rhfinearts, to photography
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During Spring in the desert, the landscape shifts subtly. Saguaro cacti bloom, adding color to the barren terrain. A desert thrasher finds refuge on a flowering saguaro, embodying resilience in this harsh environment. Zoom in and check out the detail.

The ART: https://rhprintsco.etsy.com/listing/1556219600

lneumanwatercolors, to Battlemaps
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This mixed media succulent was drawn in pen and painted in watercolor.


lneumanwatercolors, to Battlemaps
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Stained Glass Cactus

This neurographic art design features a prickly pear cactus and abstract shapes forming the sky and desert sand.


claireasher, to random
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Hey #plant folks! This cactus has got a bit out of hand. What can I do?

I’m thinking of cutting off the most disobedient column and replanting it. I know I need to let the cutting callus - anything else I should know? Will the main plant likely be ok?

#houseplant #cactus

amyfou, to Bloomscrolling
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paulaborchardt, to art
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A couple of years ago I created an art series in which I painted 1 color/day of something from nature I saw in/from my yard including trees, wildflowers, cacti, animals, birds, insects, reptiles, skies & clouds. April is especially colorful in Tucson!

martijn, to Plants
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These are getting cuter everyday

BikingViking, to Battlemaps
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Beautiful cholla.
Red Rock Canyon State Park CA.
#desert #nature #cactus


ArtThatMakesYouSmile, to Flowers
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ArtThatMakesYouSmile, to Plants
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msquebanh, to random
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Mom & I are taking off for our day adventures now ✌️

Here's my cute baby cheerleader 🌵 It's giving folks who need it, some extra encouragement 🙂

I several of them from my healthy mother .

derPUPE, to fun German
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adding some #fun to an #cactus

DeborahLeagueFineArt, to fediverse
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oscarfalcon, to photography
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"Naturally Well Guarded"... Nice cactus...

#cactus #photography

JamesNielsen, to Flowers
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The flower of a paddle cactus, taken in April 2022. In the top center of the flower is a honey bee digging deep for natures' bounty.
#flowers #cactus #nature #photography #naturephotography #bees #insects

scott, to Battlemaps
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I enjoyed this desert sunset outside of Saguaro National Park in 2021, hanging out with the incomparable @southwestdude. Not a bad way to spend half a day away from home! ☀︎

bmohr, to Bloomscrolling
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Fishhook barrel cactus (Ferocactus wislizeni) near Tucson, Arizona. February 1991.

Scanned from a 35mm Ektachrome slide.

victorvicpal, to Battlemaps
NatureMC, (edited ) to climate
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1/2 Yeah, the magical moment when the new episode of #NatureMatchCuts is online! 🥳 🥂
▶️ https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/naturematchcuts/episodes/When-Gardeners-Run-Wild-II-e2f7uvg (You can listen with every podcatcher and on every platform).
I proudly present my interview with Anoura, the bat and Epostoa, the cactus, and a lot of seawater and pollinators. Sorry, that I even sing like Kermit! 🤭

#biodiversity #climateCrisis #solutionJournalism #pollinators #sea #ocean #seegrass #bats #cactus #PitcherPlant #seeweed #natureLovers #podcast #seagrass #carbon

sallymack, to photography
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Daily upload - Jan 28 - Foxtail agave, Vallejo CA 10175 (2021)

#photography #plant #flower #bud #cactus

mikestone, to Arizona

Playing with a new camera.


DeborahLeagueFineArt, (edited ) to DigitalArt
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DeborahLeagueFineArt, to photography
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NatureMC, to random
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I know, I have my wonderful and famous Micro-Macro-Amplifyer for #podcasting but my research for the interview with a #cactus and a #bat is a rabbit hole. I found out that my adventure needs tough people. Men seem to be quite crybabies when they have to interview a cactus (CW: video with male crybabies): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJzTse9Dsaw They need "multitools"! 🤣
I promise you, I won't be such a howler. I'll listen to the cactus. 😂


TheMetalDog, to random
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TALENT WE LOST R.I.P Timothy Patrick "Tim" Kelly (SLAUGHTER guitarist killed in a car crash) - 1963 – 1998 (aged 35) R.I.P. John Voorhis "Tim" Bogert III (CACTUS, VANILLA FUDGE, BECK, BOGERT, APPICE) - 1944 – 2021 (aged 76) HEAVY BIRTHDAYS Happy...


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