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Butterflies, bees, bugs and more: The summer of insect-counting gets underway in Germany.

AP reports on the country's "'insect summer,' now in its seventh year, organized by the country’s Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union, or NABU."

#Bees #Bugs #Insects #Entomology #Nature #Science

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To bee or not to bee, that is the question. #bee #swarm #beekeeping

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Could you use a bee field guide with color photos?

Reposting from, Colorado State Univ. Extension, and USDA: A Beginner's Guide to Identifying Bees.

65 pages. Covers common genera in Colorado & East Plains. Genera can also be found in other parts of North America.

#bees #fieldGuide #nature

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extinction: Why we're saving the wrong

Think are disappearing? Or that the more hives we have the better?

Think again. Here's why they're the bad boys of the bee world, and what we should be focusing on instead.

We're destroying our at an alarming rate. But it doesn't need to be this way.

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Grey-patched Mining Bee, Andrena nitida Canon 7D EFS 60 2.8 f/4.5 1/320 iso: 400 Prague, Czech Republic 4/2/2024 #Apidae #Hymenoptra #bees #WildBees #Andrena #Insects #invertebrates #Macro #grasslands

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A day in the life of a native bee and spider...

#bees #nature

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“Risks vary from country to country but they can include diseases or pests that might negatively impact the population including tropilaelaps mites, killer bees, small hive beetles, amitraz-resistant varroa mites & oxytetracycline-resistant American foulbrood,”.

Because of this, Olthof said there is pressure from federal & provincial governments for to reduce their reliance on foreign .

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The hornet has landed: Scientists combat new honeybee killer in the U.S.

@KnowableMag reports: "An invasive yellow-legged wasp has been decimating beehives in Europe — and bedeviling Georgia since last summer. Researchers are working nest by nest to limit the threat while developing better eradication methods."

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"Captain, our sensors have picked up signs of life! 15,000 life signs have materialized behind the garden shed!"

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Bees are always mealtime! 🍯🐝

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The flowers of this maize/corn plant are buzzing with bees. Pinch and zoom for details.

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I wasn't planning to post today. But since I learned that today is and , as well as , here are some assorted pictures from our home. This is a different variety with thinner petals but smells just as good.

A white and brown rescue dog lying in his bed at home.
Gardenia blooms with thinner petals
A red rose close up with some buds on the left, in the evening sun

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For #WorldBeeDay 🐝:
Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954)
#Bees , 1948
gouache & cut out paper, 101x241cm
Foundation Beyeler, Riehen, Basel

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Thinking about a string of thoughts as a string of beads today.

I didn't get around to posting yesterday's drawing here, but it's on my Patreon and Ko-fi:

#inkyDays #ink #drawing #art #MastoArt

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Before starting today's #inkyDays drawing, I saw some posts about World Bee Day. So, I decided to draw some dancing bees, even though I drew some a few days ago.

Here's an in-progress shot.

#WorldBeeDay #ink #drawing #art #bees #wip #GenerativeArt

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