eclectech, to random avatar

Listening to Free Bird on 6 Music

"oh aye, this is the bit I always stuff up on Beat Saber"


giantweevil, to 3DPrinting avatar

I never actually made an post on my old account, but now seems like a good time. A beiger time, if you will.

I'm giantweevil, I use he/him pronouns, I like and occasionally I'll do something other people call but I call " hurting computers with "

Sometimes I make memes. Sometimes I make images that are just a long winded pun.

Lately my time has been mostly consumed by

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The thing I like best about is that there are no power-ups.

I don't have to waste time managing an inventory, collecting coins, buying power-ups, or crafting.

That's what I hated about Nintendo's - I felt like I spent more time making decisions than exercising. It also felt like I could "cheat" by buying magic potions etc.

BeatSaber is just you. Nothing else. No unlockable extras. No end-boss. No faffing around.

rich, to vr avatar

so, is 's only killer app ? - after x years of having VR - PC, Go, Quest 2, this is the only (99%) thing I ever play now.

(Maybe the odd 360 fractal environment video)

Tipa, to pokemon avatar

Palworld, Vandal Hearts, Hons VR Lenses

Okay, there's a lot of gaming stuff going on so I'm just going to go over some of it, briefly.

thegamerstavern, to vr avatar

I woke up wanting to play some games, which one though?

I still have to finish Zero Caliber VR (Call of Duty-ish campaign) or I could get back into Ragnarock / Beat Saber

kaylee, to random avatar

Played a bit of and now all objects irl look smaller than they should be D:

help pls

mochichi, to random Dutch avatar

EN/JP Dance Dash → Beat Saber

mochichi, to random Japanese avatar

JP/EN ビ民として忘れかけられてる。Forgotten cube bonker

mochichi, to random avatar

JP/EN なおった?やってみよっか?Let's see whether we fixed the game KEKW

mochichi, to random avatar

JP/EN Danch Dash → Beat Saber
ダンスラ低難易度&Custom Songs
Beat Saber再インストールテスト NotLikeThis

mochichi, to random avatar

JP/EN 3-4時間ぐらい?We're aiming for 3-4 hours tonight

mochichi, to random avatar

JP/EN もちちは あたらしく「くしゃみ」をおぼえた!Mochi learned SNEEZE!

mochichi, to random avatar

JP/EN お久しぶビです。Can't wait for the pain to pass before deciding to do things, I guess

mochichi, to random avatar

JP/EN ちょいビビビビィー♪ Bloqs in front of not-so-dead-tree

mochichi, to random avatar

JP/EN ビビビビビビとかプーとか?Bloqs and Poods

mochichi, to random avatar

JP/EN 1.25から1.29.1にアプデしたからテスト兼ねて色々と?I can finally see the pretty lights you all have been talking about

mochichi, to random avatar

JP/EN 今日でチュートリアル卒業です。 My chat will always be cuter than I am. Finishing up Beat Saber Tutorial.

Sonikku, to random avatar

I’m getting so damn mad at this game lol

Sonikku, avatar

Turns out I was Beat Sabering wrong.

For maximum points it takes into account how far you’re swinging.

Just hitting the targets properly is enough to ‘pass’ a song, but for score attacks you have to flail about like a madman to rack up enough points.


dannekrose, to gaming

I only learned about the Beat Saber World Cup and that it’s not the first year for it. I don’t know enough about to really appreciate it fully but given that skill differences are measured in hundredths of a percent at times is enough for me to understand that these are skilled players. It’s fascinating to see.

mochichi, to random avatar

JP/EN 軽めにビ、やっぱりこの人は特殊が好みらしい。I want to end around noon PST

Beat Saber とか言うゲーム

mochichi, to random avatar

JP/EN ビビビビィー Comfy bloqs here we go

ThePlant, to vr avatar

I am out of practice and very sweaty


Codixer, to random avatar

Holy shit on , this map could get you very dizzy. lmfao

tanzureir, to random avatar
kkarhan, avatar

@tanzureir does it allow choosing vustom tracks like and ?

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