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Previously: At Abbott's sprawling (and costly) base, National Guard soldiers deployed in Eagle Pass will enjoy “chef-driven meals,” a fitness center, a lounge, a sand volleyball court, and an arcade. https://www.texasobserver.org/abbott-border-military-base-millions/

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is tightening his stranglehold on the congressional ’s policy agenda as he reshapes Republican lawmakers’ party orthodoxy on & issues.
Trump’s sway was on full display Wed as the tried to take up a bill intended to unite the party. Then, hrs after Trump pushed to “kill” the Surveillance Act reauthorization, 19 did just that.


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He’s also successfully nudging most to accept his call to abandon a national standard — what was once a consensus position in the . That’s on top of ’s long-standing opposition to new , which remains stalled on the Hill.

So far, Trump is showing more proclivity for blocking GOP policy proposals than shaping them affirmatively, such as the bipartisan deal that he stopped earlier this year.

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“It’s a story told over and over again in the Valley: You don’t know you have diabetes until it’s severe, because you rarely see a doctor. ...”

From the archives: In 2019, Former Editor Sophie Novack looked at the crisis of diabetes—and amputations—in ' Rio Grand Valley. https://www.texasobserver.org/life-and-limb/


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“I didn’t see any immigration personnel even attempting to open [the doors], leaving us locked in as if we were criminals.”

Earlier: A heartbreaking cross-border investigation reveals the neglect behind a deadly fire at an immigrant center in #Mexico ... https://www.texasobserver.org/detention-border-immigration-migrants-fire-mexico/

(CW: Descriptions of #death of migrants in detention)

#Immigration #politics #news #USpol #border #Texas #HumanRights

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During remarks this week, said he wanted to “pay tribute” to a person he very much respected.

Trump thanked , who served as acting director of during Trump’s admin [Trump loved “acting” posts bc they aren’t subject to congressional confirmation] & has since been a frequent commentator on .


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“He is some man,” said, adding: “He has been so great on television. He’s been so respectful of the job that we did….”

was an early proponent of the admin’s controversial “ [], which resulted in ≥5,500 being separated at the southern in 2018 alone, before Trump himself signed an EO ending the practice after intense backlash from groups [tho the practice continued].

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has laid out an aggressive platform for a 2nd term: mass ; restoring ALL policies of his 1st term; deploying , incl’g the , to impose a full naval embargo on drug cartels; ordering the to use , cyberwarfare & other actions to dismantle cartel leadership & infrastructure; designating major drug cartels as foreign orgs; & asking for the for & .

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A new investigation of a deadly fire that killed 40 migrants in a locked detention cell in #Mexico shows that keys and fire extinguishers were readily available, but withheld.

A cross-border report by La Verdad Juárez in collaboration with Lighthouse Reports and El Paso Matters, republished by the Observer: https://www.texasobserver.org/detention-border-immigration-migrants-fire-mexico/

(CW: Disturbing descriptions of migrant deaths)

#news #Immigration #border #politics #USpol

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Judge Orders Timely for Waiting at Southern

The decision established that minors at open-air sites were in custody of the DHS & thus must receive , even if they had not yet been formally processed.


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…The [#children’s lawyers] argued [those] who were not yet formally processed deserve the same safe & sanitary housing as those in ofcl #custody, since they are forbidden from moving from the camps & have no way of going back over the #border.
#DOJ argued that bc the children had not yet been formally taken into custody by #USCBP, they were not obligated to provide such service.
#law #immigration

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#Trump on Tues again used despicable & #violent language to describe #immigrants & what he called #POTUS #Biden's "#border #bloodbath."

Trump said at a "messaging event" in #GrandRapids, #Michigan, "It's a very bad thing happening. It's going to end on the day that I take office, which will be Jan 20."

#immigration #policy #law #racism #WhiteNationalism #WhiteSupremacy #MAGA #RightWing #extremism #PoliticalViolence #BidenHarris2024

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"Every state is now a #border state, every town is now a border town," he said. "Because Joe #Biden has brought the carnage & chaos & killing from all over the world & dumped it straight into our backyards."

