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The Aerobic Digest 13 is out!

In this issue of my newsletter, a big move of the heaps into the shade begins, and a curious piece of plastic is found.

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If you plant a tree every day, in a lifetime you will plant a forest.

Our habits make us, is a very rewarding habit, if you do it every day, in a matter of years you will be able to fix your topsoil, plants, and create abundance.

You will also do your part in putting the carbon back into the and help balance the .

Change always starts with us.

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Does anyone have experience with processing?
We're weighing the pros and cons of digestion and typical turn-heavy aerobic . Also thinking about a combination of the two but going from anaerobic to aerobic processing could create more labor.

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Humus soll das Klima retten: Artikel eines Bodenforschers, der erklärt, wie und warum Humusaufbau, bzw. -abbau funktioniert und wie und warum Humus zur Klimarettung beitragen könnte.

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Here are a few hashtags related to composting for you to follow.


What are your favorites let us know in the comments.

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home gardeners, how do you sift your compost? looking for techniques, tools, ideas, etc!

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Started today and remembered your post:

This is what I use for sifting compost: a simple old window grille does the job.

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I wondered if any one uses or plans to use composting toilets

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Feeding the worm farm. On the menu today food scraps, dried roses, weeds from the yard, and a lot of bedding.

Over winter the composting worms have processed so much waste, it never ceases to amaze me.

We have just for our household about 2 bins of 40 US gallons/150kg of really good worm casting that is ready to be harvested. I could have made those numbers bigger if we had more space.

What have you done for the climate today?

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@compost this is fantastic. I guess it produces fewer emissions than "plain" . Do you, or anyone else know the numbers on this or how much carbon is captured in worm casts? Is there any ?

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Hey gardeners and composters of Mastodon. I’m new to composting and am ISO a composter I can use on my back porch. If you have one that’s worked well for you I’d love to hear about it. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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$1000 network-connected compost bin?!?!?! (improvement over the $33/month subscription version?!?!!)

Verge: Mill’s $999 high-tech waste bin dumps the subscription

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I started an outdoor compost pile in a tarped wooden container last month. I have added a few worms to help the decomposition.

January and February have been so hot that this compost is almost beginning its maturation phase.

My point is that the composting season outside is getting longer. This is not normal. On this account, we are not going to discuss if is a thing or not. The is real, and if you are worried about it, because this is what good people should be concerned with, we can help you compost at home to process the waste you want to be processed.

can save the world, we mean that.

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As its almost spring I thought I would post again about sprouting kitchen waste ,instead of throwing stumps of lettuces,leeks ,celery ,swede cabbages,parsnips carrots etc on the compost heap ,if youleave slightly more of a stump than normal you can often sprout them and plant them ,its how I get most of my celery for flavourings and I use cabbages and swede for cut flowers .The big white flower below is from a carrot stump

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What a waste: City budget cuts eviscerate community groups - "City’s waffling on food scrap programs not only harms environment but also hinders participation in waste management schemes" foolish

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I read the below article a couple of hours ago and I'm still dumbstruck at this paragraph.

I'm interested in municipal finance because it's a VERY direct illustration of how we produce what we pay for, and it's also highly susceptible to change. Thus, I read expecting to do some theorizing about budget allocations ... and stopped reading, mouth open, when I realized how PROFOUNDLY we do not agree what we are doing here.

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Last september, my decided to double my , effectively kicking me out of my of 11 years. I fell into . Luckily my parents own a plot of , and thus, with my dads help, i set off to build a without rent. After 4 months and several tens of thousands of dollars of materials (which i raised by selling old collectables), i am ready to move in.

GabeMoralesVR, avatar

This thing is fully . I use a to do my business, which then goes into the small on the right. I have a to catch water for my system, which is by rocks, to shower and stuff. I am in the process of building out a system to the thing (my solar system should cost about $2000 to build out). My family owns this , so no rent. I have brought my living expenses down by thousands per month.

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#Compost, around a cubic metre of it. All materials from last year (2023). Looks good and smells and feels nice. Would already do for a #mulch but I won't be using it until the autumn, so it has another eight or nine months to decompose more. Home to lots of #earthworms.

#composting #mulching #artistsgarden #imperfectgarden #garden #gardener #gardening #artist #wolfkettler #permaculture #gardenwiltshire #wiltshiregarden #wiltshire #NoDig #sustainable

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A perfect day for exploring - sunny and extremely humid. Look at this luxury scyscraper for soil life! My tip: If you see old tree stumps like this, take a magnifying glass with you! Without, I watched a tiny cobweb studded with diamonds and a rodent's borehole.

A macro shows a hole made by a rodent.
Between the fearn-like moss anither hole with parts of a pretty tiny cobweb. The black rotten wood shows that one day the stump will be soil.

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Worms are not gross: they're our friends and allies.

"The potential benefits from expanded, well-run systems are many — and the threat of has renewed interest [in] ways to reduce damaging emissions.

That’s largely because when living things are composted, the carbon is stored in the soil rather than released into the atmosphere. In , that food generates methane, an even more potent greenhouse gas than CO2."

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