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Although it feels like it's going to storm later, it's a nice day here and so much is blooming.

We have 3 of these trellis along the side of the garage. Each has hosta below and a clematis climbing it. The white isn't blooming yet, the bright purple has only one flower after the storms we had the last couple of days. The wine-purple is blooming for the first time this year. It struggled to establish for the last 2 years.

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  1. Submitted some of my pieces to an anthology.
  2. Had a healing day at home.
  3. Stayed creative.


(Pics from yesterday)


Water lilies on a pond that are beginning to flower.

nrohluap, to Bloomscrolling
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Back yard Super Bloom in progress!

The L.A. basin finally gets a reprieve from May Gray on this Memorial Day. Sunshine really opens up these sensitive flowers.

Judging from the number of unopened buds, it could be a very showy week if the weather cooperates.

Four California Golden poppies, and numerous green buds, float atop a mound of green foliage. A statue is visible at the right, in front of an avocado tree. To the left in the background the entire hill is covered in golden blooms.
Close of a poppy bloom against a green backdrop.

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Chestnut leaved rogersia

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Peonies / Fried Egg-a-thon!

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I love the sherbert colors of this Lantana!

Sometimes called ‘shrub verbena,’ it's not edible like vervain tho. Only a bit toxic to humans, but very dangerous for grazing animals, which is why it's behind the fence in my

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A beautiful "volunteer" daisy in my son's yard.

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Orchid House
Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden

#Flower #Bloomscrolling #Nature

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First one this year!!

KurtHohmann, to Bloomscrolling
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Discussion last night: "We should move those bearded irises. They don't get enough sun and never bloom."

This morning:

richrollgardener, to Bloomscrolling
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There is something about Peony flowers (Sara Bernhardt) that attracts heavy rain. This is one of my heirloom Peonies getting ready to open in the pouring rain this morning.


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In our greenhouse, we've got a small lemon tree in a pot. It's in bloom this week and smells gorgeous. Last year, we even had a couple of lemons from it. I'm hoping for more this year...


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Alright folks, in an effort to in some tiny way counter the fact that everything is awful, I declare this The Thread Of Small Cheering Things! Send your cute animal and pretty flower pics! Bring on the silly memes! Share any bits of good news you manage to unearth! Spread the love! <3

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A happy butterfly

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A rose that looks like a dancer's petticoat

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👋🙂 Bonjour madame @Neko0001 et bonjour 👋 🙂princesse A.

"Curvy rock" by Alexandra Mitchell is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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@Neko0001 plus rassurant, un micro-jardin sur le trottoir...

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Random flower spied in the groundcover in a besidewalk (verge).

“Where's Dad?” “Taking a picture of a flower. Again.”

CLMilne, to gardening
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Wonky photo but newly volunteered foxglove is outrageous!
Planted in 2016 or so. Bloomed a second year-then disappeared.
Now it's back. About 3 feet tall.
And PINK!!


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