my practice routine. Had to sift through a lot of quackery to find good ones. When we play we tend to care more about our fingers and forearms, but our shoulders also play a central role. Don't neglect them!

raichoo, to music avatar

Even though I teach myself I'm going to get lessons from people I look up to. There is no end when it comes to learning an instrument or in general. I'm really looking forward to a couple of lessons with Arran McSporran. The more I know the more I can express myself and pass on to my students 😸

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