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[Demande d'identification] [Bird identification👇] Petite demande pour les fans d'oiseaux du Fediverse, j'ai photographié cet oiseau tout à l'heure (désolé pour la qualité des agrandissements). Je me demande s'il ne s'agirait pas d'une buse pattue (notamment avec la queue blanche et sa barre noire).
Pour les infos, je suis en France et plus précisément dans le nord de Indre (plusieurs individus observés plus au sud ).

[Identification request] [Bird identification👇] Just a quick request for Fediverse bird fans, I photographed this bird earlier (sorry about the quality of the enlargements). I wonder if it could be a rough-legged buzzard (especially with the white tail and black bar).
For information, I'm in France and more precisely in the north of Indre (several individuals observed further south).

Un rapace en vol vue de derrière A bird of prey in flight seen from behind
Un rapace blanc, noir et gris en vol. Sa queue est blanche et les pointes de ses ailes sont noires A white, black and grey bird of prey in flight. Its tail is white and the tips of its wings are black.

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My view out the window riding the city bus today. Bus wrap makes travel miserable. Advertising wrap over bus windows says to bus riders that they dont deserve a view of their city or a comfortable ride.

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temporarily modified the rates of import duty on , including their parts, from between 5 percent and 30 percent to zero percent until 2028.

The tweaked EO 12 also covers hybrid and plug-in hybrid , , , , , as well as completely knocked down EVs for all types of vehicles.

Marcos okays for hybrid e-vehicles

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The Weavers Cross development in Belfast sounds like it'll be good, including the update to Grand Central Station. Due to open in Q4 2024.

90 second Intro video at

2.5 minute update video:

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Today we travelled to the #CityOfBath, which is just over an hour away by train, making it suitable for a day trip. We cycled to our #RailwayStation and left our #bikes there. In #Bath, we only used pubic #buses and walked everywhere; we were lucky that although today had been planned well in advance, the weather was wonderful.

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The bus upgrades in growth areas announced last week are very welcome, and a good start in providing more transport options for locals. Continued investment in bus services is vital.


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The National Police Agency plans to introduce driver's licenses for large automatic transmission (AT) vehicles, including trucks and buses, in fiscal 2026 or later.

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Another one of these shots.

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When the inevitable happens on a bike-bus commute and your bus arrives with a full bike rack, you can either roll over and accept your fate of waiting a half hour for the next bus or you can take destiny into your own hands and ride your bike 11 miles home

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@MLE_online there's a couple of bus routes around here which allegedly have bike racks[1] but I've never seen one with a bike on it! Outside of peak hours the trains are pretty good though.


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My mother suffers from a serious case of #carbrain

She drives to the post office to mail a regular letter

#Buses and #trains are for other people


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Japan needs YOU. The government on Friday added four new industries to its foreign skilled worker visa program as it moves to address the nation's driver shortage by allowing more people access to stays of up to five years.

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Hopping on a to return to your during may soon become a thing of the past if nothing is done to halt the declining number of bus drivers

With at least 5,000 to fill, it has been suggested that the government offer free to those interested in becoming

The was expected to become more severe with each passing year

Read more:

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