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Made a couple more #floral #decoupaged #ArtRocks & placed them at the base of one of my #ficus #ginseng #plants. There are 2 miniature glass #Mastodon figurines in the pot too.

I have 4 ficus ginseng aka #Chinese #banyan plants. I propagated 3 extra plants from one strong mother plant. I bring them inside for Fall-Winter. They stay outdoors from May-October - depending on weather/temperature.

#gardeners #IndoorOutdoorPlants #PlantLovers #AsianMastodon #bonsai

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msquebanh, to chinese avatar

skin in the sun, to make all natural indoor insect repellent. The other dried half is being made into pomelo salted candy peels.

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Baby nephew, Raven (Heng) is visiting today ❤️
He has a lot more hair now.

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Lol reading this chapter from the graded reader from Mandarin Companion and have to chuckle to myself: This is peak Asian mum, for real.

Fyi the poor man is complaining about his mum's relentless matchmaking efforts.

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Chinese EV batteries for Tesla and others use 'slave labor,' lawmakers say

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Chinese EV maker Nio expects a strong second quarter after its first fell flat

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Another fun vocab discovery today


  1. 云雨 (yún yǔ)
  • Translation: "Clouds and rain."
  1. 风花雪月 (fēng huā xuě yuè)
    Wind, flowers, snow and moon

  2. 风月 (fēng yuè)

  • Translation: "Wind and moon."

Yea they mean sexual/romantic activity or feelings.

Leave it to the Chinese to use small talk about the weather to talk about 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨


#Language #Chinese

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'Why hasn't this store closed down?': Customer notices something strange on takeout bag from 'authentic' Chinese restaurant

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“Grieving Tiananmen as US Cops Crush Campus Protests”

A physicist who emigrated from China and was born during the same year of the Tiananmen Square massacre writes about his perspective on this event within the context of recent history and compares it with the US response to the protests taking place on its campuses.

#China #Tiananmen #StudentProtests #TiananmenSquare #Chinese

MahmutRuzi, to chinese

Speaking of genocide, being committed by the state is getting less attention. Sure, we haven't seen mass bombings and killings like the Israeli government is doing in yet. Or maybe the Chinese regime is better at concealing and propaganda. Or doing silent genocide. Why kill and destroy while you can enslave them, force them to work in cotton plantations, and discard their language and customs for your Great Han (DaHua) race?!.

br00t4c, to China avatar
br00t4c, to chinese avatar

'Spectacular': Report reveals Comer mistakenly imported 'Chinese pot' instead of hemp

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br00t4c, to chinese avatar

Chinese Probe Heads Back to Earth With Samples From the Moon's Mysterious Far Side

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#Jasmine is blooming again. We keep them indoors for 3/4 of year & move outside for late Spring-Summer. Good indoor natural air purifying #plant. Flowers are #edible & used to make tea & fruits used in #Chinese #TraditionalMedicine.

#bloomscrolling #florespondence #Flowers #PollinatorGarden #WhatsInMyGarden #Saanich #Gardeners #VictoriaBC #Gardening #Zone8 #YYJ #Spring #Wsanec #VancouverIsland #PacificNorthwest #PNW #botanical #Gardenia #horticulture #FlowersIdentification #WhiteFlowers

liztai, (edited ) to random avatar

Learned a new Chinese insult today

"zāng huáng guā"
Or "dirty cucumber 🥒"

Basically refers to a manwhore 🤣

Follow me on and you will learn the best insults in several languages. This is 文化 (wénhuà, culture ) after all 😆

br00t4c, to Canada avatar

Canada's Universities Are a Pipeline for Chinese Military Technology

percepticon, to Cybersecurity avatar

This week’s international #cybersecurity hotchpotch: more Russian influence ops, #Chinese Chips investments, Botnet takedowns & psychological tricks, mysterious router bricking, lots of #malware, #ICQ and, of course, Amigas!

timkmak, to Taiwan avatar

When SARS broke out in #Taiwan in ‘03, the WHO denied Taiwan’s request for the virus’ DNA to combat it.

The WHO told Taiwan’s health minister at the time to ask China.

#China refused the request and 137 people died in the following four months.

Taiwan has been denied WHO membership for five decades due to political reasons, says Dr. Chien-Jen, Taiwan’s Minister of Health at the time of the SARS outbreak.

This has cost Taiwan innocent lives.

timkmak, avatar

“WHO should help every country learn from each other to improve global health,” said Dr. Chen.

“We’ve cooperated with Asian Pacific countries to build good healthcare systems as good as ours… can help. And Taiwan has been helping.”

China’s political attitude to international health bodies doesn’t only hurt Taiwan.

The government hid the truth about COVID-19, hurting millions of people around the world.

br00t4c, to chinese avatar

'Don't even get me started on the tip': Customer slams Chinese buffets for 'unprofessional' and 'disturbing' service. It backfires

br00t4c, to chinese avatar
br00t4c, to chinese avatar
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