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People like to criticise the convoluted politics of #belgium . But you know what? I am grateful for the breadth of choices available to voters. We Belgians can not say "they are all the same". I reviewed the programs, and there is a lot of diversity. Also, yes, several "crocodiles" experienced at the game of politics, but also many competent and idealistic candidates. Overall, not bad at all! #elections

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🎵 😈 :anarchismred:

AGATHOCLES 🇧🇪 | Black Clouds Determinate (2024)

wszelkie rekomendacje zbędne - belgijscy weterani mincecore grania w 4683463874 swojej produkcji 😎 kolejny solidny kawał DIY grania!


666% #DIY #muSICK #mincecore #grind #punk #oldschool #anticapitalist #anarchist #Belgium

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⚠️🇪🇺Stupid is as stupid does: Belgium lets brainwashed children inflienced by alt-right propaganda decide Europes future (BBC News VIDEO)

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⛔️🇳🇱🇺🇸🇧🇪Enough stalling, F-16 are six months after promose date of New Years 2024! Ukraine asks US and partners to speed up F-16 pilot training – Politico (more)

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⚡️🇧🇪Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib called on EU governments to start the procedure of depriving Hungary of its voting rights. She stated that Hungary is “having a very hard time moving forward” due to the constant blockades and vetoes of the (more)

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Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa has reassured Kyiv that the 24 F-16 fighter jets that the intends to donate to may be used to strike targets inside .

In an interview with POLITICO at the Shangri-La Dialogue in , Ollongren said the Netherlands would not impose a limitation as was the case with , where Prime Minister Alexander De has warned not to fly the F-16s it gets from his country in Russian airspace.

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Already shared the original comments from this researcher ( @GossiTheDog ) some days ago but now mainstream media seems to have picked up that is a security disaster in the making.
“Encryption at rest only helps if somebody comes to your house and physically steals your laptop — that isn’t what criminal hackers do.”


@ErikJonker @GossiTheDog don’t forget to mention the last proposal of of the client side scanning idea. It’s a disaster for your privacy and dangerous because you can be hit by false positives. Try then to prove your innocence. and note it’s not only images but also text. are already claiming they want that data too.

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that German is the third official language in (I thought it was only Dutch and French!) and that there are more folks speaking Dutch than French as their first language in Belgium (I thought it was the other way around!).

Also, that has a beer pipeline: 🍻

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Crammed Global Soundclash, 1980 -1989

Been listening to this jam packed compilation of eclectic sounds from around the world.

57 tracks by artists from Congo, the UK, Iran, Japan, France, Iraq, Belgium, Norway, Israel, Ethiopia & the U.S.

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Zelensky hails key allies as Sweden becomes third country this week to pledge $1bn in military aid

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'Someone spat gum at me' - Goffin criticises Paris crowd

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During the audience with His Majesty the King of the Belgians, Philippe expressed his gratitude to Belgium and the Belgian people for the strong all-round support of Ukraine and Ukrainians.

They discussed the first inaugural Global Peace Summit, which will take place on June 15-16 in Switzerland.

They spoke about the vision and expectations of Ukraine from the Summit.


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