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Zuletzt beendet: "Last of the Talons" von @sophiekimwrites - meets Joe Black in . Hat etwas gedauert bis ich es nicht mehr zugunsten anderer Formate (eBook, Print) beiseite gelegt sondern fertig hören wollte. Nach etwa der Hälfte, um genau zu sein. 3/5 Sternen 🌟🌟🌟 - okay, kann man lesen, die zweite Hälfte ist 4/5. @bookstodon @buchstodon

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Robotic Rose of Enchantment Drops Petals On Command - In Disney’s 1991 film Beauty and the Beast, an enchantress curses the young (10 or... -

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While we were at today, who should walk in but himself. We were seated near his portrait so had the pleasure of seeing him admire himself.


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The 90s dropped yesterday in the collection. The mini backpack celebrates . The features light-up ears for . The plush is of . The pin features . All available at and in the parks.


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#DrWho villains menace an apparently shrunken #TARDIS at #DragonCon over the weekend. #cosplay #DragonCon2023 #Dalek #Cybermen #SteamPunk


My wife @jlweiss educated me that the costume photo I posted is a mashup. Note that the is holding a rose and wearing a tailcoat.

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Beauty and the Beast time!

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Hello all. Huge gamer, movie lover and tech geek. Also really into Japanese culture. Mac user and learning to code. Looking for positive vibes and like minded people.

Video Games series and developers I Love:

And more!

Favorite game:
Favorite movie:

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Just watched an Early ?

The composer Philip Glass liked the 1946 version of Beauty and the Beast by Cocteau so much that he wrote an opera soundtrack for it meant to be sung on stage while the audience watched the film.

Talk about being a fan. Matching the words to the mouth movements must have been insane!

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'Beauty and the Beast' made for Anna.

See more photos and projects
and here:

See also pinned post on my profile.

#bookbinding #introligatorstwo #books #ksiazki #handmade #okladka #cover #rebind #cloth #piaknaibestia #beautyandthebeast #fairytales #disney @ksiazki, to books
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All right, here we go again with a beautiful thread, complete with four book recommendations!

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Lush and loose Beauty & the Beast retelling, this fantasy novel has some of the most incredible exploration of transness and aroness I've read in a long time. Introspective and beautiful, it's also very clever with its in-world fairy tales and the themes that emerge from it all.


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by @bales1181

May 11, 2023: Main character has a big ego

Gaston in “Beauty and the Beast” (1991)


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