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Using multiple complementary forms of knowledge, we provide a scenario for population history that fits with and provides a plausible model for the..peopling of the " by Dorothy First Rider et al.

Genomic analyses correspond with deep persistence of peoples of Blackfoot Confederacy from glacial times [Open access] (

Abstract: Mutually beneficial partnerships between genomics researchers and North American Indigenous Nations are rare yet becoming more common. Here, we present one such partnership that provides insight into the peopling of the Americas and furnishes another line of evidence that can be used to further treaty and Indigenous...

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Does anybody know of #fashion #designers based in #Lethbridge, #Alberta? Or anywhere in Southern Alberta?

I wonder if there's someone using #organic #fabrics?

Is there a Nitsitapi fashion designer?

Is there a #2SLGBTQIA+ fashion designer?

#Blackfoot #FirstNarions #Indigenous
#queer #2SLGBTQQIA

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While English is well adapted to naming things, breaking the world into objects and dealing mentally with components, concepts and categories, the Algonquin family of languages, that includes Blackfoot, deal more in process and transformation. Nouns and names exist in Blackfoot but are more provisional. The name of a person or object, for example, can change during its lifetime.
This language perfectly matches the Blackfoot vision of a cosmos in constant flux and transformation. Rather than building the world out of solid objects in interaction—as we build a toy village out of Lego—the Blackfoot understand objects as emerging out of the flux of nature. Objects persist for a little and flow back again. They are more like vortices in a flowing river than solid, independent and well-defined entities.
—F. David Peat, Return of the Sacred: Seven Encounters between Science, the Arts, and the Sacred

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"While I initially [believed] Maslow … misrepresented the teachings of the Blackfoot [people], I have learned that this narrative … may not be accurate even according to Blackfoot scholars … what has been far more valuable … was learning what Maslow witnessed at Siksika. Whereas mainstream American narratives focus on the individual, the Blackfoot way of life offers an alternative resulting in a community that leaves no one behind"


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