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/ challenge: Choose 20 books that greatly influenced you. One book per day, for 20 days. No explanations, no reviews, just covers.


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I got so involved with organizing my TBR list I didn't get any reading done 🤣 :blobcatnervous: :blobshrug:

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I've been sorting my TBR list today. Shocking I know. 😂📚😅 Still a lot of books on it. 😆

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“From my childhood I have been,’ said I, ‘the object of the untiring goodness of the best of human beings; to whom I am so bound by every tie of attachment, gratitude, and love, that nothing I could do in the compass of a life could express the feelings of a single day.”

Excerpt From
Bleak House
Charles Dickens

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In the mood for some fiction. Nonfiction has been too depressing lately for me to read. There's enough depressing things going on in the world right now, I don't need to add to it by reading about history and politics. 😆

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I’m going up to bed to read and meditate. Before I do, here are my

  1. My daughter is enthusiastic about the plans I’ve made when she visits next weekend
  2. Wild roses and strawberries
  3. I enjoyed finishing Dominoes by Phoebe Mcintosh
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"About his large bright eyes that used to be so merry, there was a wanness and a restlessness that changed them altogether. I cannot use the expression that he looked old. There is a ruin of youth which is not like age; and into such a ruin, Richard’s youth and youthful beauty had all fallen away.”

Excerpt From
Bleak House
Charles Dickens

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“I passed on to the gate, and stooped down. I lifted the heavy head, put the long dank hair aside, and turned the face. And it was my mother, cold and dead.”

Excerpt From
Bleak House
Charles Dickens

The Morning Phiz (Hablot K. Browne) August 1853 Dark Plate Etching (ch. 59, "Esther's Narrative") of Dickens's Bleak House, Part 18. Scanned image by George P. Landow;

Characters are dropping like flies now..


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Frage zu #Bookwyrm 📚 :

Es gibt ja bereits zahlreiche thematische Listen bspw. https://tomes.tchncs.de/list

Die meisten sind auch als öffentlich/ open definiert, d.h. "Alle können #Bücher hinzufügen" (ich nehme an alle mit Bookwyrm-Account, oder nur von der jew. Instanz?)

🧐 Ich finde aber die Option nicht, wie ich nun ein Buch einer passenden Liste hinzufügen kann (auch in der Doku leider nix)

Weiß jmd, wie das geht?

#AskFedi #buchbubble #Bookstodon
/ @crossgolf_rebel @DerMicha @zeitverschreib

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/ challenge: Choose 20 books that greatly influenced you. One book per day, for 20 days. No explanations, no reviews, just covers.


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Ooh! Books from the Fediverse! Thanks! (now... to focus and get enough time to read these before tucking them in the free library outside...)

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/ challenge: Choose 20 books that greatly influenced you. One book per day, for 20 days. No explanations, no reviews, just covers.


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Why do people publish so many ?? :blobcatscared:

I can't keep up with adding all of them to my TBR list :blobcatsweat:

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I love books :blobcatlove:

I'm discovering new ones to add to my TBR list :blobcatlaugh: ✍️

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Yes by Gods, it’s another book.

Henri Lefebvre’s Critique of Everyday Life, and a bowl of cherries.

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Finished “I Cheerfully Refuse” by Leif Enger & LOVED it. It’s so many things, but at its core, it’s a dystopian novel, dealing with grief, loss, and yet hope.

Enger’s prose, like all really compelling art, deals in the dynamics of contrast, the necessary tempo, an awareness of when restraint is required, and the occasional flourish. I found myself rereading certain passages because they were written so beautifully, so unexpectedly, so perfectly.

5/5 stars


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Two thumbs up for @aptshadow's Alien Clay.

I don't think I've found a single bad book of his but this one is right up with the best of them.

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My current top tbrn stack

Magazine by @jeffjarvis
The monsters and creatures compendium by Jim Zub/WotC
The United States Governed by Six Hundred Thousand Despots by John Swanson Jacobs
Improv for Gamers by Karen Twelves
Stories Are Weapons by @annaleen
A City on Mars by Kelly Weinersmith and @ZachWeinersmith
Tacolicious by Sara Deseran
The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee by James and Caitlin Freeman & Tara Duggan
Infinite City A San Francisco Atlas by Rebecca Solnit

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Sunny day outside today 🌞 perfect for reading a book :blobcatsunglasses: :blobcatread:

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After a near death experience, one woman creates her "reverse" bucket the things she wants to do after death.

From New York Times bestselling author Julia London comes an uplifting and heartwarming story of second chances and the power of finding out what makes life worth truly living.

@bookstodon @mastodonbooks @books @littlefreelibrary

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sounds (well, you know what I mean) like a very interesting book. Saw the Swedish edition, as well as the second in the series (in English) in the shop today. I have a mile high TBR pile, so I never brought them home.

I should have, shouldn't I?

Currently reading by and enjoying it.

Just finished by , and loved the whole series.

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All that stands between ten-year-old Beatrice and an amazing life are five wishes…and she’s got a plan to make them all come true! A magical and heartfelt adventure about grief, hope, and the power of human connection.

@randomhousekids @bookstodon @mglit @kidlit

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Day 11 challenge: Choose 20 that greatly influenced you. One per day, for 20 days. No explanations, no reviews, just covers

(I've already been doing this over on Bluesky and am several days in, so I'm going to do my best to not get mixed up on the days I'm on 😆) @bookstodon @horrorbooks

Day 11

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I finally Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero. Been meaning to get to this one for actual years now. Scooby Doo meets cosmic horror with a healthy dose of humor thrown in. A bit like what Laird Barron did with the Hardy Boys in X's For Eyes, but without the hard-boiled tone of all of Barron's work.

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I love book recommendation lists but they often tend to upset me. My favorite kinds of lists are either international lit (where I am usually upset that there are not enough women represented) or books by non-male folks (where I am upset that it's often mostly English-writing folks).

So: here is a list of my personal recommendations of books by women in (English) translation. One book for every day of June. Feel free to join - doesn't have to be every day!


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Maryna (and Serhiy) Dyachenko - "Vita Nostra"

For everyone who loves mindbending speculative fiction or linguistics. Or both. And no, it's not just for folks like me for whom languages are a hobby - my Latin grammar PhD friend loved it, too (wink)

I've seen it advertised 'Harry Potter'-like. No. There is nothing similar except for a boarding school of sorts. Emphasis on "of sorts".

It's deep, it's clever.

(Independent of two other novels in the cycle)


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