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The BJP Party won the general election but their loss of an absolute legislative majority looks a lot like a defeat.

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A big different between #India and #Indonesia - genuine #multiparty #democracy = voters actually had a choice to vote against #Modi #BJP (or against Congress).

Indonesians never got a real choice.

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Prime Minister Modi's policies and approach will reflect India's desire for independence in international affairs, emphasizing friendship without dependence on any single power. #commentary #worldnews #india #bjp #narendramodi #china #us #diplomacy #defense

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Even though Modi and the BJP are almost certain to stay in power, their wings have been clipped. A coalition government must be formed and the need to keep allies happy will moderate Modi’s agenda.

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The BJP registered the highest vote share it has ever had in Tamil Nadu in this election. This could partly be attributed to the simple fact that the party contested a larger number of seats this time. But is that the only reason? My colleague Abhishek Jha and I take a look at the BJP's performance in TN in today's copy of Hindustan Times.


#India #MastIndia #TamiNadu #Elections #BJP #IndianElections #Politics @mastodonindians

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India’s wildly inaccurate exit polls predicting a landslide election victory for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party sparked dramatic public apologies from polling companies this week and calls for them to be investigated for possible manipulation. #asiapacific #politics #india #bjp #narendramodi

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India's election results reflect a voter preference for issues beyond identity politics, including economic development and job creation.

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Pour Narendra Modi, une victoire à la Pyrrhus lors des élections indiennes

Favorisé par le matraquage médiatique, les riches industriels et les institutions, le parti nationaliste hindou #BJP n’obtient pourtant qu’une majorité relative au Parlement. Il devra gouverner en coalition et face à une opposition revigorée.

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Indian voters reject Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for a one-party state in win for competitive democracy.

CNN reports: "In what opposition parties have declared as a victory for pluralism, voters in the world’s largest democracy partially rejected Modi’s populist vision for a Hindu-first nation, reducing the BJP’s share of the vote by 63 seats – bringing its total down to 240, far below the 272 required for a parliamentary majority."

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As with / dynamic in 🇬🇧, ‘coalition politics could force [’s] — which has touted its responsible fiscal policies to foreign investors — into “competitive populism”.’ Further into, in the UK!

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Modi now needs to secure the support of two key members of his broader National Democratic Alliance who control some 30 seats — enough to flip the balance of power. #worldnews #politics #india #narendramodi #congressparty #rahulgandhi #bjp

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#India’s early #election results point to rebuke for #Modi & his party

Indian voters appeared to deliver an unexpected repudiation of PM Narendra Modi’s leadership as early vote tallies on Tues showed tepid support for his #Hindu #nationalist party, piercing the air of invincibility around the most dominant Indian #politician in decades.
#geopolitics #BJP #strongman #populism

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Tho votes were still being counted Tues afternoon & the Modi-led could still form the govt, it was projected to fall short of its showing in 2014, when swept to on a wave of national over , or 2019, when buoyed by sentiment over a border clash w/ . Such a result would be rare for the politician who has never failed to secure a majority in a 23+yr political career & cultivates an image as a & a serial winner.

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Most analysts expected #Modi to brush aside #India’s enervated & poorly funded opposition parties, some of which had their #bank accounts frozen & their leaders #jailed by the govt in the run-up to the #election.
Yet the mood shifted dramatically as early vote counts trickled in Tues morning & indicated that the #BJP might not single-handedly secure the 272 seats needed in the 543-member #LokSabha lower house, as it comfortably did in 2014 & 2019.

#geopolitics #democracy #strongman #populism

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A reminder that could have preferred in to die, with no consideration for the lives of those - , , activists, , communities, and others - who would suffer under majoritarian rule, especially if they got a 400+ seat mandate.

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The BJP and BJD, who were allies once, are now locked in a bitter contest for the 21 Parliamentary constituencies and 147 Assembly constituencies in Odisha. What are the factors driving the Odisha contest? Can the BJP edge past the BJD in the state? Today's Number Theory answer these questions in detail.

