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Boeing Employees to Get Whistleblower Training From Their Union

#boeing #reuters

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My position on guillotine imagery and sabre rattling at oligarchs is — amusingly — expressed best by Ali Wong:

"…we just wanna experience some risk and be out of control, you know? Like, “I don’t wanna die! Don’t kill me! I don’t wanna die!” But I also don’t want to be sure that I’m gonna live. You know? I just wanna be out of control for once. Just– Just choke me enough so that I can’t talk. ‘Cause if I can talk, I’m gonna tell you what to do."


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Don't kill them. I don't want them to die. Don't murder them. But I also don't want them to be sure they're gonna live. I just wanna have them out of control for once.

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If #Boeing execs keep feeling sure they're going to live, they're going to keep killing #whistleblowers. It won't stop with Boeing. Remember that time Elon tried to have police murder a Tesla whistleblower. He won't be coy next time, he'll just order a hit.

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LOL reply-guy in my other thread.


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Boeing's outgoing CEO Dave Calhoun has been reelected to the company's board


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is killing whistleblowers like they're dissidents, so please DO keep with the imagery. The oligarchs are afraid. That's why they're killing us. They need to be more afraid, though.

As far as executives go, we're past the point of intimidation. Some Boeing execs and probably some need to die to make this right. They aren't going to stop killing us otherwise.

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If I believed laws would be upheld and executives put in prison, I would accept that. But we're past that point if you've been paying attention. #Capitalism is over. We're witnessing a new era of #Mercantilism that the powerful are trying to bring about. Boeing is doing a flex; they want to appear sovereign and above being governed by us.

If we band together and organize, we are more powerful than #Boeing. We could always try a strike if you're feeling sympathetic towards #Billionaire necks.



"If we band together and organize, we are more powerful than . We could always try a strike if you're feeling sympathetic towards necks."

Hard not to take that as very thinly veiled advocacy for murder.

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" is killing whistleblowers like they're dissidents, so please DO keep with the imagery."

Do you think this speculation is probably correct or incorrect? If you think I'm incorrect, then what are you worrying over, those billionaire necks will be fine.

If you think they DID have the whistleblowers killed AND you agree that the U.S. justice system won't pursue these crimes, come again with what you think is hard to take?

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are all the malfunctioning airplanes only used for domestic flights? were all the malfunctioning planes deployed only for use inside of USA?

was wondering if, since other countries have their own plane inspection programs, why would other countries not catch any of the problems with those planes? and i reckoned that maybe it's because Boeing was selling those faulty planes to USA airlines only for domestic flights; by-passing inspections from other countries.

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Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft has delayed its launch a second time, this time due to a helium leak. This is extra hard for Boeing because having that silly-high-helium-voice makes it difficult to be taken seriously when you’re trying to hire whistleblower assassins.

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Danke für die vielen Rückmeldungen zu meiner Kritik an der -Kurzsicht bei & leider auch !

Auch sieben Jahre (!) nachdem ich ein französisches erwarb, sind immer noch keine vergleichbar günstigen, deutschen Modelle verfügbar!

Habe zu den verbogenen Philosophien der und nicht nur in der , sondern auch in der heute morgen gebloggt:

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meanwhile in there US, Boeing's troubles look to be about to get (even) worse.

After the two 737Max fatal crashes, the US Dept. of Justice agreed not to prosecute if it addressed the issues that had led to the engineering mistakes that causes the crashes... some saw that as letting Boeing off the hook.

Now the DoJ has decided that the agreement is off because Boeing had not honoured the 'deal'; might we now see major prosecution of Boeing?

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A milestone shakedown cruise for Boeing's #Starliner space taxi has been postponed until May 21 to give the launch team some extra time to conduct tests and resolve concerns about a small helium leak. #Space #NASA #Boeing #ISS #ULA

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Marktbericht: Börsen halten inne

Nach dem jüngsten Rekordlauf ist an den Börsen etwas Ruhe eingekehrt. Mit den US-Inflationsdaten steht am Mittwoch ein wichtiger Termin auf der Agenda.


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Marktbericht: Rekordjagd pausiert

Zu Wochenbeginn konnte der DAX nicht an die jüngste Rekordjagd anschließen. Auch die Wall Street tendiert seitwärts. Einen wesentlichen Kursimpuls könnte es am Mittwoch geben.


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Boeing's problems are 'extremely annoying' to the CEO of Germany's largest airline

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Marktbericht: Rast unter dem Gipfel

Nach dem jüngsten Rekordlauf bewegen sich die deutschen Standardwerte seitwärts. Allzu große Sprünge dürfte es vor Mittwoch, wenn es frische Inflationsdaten aus den USA gibt, nicht geben.


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Inside Boeing's latest Starliner problem: A 'buzzing' valve and a 'disaster' warning

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Marktbericht: Inflationsthema lässt Anleger nicht los

Der DAX-Rekord bleibt zwar in Reichweite, aber zunächst konzentrieren sich die Investoren auf frische Inflationsdaten aus den USA. Die Geldpolitik bleibt der bestimmende Faktor an den Aktienmärkten.


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