#Trump called migrants who enter the country illegally "animals”, "not humans”, & “sub-humans”. He said, “we don't want them coming into our country w/contagious diseases, …& all of a sudden you see these contagious diseases spreading & everyone's saying, 'I wonder where they came from?'"

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vowed, “I will seal the & will begin the largest domestic operation in the history of our country.”

"I will shift massive portions of federal to enforcement," he said.

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#POTUS #Biden is restoring resources & staffing for the #refugee program, steadily rebuilding a #legal pathway for #immigration Trump gutted.

The #UnitedStates has allowed >40k #refugees into the country in the first 5 months of the fiscal yr after they passed a rigorous, often yearslong, #screening process that includes #security & #medical #vetting & interviews w/ American officers overseas.


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The figure represents a significant expansion of the #refugee program, which is at the heart of #US #laws that provide desperate people from around the world w/ a #legal way to find #SafeHaven in the #UnitedStates.

The US has not granted refugee status to so many people in such a short period of time in >7 yrs. The #Biden admin is now on target to allow in 125k #refugees this yr.…

By comparison, ~64k refugees were admitted during the last 3 yrs of the #Trump admin.

#border #immigration #law

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The dire situation in San Diego County is part of a broken system in which border enforcement funding is prioritized above building necessary infrastructure to humanely process a historic number of asylum seekers


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Border Guard: Polish protesters temporarily suspend blockade at Uhryniv-Dolhobychuv crossing (kyivindependent.com)

Polish protesters have temporarily suspended the blockade of the Uhryniv-Dolhobychuv crossing on the Polish-Ukrainian border in both directions, Ukraine's State Border Guard Service said on March 28, citing information from the Polish side.

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#HouseRepublicans urged Schumer to "schedule a trial on the matter expeditiously."

#Schumer & his staff have promised to start the process of swearing senators in as jurors the day after the articles are received in the chamber. Washington Senator Patty Murray, the #Senate President Pro Tempore, will preside over the #Mayorkas #impeachment trial.

#Congress #immigration #law #border #WhiteNationalism #WhiteSupremacy #racism #isolationism #IssuesNotSolutions #WeaponizationOfGovernment #VoteBlue

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The articles accuse #Mayorkas of "willful & systemic refusal to comply w/the #law" in enforcing #border policy & "breach public trust." After passage, #ChuckSchumer called the #impeachment …a "sham” & said #HouseRepublicans failed to demonstrate the Secy committed any impeachable offenses.
The #Senate is widely expected to acquit…. #Republicans in the upper chamber also expressed doubts Mayorkas' actions rise to "high crimes & misdemeanors" the standard set by the #Constitution for impeachments.

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“I must have crossed this bridge a million times, But the first time I remember was when I was five. That was when my brothers, the twins Mars and Alex, were born.”

Featured story: Robie Flores' "The In Between" is a love letter to la frontera—and a humanizing refutation of GOP fear-mongering. https://www.texasobserver.org/documentary-border-eagle-pass/

Border Guard: Polish farmers completely block Ukrainian trucks at 2 border crossings (kyivindependent.com)

About 500 trucks are stuck in line at three border checkpoints amid Polish farmers' ongoing blockade to protest against EU's cheap Ukrainain food imports that they say prompt unfair competition, State Border Guard spokesperson Andrii Demchenko said on March 24.

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Finland’s Govt proposed that EUR 74M in additional funding be allocated to the #BorderGuard for the construction of a #fence on the #eastern #border [#Russia] on an accelerated timetable. Therefore, appropriations reserved for the border fence construction in 2025 will be transferred for use in 2024.

#FinnishSecurity #GlobalSecurity #RussiaUkraineWar #Putin #geopolitics

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This week: Eagle Pass native Robie Flores’ debut feature film is a love letter to la frontera. In Flores’ Eagle Pass, the river is not a geographical divide that signals danger but a “magical portal” and a character unto itself that brings communities on both sides together. https://www.texasobserver.org/documentary-border-eagle-pass/

#documentary #culture #border #Immigration #film #movies #Mexico #Texas

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