Link to read on HT app:

#MastIndia @mastodonindians #India #Odisha #Politics #BJP #BJD #IndianPolitics #Elections #LokSabhaElections2024

What led to the BJP’s rise in Odisha? The intuitive answer is that it has usurped the Congress’s support base. The Congress and BJP vote shares were 32.7% and 16.9% in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections in Odisha. These numbers changed to 13.8% and 38.4% in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. However, a careful analysis suggests that the actual dynamics in the state could be more complicated. Out of the 6 PCs that the Congress won in 2009, 5 were won by the BJD in 2014 and only 1 by the BJP. Similarly, out of the 27 ACs won by the Congress in 2009, 18 went to the BJD and just two to the BJP in 2014. The BJP won eight PCs in 2019, and out of this, seven were won by the BJD in 2014. The Congress did not win any PCs in 2014. Out of the 23 ACs that the BJP won in 2019, as many as 18 were previously won by the BJD. This suggests that the BJD has taken away the traditional support of the Congress before 2019 and now the BJP is wresting back some of it from the BJP. A region-wise analysis supports this theory. 4 out of the 6 PCs won by the Congress in 2009 came from Western Odisha. The Congress first lost ground to the BJD in this region in 2014. But by 2019, the BJD ceded a lot of space to the BJP in this part of the state. Although, the BJD was able to become the single largest party in the state assembly from Western Odisha in 2019, it had to field the party supremo Naveen Patnaik from an AC in the region for the first time in his political journey to ensure popular support.
Has the BJD regained some of its lost ground after 2019? While the BJP saw a significant increase in its seat share and vote share in both Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in Odisha in 2019, the BJD might have, at least to some extent, been able to rein in the BJP's rising popularity in the state since. The biggest evidence for this comes from the rural local body polls held in the state in 2022. Out of the 853 Zilla Parishad seats (ZP) in the state, the BJD won 767 in 2022, bringing its ZP seat share to 89.92%. In the previous rural local body election in 2017, the BJD's ZP seat share stood at 56.07%. In comparison, the BJP's ZP seat share fell from 35% in 2017 to 4.9% in 2022. Even within Western Odisha, the BJD's seat share rose from 25.5% to 86.5%, while that of the BJP fell from 61.5% to 9.3%. whether or not the BJP can buck this local level trend in a national and state election will be known on June 4.

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India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming back to power with an even bigger majority is looking less certain with less than two weeks to go before election results are announced. #asiapacific #politics #bjp #narendramodi

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Much attention to date has focused on how India’s religious and caste divides have become political fodder. In fact, tensions between Indian states may be even more dangerous.

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To be Muslim in what is now a largely Hindu-first India, it is a lonely feeling to know that your country's leaders do not want you.

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the "mota bhai" (he was senior and fat) who was doing the police verification for my passport issuance was a staunch #bjp supporter. he just would not accept my #aadhar card as my address proof. dude unironically, with a straight face, said that aadhar cards can be faked and people have been doing that a lot.

wah #modi ji, wah! this is the "swabhav mein fakeeri".


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"A defining feature of life in India today is the suffocating atmosphere of menace and threat to critics of the government. Shah is the face and embodiment of this fear, which lurks everywhere, from the newsrooms to the courtrooms, and which inspires a sense of alarm that is bigger than the sum of the facts and anecdotes that can be amassed to illustrate it"

Chilling long read on the rise of Amit Shah, Modi's right-hand man.

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"Partly owing to his days in Gujarat and partly owing to the Indian government’s widely documented use of Israeli spyware to target journalists, activists and critics, the image of Shah in the public imagination is that of a man who holds everyone’s secrets. “Modi has a certain charm, which is perhaps the most dangerous thing about him,” the Indian novelist and activist Arundhati Roy told me. “Amit Shah is a single-string instrument: the only note he can strike is fear.”

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The fourth phase of India’s seven-stage national election is taking place, amid rising concerns about low voter turnout and the campaign’s increasingly acrimonious tenor. #worldnews #politics #india #narendramodi #bjp

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